Wednesday, July 16, 2008


waiting for Friday?

You know - Friday. The first day of CHA (Craft and Hobby Association). The day that the world will see the newest of the new. The trends that we haven't yet dreamed up. And the goodies that will be tempting us the rest of the year!

It's the day I get to release the pictures of the newest QuicKutz, Bosskut and Scenic Route lines. With some Sassafras Lass and Daisy Ds thrown in for good measure!

(Friday is also the day that my husband comes home from his five day road trip - but I digress...)

So what to post - what to write - what to show...that's the question I have in front of me now. I can't show any sneaky-peeks (because I'm still drooling over the pictures), I can't tell you what my favorites are (and there are lots), I can't even tell you the great price-points (oh momma!). So for now, let's just just go coconuts!

I'm talking coconuts the Que-Kay way...

Coconuts full of rum punch I'm just sure of it! Coconuts that are made from the monkey's head! Throw in a little lime garnish from the retired Glass of Lemonade, some leaves and a glass and a straw that you can easily cut from scraps of paper...and you'll be sailing away to Jamaica in your mind!

Now - if rum punch just isn't your thing - I totally understand. Maybe you're more into the sippy cups!

Look at how cute this is! A "through the years" embellishment. You know - bottle, to sippy cup, to "big boy cup" - wouldn't that be adorable on a scrapbook page? Use the monkey's head again, along with the new release baby bottle from a few weeks ago (sorry ladies, currently out of stock) and cut a cup and a straw on your own. To add a little bit more of a toddler detail, try embossing your cup with the Daisy GooseBumpz.

Cute stuff. Pieces parts - all cut and assembled. But assembled a bit differently than intended. Good stuff! Seriously good stuff!

Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura leave tomorrow for CHA - so Justin and I are in charge. He's in charge of the phones, the computer, the shipping and our UPS man. I'm in charge of lunch and figuring out the first thing I'm going to do with the new _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from QK.

hee hee - I just love a good secret! Check back Friday for details.

Oh heck, check back Friday for details, pictures, prices and maybe some LIVE breaking news!

- - - Susan


Anonymous said...

oh of course, the one die I thought I could live without, the monkey. Now I have to get it too!

GOod ideas, keep 'em coming. And how about a video showing some of the new Bosskut dies?

Thanks a million! Scrap-Mart rocks!


Anonymous said...

Hello all, the pink embossed cup with the sippy cup is actually a part of the Pirate Hook, I know you all got that one! haha
Crafty Deb