Tuesday, November 20, 2007


they have gone and done it again!

A fabulous new release on this fabulous fall day (at least where I am!).

Pop on over to the Scrap-Mart retail site and look at the new dies. Sweet Justin has loaded them all onto the site - so you should find each one of them on the home page. Now you may think that this is a somewhat "unusual" release - because nothing seems to go together. There doesn't appear to be one theme grouping all of these dies together. BUT - I'm here to explain just what is going on...

A little "J bird" told me that the QK sales reps got to design their own die - and now you, the consumer, gets to vote on the niftiest die of the whole set. One random winner will be chosen from all who vote, and that person will be treated to fame and fortune. While the sales rep, who designed the most popular die, gets to play Santa at the QK Christmas party!

(Okay - I made the prize information up - but glory and notoriety will surely be due each winner!)

Now I'm sure you're anxious to hear my personal pick-of-the-bunch...the ones that I'm most fond of at this point. I'm here to oblige...

Cookie Cutter Calendar Set can you just imagine the cute calendars we can all whip up...just in time for Christmas!
Revolution Vines these are simply adorable! Picture these with a random scattering of Prima flowers, maybe some bejeweled brads even! Can't wait to sit and play with this one

Revolution Tattoo Art now this one may surprise you...but I love this one! It reminds me of, well, a tattoo the Mister has. YES...my man is inked! I won't tell you which element reminds me of it the most - but let's just say it's HOT! This set though has a lot of versatility - Halloween, pirates, Valentines/love, banners/labels, angels/babies. My mind is just reeling! Snap one of these up quick...because it's going to be on top of a lot of wish lists!
Sweet Justin has promised me that my package of dies left the store yesterday. As soon as I get my hands on them you'll see some finished ideas. So fun waiting for Mr. Brown to visit me. He always brings boxes of fun! What can Mr. Brown bring you?

I'm putting the finishing touches on a Thanksgiving project tonight. I hope to upload it tomorrow morning, after breakfast. I'm calling it my "Blessing Box" and it promises to be a hit this holiday weekend!

Have fun perusing the site and picking out dies from the newest bunch. I can't wait to hear which ones are your favorites!

behave yourselves...

Quickutz New Release

Ok, Ok, so I am slow and inefficient. What else is new?! QuicKutz had yet another spectacular release today, and I am happy to report we have them in stock, ready to ship! The sales reps from Quickutz are having a little contest to see who can make the best die!

Here are the new shapes in their entirity,

So go check them out!

Alright gals...and guys... I'm off to study for another wonderful Nursing Exam! As always if there is anything we can do, feel free to give us a call! Have a great night!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


scraps of paper sitting on my desk - I thought I'd make one more card before I call it an evening.

As I was tidying up my work space - putting things away from my Thanksgiving card-making - I just couldn't leave the Smiley Face alone. There were scraps in front of me - and a die smiling up at me. Quite literally!

I grabbed a hunk of card fodder (a sharable tip that I'll pass along in the next few days) and a few scraps of card stock...got my Rev ready to roll - and the rest, as they say, is history!

The results:

Using only some striped patterned paper, some orange cardstock, the SingleKutz Smiley Face die along with the QK font that was already sitting out (this one is retired - but any font will do nicely) I had the card created and done in a matter of SECONDS. I did add a touch of my most favorite Stickles - and that I will leave to dry overnight.

And that my dears - is why we do what we do. Because with very little effort at all we can put a "SMILE" on someones face.

And I did it all while sitting here in my pajamas!

Isn't it just lovely when things like this work out? Simply lovely!

And with THAT my dear readers - yours truly must turn in. Big day tomorrow. Thanksgiving week is upon us and I'm on dessert detail for the big day! Pies, strudels and bundts - oh my!

behave yourselves...


there were cards!

Thanksgiving cards - finished - enveloped - hand addressed and ready to deliver to my neighborhood darlings.

I did these quickly. Because, while I am most definitely a procrastinator, I am also quite speedy once I set my mind to something.

These were the tools I started with: (click on any of the pictures for a better look-see!)

- - QuicKutz Revolution
- - SingleKutz Smiley Face
- - Doublekutz Turkey (currently out of stock)
- - the background heart from the DoubleKutz Sugar Cookie (but any heart die would do)
- - and an "i" and a "t" from a retired font (Handprint I think - for the "+" and "=" signs)
- - my trusty QuickStick (can't scrap without it!)
- - and simply my most favorite glue for all things QuicKutz...my Quickie Glue

Here is the pile of paper and scraps that I pulled out:

- - Daisy D's Cherry Tomato Dot patterned paper
- - and scraps of Bazzill in yellow, red, brown, black and gray

I loaded up my Rev with four dies, placed an appropriate colored hunk of paper over each die and spun the handle - TEN handle spins for the detailed readers!

A little adhesive, some pokes with the "quicker-poker-picker-upper", a few words from my trusty printer and VIOLA...

Thanksgiving card #1.

Cards #2 - 10 followed shortly thereafter!

Now - wasn't that easy? 30 minutes of time, a handful of scraps (that I desperately need to use up) and one glass of wine with the Mister was all it took. Now, Wednesday evening I'll be able to visit the neighbors and deliver a little homebaked goodie with a little handmade love.

I hope that gives you some ideas for spreading the holiday goodness throughout your neighborhood.

I'm taking the children to the mountains this afternoon. A little hiking and some fresh air will do all of us wonders.

behave yourselves...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Justin

Welcome to our BLOG!

I am Justin. You may or may not know me. But that, my friends, is why we wanted to start a blog. We felt this would be a great way to reach out to our customer base and get to know one another a little better!

First let me thank you all for the awesome response we received on our last promotion. It was a very, very, busy couple of days for us here at the store! So thank you!

Now down to details.

I am the goofy one around here, and this blog will allow me the opportunity to express that. You will see a lot of randomness from me, so be prepared! My role here is to keep you informed about new releases, describe the new products that we carry, and hopefully make you giggle from time to time.

Miss Essie is the crafty one around here. She is a wonderful lady, and she's going to share with you some tips and tricks, some new (and possibly "old") ideas for layouts and scrapbooky stuff. So pull up a chair and pay attention! You're likely to learn a thing or two!

We hope this can be fun and informative! And as always if there is anything that we can do for you - if you have a question or an idea - just give us a call! It'll probably be me who answers the phone.

Enjoy what little is left of the weekend, and we will talk to you soon!!!!


with a big dose of BLOG thrown in for good measure!

Welcome to Scrap-Mart's new blog. Not that we had an old blog...but I think you know what I mean!

There are a few things we hope to accomplish with this blog:

- keep our awesome customers informed of sales, promotions, new products and cool ideas
- let everyone know what conventions we will be attending, because we love putting faces with names
- share tips, brainstorms, solutions and maybe a little bit of Scrap-Mart gossip
- and generally put out a wee bit of witty banter regarding scrapbooking, scrapbookers and other things scrap-related (and really, aren't all things scrap-related?)

For now - I'm off to throw in a load of laundry and come up with my Thanksgiving card idea. I'm running just a little bit behind on them. But there is still time - so no worries here. I'll share my ideas when I'm done...I promise!

Next week - as we prepare our turkey and all the trimmings - we'll introduce the people that make Scrap-Mart...well, Scrap-Mart. We'll share some fun ideas for your holiday and let you in on some fun, future plans!

behave yourselves...