Sunday, July 6, 2008


from the mountains of Arizona. The White Mountains. Where it is currently 30-40 degrees cooler than in the Valley. The valley where I must return to today. So ending a glorious six days of vacation. Cooler temps, antiquing, walks in the woods, dogs chasing pinecones, good food, good drink and wonderful scrapbookable family moments.

And did I mention...cooler temps.

But I have to relate a funny story. One that I hope will make you smile, because we've been cracking up about it all week long. If you have boys, it might be a bit funnier.

The theme of our week in the woods has been this man...

Chuck Norris. Not intentionally. Trust me. Just by happenstance. Because my almost-thirteen-year-old-son is currently obsessed with Chuck Norris jokes.

If you have never heard any Chuck Norris jokes - just plug his name into Google and you'll find pages of them. I personally think most of them are pretty lame. But my son and my husband have found them to be hilarious, all week long!

I do however have a couple of favorites - but I won't tell them as much.

- When Chuck Norris does push ups he isn't lifting himself up - he's pushing the Earth down!
- If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever!
- Chuck Norris can count to infinity. Twice!
- Chuck Norris' tears cure diseases. Too bad he's never cried.

Needless to say, I have heard these jokes 700 times a day. And the worst part is now they are making up new ones. Ones that relate to our family. To our vacation. Or to whatever I'm doing at the moment. Like napping.

It's getting pretty old.

So I decided to throw down the gauntlet last night. I told them that I could be just as funny as they could. I could make jokes up relating to me and they'd be funny as well. They doubted me. Seriously doubted me.

So for public review, and to prove to the male members of my family that I can occasionally be funny, I submit the following:

- First there was nothing. Then Susan found a Squeeze tool and there was a scrapbook page.
- If you have 12 sheets of Scenic Route and Susan has 12 sheets of Scenic Route - Susan has more Scenic Route than you do.
- If Scrap-Mart is having a Bosskut sale, and some other site has the same sale, Scrap-Mart's sale is better!

And the one that has me giggling this morning...

- Cathy Z. wears Scrap-Mart pajamas to bed.

And the one that I keep repeating to the boys...

- Chuck Norris met Susan at a Friday night crop and didn't know how to use a Spellbinders die in a Revolution...and Susan wouldn't tell him!

So that's it. The humor I live with. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But usually at least good for an eye-roll! figure out how to scrapbook these. Do you think Chuck Norris would send me a 8x10 glossy of himself?

I'd send him one of me!

- - - Susan


Brenda said...

While you are waving from the Mountains of Arizona and laughing at Chuck Norris humor ... PLEASE.... fill us in on the new Boss Kuts that are being shown on the Boss website.

There are advertising new 12" boarder dies... is there something new coming out that will allow us to cut those?

I am just full of questions and anticipation.... so full of it that I might have to come up with a Chuck Norris Joke to go with that.

Enjoy your vacation and fill us in on the news about those new Boss products PLEASE.

TristanzNina said...

I've always been a Chuck Norris fan!!! He's the same age or a bit order than my mom!