Saturday, July 19, 2008


and emails! WOW ladies. Sweet Justin and I got to know MANY of you yesterday because of the fervor over the NEW Revolution LOVE MACHINE.

The phone rang. Comments came into the blog. My email box was busting. Poor Essie called and wanted to know what the heck a Love Machine even is (the dear - she's a bit out of the loop lately!).  Justin is hinting that he's developed carpel-tunnel syndrome...from typing replies all day.  Poor Justin.

But have no fear - Mr. Doss and his handy Sony Cybershot are on the job. In all its glory - I present to you the QuicKutz Revolution LOVE MACHINE...

It cuts all QK dies. It cuts all competitor's dies. It cuts a variety of material - from paper and cork to vellum and vinyl. It's going to stand the die-cutting world on its ear. No longer will there be a die that you can't have...or can't use!

I LOVE IT! Right now - we have them available for PRE-ORDER, if you have other questions shoot us an email and we'll try to get you an answer before CHA is over and the prototype goes back to Utah.

So we were definitely hopping yesterday. Pens in great colors. Fonts at great prices. Old fonts in new sizes. Old companies new products. New companies new products. WHEW - Scrap Baby J and I were exhausted!

But we love it. Really we do.

For those of you that tuned in to Scrap-Mart LIVE! yesterday - thank you! How fun was that? For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about - click on the red words over in the sidebar and get yourself registered for UStream TV. Then, you can watch my LIVE demonstrations - LIVE make-n-takes - and who knows what else...LIVE! You can even ask questions and participate in the classroom via instant messaging on the screen! Very cool. And very Scrap-Mart!

I'm off to find me a big ol' cup of coffee - and spend my day scrapping!

But stay tuned, because you just never know when something will be happening RIGHT HERE!

- - - Susan


lorraine said...

Q. about the LOVE Revolution. being electric, will it be dual voltage for australia? will it be light enough to post international? looks huge and heavy - is it?

please ask about power before you leave the show.

thanks so much.
I was sooo excited until i heard is was motor powered. it might count out australians and the uk and the rest of europe?!?!?!?!?


gemscraps said...

WOW!!!! Did you see the size of that bracket she cut???!!!! It's huge!!!! I LOVE it!!!

TA Carbone said...

But are you able to use the Sizzix dies with it

Scrap-Mart said...

Yes the Love Machine will take EVERY SINGLE DIE THAT HAS EVER BEEN PRODUCED BY ANY COMPANY TO DATE!!!! How freakin' cool is that!?

Scrap Baby J

TA Carbone said...

I was told from another store that there will be a crank to use if you are not near electricity. Can you please find out