Wednesday, July 2, 2008


to stop in and say "hello my lovelies".

And to just say thank you for all of the "congratulations", "well wishes" and "baby joy" emails I have received! It makes me so happy to know that I've been missed. But it appears as though our Suzy Q has filled in quite nicely for me.

So nicely in fact, that this little ol' Scrap-Mart blog is almost to TEN THOUSAND HITS!! Wow - I think I'm blushing!

It's so fun to know that people stop by to see fun new ideas, great tips and maybe sneakie-peeks of things to come! And that once they stop by - they come back!

We love that. Mr. Doss loves that. Ms. Laura loves that. Sweet Justin loves that - - - especially when some of those returning blog readers offer to bake him cookies! It's just wonderful!

In baby news - Mizz Eloise is growing like a weed. She made her appearance a few weeks early so we are just approaching her actual "due date". It is with tears of joy that I share with you that she just yesterday received a clean bill of health, and a glorious prognosis! Prayers answered indeed!

I will share a picture or two very soon - but her new momma is feeling just a bit overly protective of the wee one's pictures. And rightly so. So patience please...soon I promise!

Until then - Suzy Q and Sweet Justin are headed to Atlanta next Wednesday. You all watch out because they will be toting with them the new JULY QK RELEASE! And oh my's a must have for anyone with children in their lives! So treat them well Atlanta - they have been working their fannies off this summer. And your smiles and fun comments are what keep them going!

I do believe that "someone" has a post lined up for the 4th of July...but I'm not positive. Hmmmmm - guess you'll just have to check back!

hahahahahaha - I'm sneaky that way - aren't I??

behave yourselves...

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