Thursday, July 10, 2008


and the comments are read. And then oh my heavens, I don't know what happens after I "ok" them. It's like they are simply vanishing!

So to the two gals who commented yesterday - on the post about Mary's page - I read them! I "published" them. But now I don't see them. I'm so sorry...please don't take it personally.

But to answer the questions - the embossing mats for the Spellbinders dies are currently out of stock. I know, I know - it's sad right now. But it'll be ok - really it will. They are on order, the are hopefully en route, and soon they will grace the home page of

I promise. Yes indeedie!

Suzy Q and Sweet Justin are in Atlanta - so if you're headed to the Atlanta Scrapbook Expo please do stop by and give them a big Georgia "hello". Sweet Justin drove all the way from Oklahoma, and rumor has it that he is one pooped puppy.

Glad everyone loved Mary's page - I was so thrilled when I heard she sent us something FUN! Keep up the great work precious blog-readers! Love your dies, make something beautiful and she your creation. We'll make you famous.

(Well, maybe not famous - but you'll be the top of the heap for a couple of days!)

Keep your eyes open for the embossing mats - they'll be here very soon. And thanks for your questions...even though they aren't showing up in the comments section.

Oh and Miss Mary - there is a question for you as well in the comment section from yesterday. If you have an answer - drop me an email and I'll share the answer here! thanks hon...

behave yourselves...

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