Thursday, July 31, 2008


Pennsylvania scrappers!

Well, good morning everyone - but now that Scrap-Mart has arrived I feel we should be especially polite to our current neighbors!

You see - we arrived in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon - and made the trek to Valley Forge. Everything is so green here! It's a beautiful place to be right now. Can't wait to get started today with set-up for the show. I can just feel it - there is a buzz in the air in the hotel lobby - Valley Forge CKC is going to ROCK!

Today we work - but last night we played. And ate. Oh did we eat.

What are you going to eat while in Philadelphia...other that Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches (however I learned last night that when you are in just call them "cheesesteaks"). My traveling companion for this trip is none-other than the fabulous Kim Kesti, of PaperCrafts Magazine. And how fortune for me - she's been to Philly before. So she got us headed in the right direction to Michael's last night.

Oh SNAP...was that some good eatin'. I'm pretty sure I made a fool of myself...make that WE made fools of ourselves. But hey, that's a long flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

After consuming an obscene amount of food, and trying to explain to the older gentleman at the counter exactly what "scrapbooking" is (with little success) we headed "home". And the hotel is hopping right now. Ladies checking in, scrappers all excited, shuttles and taxis dropping off all kinds of croppers. Yep - it's going to be a great weekend! I just know it.

This morning I got some cute email from Crafty Deb. Look at these quick-cuties...

a fun little creation - perfect for a congratulations card or a party page! "Have your banana split...and eat it too! You've earned it!" Wouldn't THAT be cute?

She used:
QK Canoe (for the dish)
QK Roasting Stick (the hot dog for the bananas)
QK Ice Cream Minis
and a little tiny heart from the QK Envelope


And how about this - one...

Most people buy the QK Ducky for baby pages. And the packaging shows a yellow duck as well...but cut it out of different colored paper and add a few different accents...and you've got yourself a Mr. and Mrs. Mallard ready for your park pages, camping pages or the infamous "Just ducky!" card!

Cute stuff! And all the way from Philadelphia! Thanks Deb...I appreciate you so much for your fun ideas! We'll be seeing YOU in just 3 short weeks! Can't wait for the Chicago Expo!

Okay - breakfast is calling my name. I'm heading down to meet Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura for a little sustenance before we start setting up the booth. OH - and I've heard a rumor that there is a pallet with 608 pounds of NEW Scenic Route downstairs...with OUR NAMES ON IT! How fun does THAT sound?!?!?!?


- - - Susan


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo...Chicago show...can't wait either! I've been watching everyone else having so much fun! I need to get to work on something special to share to celebrate the Chicago show! Mmm...let's see....Crafty Deb

April Massad said...

Love those cards!!!

TristanzNina said...

The banana split is really cute! what a great idea using the mini-hot dogs from the roasting stick for bananas. I quite didn't understand what the "heard" was.

The duckys are cute and we have used them similar to the card that you received too.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oops...I think "heard" was supposed to be "heart", small heart from the envelope. I think Susan wanted to see if you were paying attention. HaHa
Crafty Deb

gemscraps said...

Hi Susan,

Hope you're having a great time in Valley Forge. To complete your Philly experience you must pick up some soft pretzels. The REAL Philly ones. If you don't get a chance to make it back into the city, you can buy them at the airport.

Anet said...

it was so fun meeting you at CKC Valley Forge! i took your qk class this morning. loved it! picked up some goodies from the booth too. looking forward to the qk club. any chance you'll be at CKC Hartford, maybe with the new Revolution Love?