Saturday, July 19, 2008


what I've been doing today? Scrapbooking?

You know, all morning long. Still in your jammies. Trying not to think about the fun everyone is having in Chicago without us.

While I keep getting picture updates, and phone calls for ordering opinions, and blog comments about cool stuff...I'm just cutting and pasting away! That's me - the scrapbooking trooper!

(Ha ha ha - okay - and maybe a little bit of a martyr!)

To answer some questions that have come in overnight - - -

• the Revolution LOVE Machine is only electronic. It cannot be used manually.

• the Bosskut Peekers should be shipping in early August.

• the LOVE Machine has power adapters for UK/AU/EU etc.

• they are using the prototype at the show right now, so things may change slightly with the final version, but best bet right now is that the LOVE Machine weighs about 12 pounds and will cost approximately $45 to ship overseas. Those are guesses and estimates - and of course we will know more when we have the final boxed version in our hot little hands. But that will give you an idea for now.

• YES I'll be doing more Scrap-Mart LIVE! demonstrations and tutorials...and I promise to give everyone more than 30 minutes notice next time. Let's just say we had a "wild hare" on Friday and needed to act upon it! More coming soon - I promise!

• The "bracket" that Amy shows being used in the LOVE totally KEWL!! And guess what, it's coming out very soon. Bigger machine naturally means bigger fonts and bigger shapes. Can you just see how easy it's going to be to make great wall-words with big fonts and shapes and cool new vinyl colors! I can't wait!

Okay - I think that brings me current on the questions. Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura are still on the show floor - so if you have any other burning questions...SHOOT!

To break up this all-words-post, with a few is what I've accomplished this morning!

This picture is from when we all were at CKC Buffalo a few weeks ago. When I saw the newest QK Flourish Border, I totally thought it looked like water. I also used Rockstar Cookie Cutters, Mary Jane, the Canada and US Country dies and a golden oldie Mini Tag Die. It was a super-quick page. Oh man do I love those border dies!

This page uses the NEW Daisy Ds paper line Chloe the colors. I also used the Stardust Cookie Cutter font, the Airplane Revolution die from last month, and the original Flourish die for the airplane contrails. Throw in a label holder and you're good to go!

And with THAT, I'm calling it a day. Work-wise and creative-wise.

Travel home safely all were missed!

- - - Susan

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