Monday, July 28, 2008


in the last few days - here are your answers!

Sara - the measurements of the new All-in-One binder are coming soon. I'm just not at my desk this very second. So please know that I have a lime green Post-It Note with your name and question on it...and I'll get to it this evening!

Gem - so glad you received your Chemistry alphabet in the mail today (don'tcha just LOVE good mail days?). For right now, I've been keeping my 4x8 alphabets in the same kind of plastic pencil case...only the regular sized ones. They were on sale at Staples last week for a quarter! So my clear 13-incher has my border dies in it, and the smaller one has my new alphabet dies. Works great for right now!

Helen - you're right on the money! Good thinking!

And one more from Gem regarding organization! I admit - I'm a fiend about it. I scrap better when I know where things are. Some might say I got overboard (my husband, my sister, my neighbors...) but interestingly - they all want to come scrap in my room! So maybe sometime soon Gem...we'll take a photographic tour of ways I stay on top of the clutter. Then maybe a LIVE! brainstorming session?

Someone e-mailed me and asked about the LOVE Machine's platform. Whether it's magnetic or not. Well I spoke with QK Brian today, and he was stumped. His answer straight up was "I'm unaware that it is going to be magnetic." So our best guess is that the platform will not be magnetic.

Marilyn is dying to know a Scrap-Mart LIVE! schedule. She wants me to publish one so she can write it on her calendar. Well sweet lady - let's just say that at this point - you may as well ask for the moon and stars. I am going to try my hardest to do one show a week - but August is a rough travel month for Scrap-Mart. Not rough - as in bad. Just rough - as in getting anything done that doesn't absolutely have to be done. Know what I mean? But I promise, with you all as my witness, that I will try to give everyone 24-hours notice from here on out.

And then - I got an email from our very own Essie. YEP - she emailed me with a question. It was a silly question, about mixing cocktails, but it was an email from her all the same. She wanted me to pass along her greetings to all of you. (I think she misses us - more than she'd care to admit. Bless her heart!) So please consider yourselves GREETED!

Okay - I just finished an awesome page!  But I can't share it right now. I'm saving it for the Scrap-Mart newsletter which is supposed to be going out in the next 24 hours. I used new dies and a golden oldie as well. And I just love it. So if for some reason you are not yet registered to receive our newsletter - just go ahead and plug your email address into the little box up in the corner - and Mr. Doss will get you added to the list. I promise!

Hmmmm - I have a girlfriend coming over tonight to play with some goodies. I wonder if I have a quick-trick up my sleeve to do a little video presentation. I just might.

Keep your eyes on the blog - tonight might be a very fun night indeed!


- - - Susan


gemscraps said...

I've got my eyes open LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't have evening computer access. Is there a way you can always provide a link for live gigs the day after they happen? Pretty PLEASE???