Monday, November 24, 2008


you have nothing else to do this week - I thought I'd throw out a fun idea or two!

hahahahha - like you don't have turkeys to buy, stuffing to make, pies to bake and sweet potatoes to candy.  

But just in case you're like me - and are going to a cabin in the mountains, and throwing steaks on the grill for Thanksgiving dinner - you might need something else to occupy your time.

And for that - I have some cute suggestions...

TIC-TAC COVERS.  Useful, practical and doable - just what I need this time of year!

Just wrap a piece of cardstock around a package of Tic-Tacs (over the top, open on the sides) but before gluing it in place, embellish the front.  Any kind of embellishment will work, as long as you can punch a hole in it.  These use a QK Snowman (last year's, but the new BK Snowman will work just the same), a nesting Ornament from Jolly, and some miscellaneous leaves.  The key is cutting the hole - and that can be done with either QK Nesting Circles or Spellbinder Nestabilities.

Here's a close-up.  Wouldn't these be adorable as a classroom project, or for all of your co-workers that you don't regularly exchange gifts with.  CUTE!  And doable with just the dies and scraps you have on hand!  I LOVE IT!

ORNAMENT #1.  Easy to make, even easier to exchange!

Look at THIS cute one...

take this BK Snowflake II die and cut it out six times.  Fold each snowflake in half, the same way, and glue them all together with glue pen.  Add some bling - and VIOLA - an easy-peasie, one-of-a-kind ornament!

Here's a view from the top, just in case my directions make no sense -

DOABLE?  Totally!

ORNAMENT #2.  A simple idea - that has endless possibilities!

Take an empty glass ball, and decorate two circles of patterned paper.  Using light weight paper ensures you the ability to roll and stuff your finished piece back into the glass ball.  Remember to decorate both sides of your circle...

and remember to pour in a healthy dose of glitter!  This example uses the new QK Deer and the Merry Christmas Cookie Cutter words.

CANDLES.  Another idea that could take several different paths.

Take a simple, inexpensive, glass candle holder - and decorate the heck out of it.  By theme, by color, or by what you have on hand - anything you add will make it better than before!  These use - QK Flourish Border and Snowflakes, QK Beads Border...

and the QK Gingerbread Border!  Very FUN...and they look beautiful when the candle is lit!

Those ideas should keep you busy for a few days.  If you have other suggestions - please leave us a comment so everyone can see!

As for the rest of this week - the Scrap-Mart blog crew (ME!!) is heading up north.  To the cabin, to the mountains, to the solitude.  No phone, no computer, no doorbell.  I can't wait. What that means for you is that things will be a little quieter around here this week.  But you'll be fine, trust me!

Cherish your family this week, take lots of pictures, write down lots of funny stories, eat until you're stuffed and laugh until your sides hurt.  That's what family is for!

(but maybe check the web-site on Wednesday, just to see what awesome plans are on the horizon!!)

For now - have a blessed holiday.  May you all be sharing the weekend with someone you love.


- - - Susan

Saturday, November 22, 2008


is how to pronounce it.

And so I say - "Just like you pronounce KODAK...except with different letters."  Which no one seems to understand.  But then, that's a problem I often have.

So then I just say - "KOH-PICK"...with the emphasis on the "KOH".

Once we have that all straightened out, I tell everyone how much I am lovin' these markers lately.  Seriously - lovin' the Copics.

So to further explain my recent infatuation - I did a video for you.  Let's just consider it "Copic 101 - a la Scrap-Mart"...

I used the following pens for the bear:
YR21 - Cream
E35 - Chamois
E47 - Dark Brown (in the video I called it Dark Bark - OOPS!)

These are my go-to-browns.  I can make any tree trunk, dirt, bear, leaves or wood with these colors.

Throw in a:

and your possibilities go up - exponentially!

I love these markers!  At first the price bothered me a bit - but let me tell you how I got over it:

– these markers are practically indestructible
– they are refillable
– they have interchangeable nibs (brush, chisel, medium point)
– the alcohol ink allows these markers to color smooth and silky - no color-over-lines
– the alcohol ink allows blending and shading and layering
– there are a gazillion colors...and that just makes me happy
– but with just a few colors and a couple of greys - your options expand
– I spend probably $100 a year on journaling pens...which I can totally replace with a black Copic
– AND I really dig the coolio color names...I mean really, who doesn't want IRIDESCENT MAUVE and COOL SHADOW in their collection of markers?

Here is a picture of my finished teddy bear - and as my daughter would say "OH MY GLOSS"...he's cute!

(Click on the picture - you can see it full-sized.)

Seriously - starting with Copics is easy. And actually, beginning to do some awesome color work is very doable. The trick is to just keep playing. Keep experimenting. Keep coloring. Before you know it - you'll be impressing yourself!


- - - Susan

Thursday, November 20, 2008


and temptingly new.

Wait, is "temptingly" a word?  Hmmmm - I'll have to check that out later.  But for now, it's a word.

It is how everyone here at Scrap-Mart describes the effect of having a new stack of dies in front of us.  You know - they are new, and shiny, and just dying to be played with.  They call our names in the middle of the night.  We can't help it.  Really we can't.

Well, the S.M.Arties can't - I've been busy this week, and don't have a new die anywhere to be found on my desk.  Lucky for me - I have the S.M.Arties!  Lucky for you - I have the S.M.Arties!

They have been sending me ideas and pages and projects since Tuesday afternoon.  So I figured before my IN BOX explodes - it's time to share said ideas and pages and projects with YOU!

Look at this cute page border element. ..

Made simply with the new 12" Tree/Branch Border, cut in glittery white paper, and adorned with the QK Triplekutz birds (which are currently out of stock - sorry!). But how easy - and how elegant. Wouldn't this make a great letter-sized invitation for a holiday party? Beautiful!

And speaking of the Tree/Branch Border...

this is the detail of an awesome page idea. Wouldn't this be cute done with ANY pictures you have of babies under the Christmas tree! CUTE!

The new border was used - and look how perfectly the smallest bird of the new Revolution Birds fits in the "nest". Love it!  This page also uses a QK pear, these QK leaves and the font Rockstar.

And for the birds in a non-Christmassy way, let's head to the ballpark...

Now unfortunately there is a Cardinals fan among us - but I'm pretty sure they lost this day - so all is well!  The redbirds were made out of the same Revolution Birds as above, as well as the Bead Border, decorated to look like baseballs!  CUTE!

Getting your pirate groove on is easy with this assortment of dies...

QK Scallops Border (using the negative shape, instead of the scallop shapes)
QK Paper Doll
QK Pirate Clothes
QK Nutmeg Font

WOW - that is one die-heavy page, with different companies dies all mixed together and LOOK at how awesome it looks.  Totally amazing!

And here we're looking at some cuter-than-cute Sassafras Lass paper and one of the new QK dies...

This Hog Heaven paper is the PERFECT MATCH for some of the new dies!  This little fox is the perfect fit for this page!  And I am so lovin' the new Storybook font - which I just discovered is already out of stock!

And one final page - for some creative inspiration...

a cutie-patootie Halloween page.  Err, excuse me, an "Owloween" page.  Using the 12" Tree/Branch border (can you tell that this die is topping our FAVORITES list!!) and the Storybook font and the cute little QK Owl.  Quick and easy, adorable and DONE!

Great job S.M.Arties.  I knew we picked you for a reason.  You're making it all look so easy.

Oh wait, it is easy.  And it's fun!  And best of all - - - it's CUTE!

And you know what I say - CUTE MATTERS!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


and a QK release to freak out about.

It's going to be a BIG DAY.  I can just feel it!

But first things first - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SCRAP-MART BLOG READERS!  One year ago last night, the first blog post was published.  Wow - cool - fun - inspiring - exciting!  It's been a wild ride for sure...Justin here, Justin not here.  Essie here, Essie not here.  Me here, me still here - and me lovin' it!

And then there's YOU!  I am confident the  Scrap-Mart blog has the best readers ever.  You comment, you email, you make suggestions, you share, you forward, you critique, you log in, you sign up.  We LOVE YOU!  We couldn't do it without you - because without you I'd just be writing for Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura - and heck, they don't have time to scrapbook.  They are busy filling orders.  So what good would a blog do just for them!

So happy anniversary to all of us.  2008 has been GREAT - but in 2009 we're going to SHINE! (that rhymed - did you catch that?!)

NOW - onto bigger and better and much more exciting news...NOVEMBER'S QK RELEASE.  Hold on to your hats, because I've already dubbed this release the BEST EVER!  The S.M.Arties have had their dies for a few days and they are all ga-ga for this set.  Totally, head-to-toe, coast-to-coast GA-GA!  Let us know what you think...but act fast.  Because of the way the holiday falls - some of us will be out of town and won't be able to restock any SOLD OUT sets until after the holiday next week.

YEP - that's me predicting that some of these will sell out today!  (And just ask Justin - I'm rarely wrong!)

First - some quarter-size-comparisons...

Brenda did these awesome samples for you - here is the 4x4 set of birds -

and just wait until you see him cut out of patterned paper!  Absolutely adorable!

Here she did the 4x4  butterfly - first in cardstock, as QK probably intended for it to be.  Second in patterned paper, as an awesome scrapbooker would picture it to be!

And you get a bonus - you can use JUST the inside pieces of the butterfly's wings, and get an entirely different, smaller butterfly!  HOW COOL...two-for-one butterflies!

These guys - holy cow - how sweet are they?  The 2x2 Rabbit and the 4x4 Deer.  Too cute for words - unless the words are proceeded by "awwwwwwwwww..."!

Anyone needing an "oh my dear" page, or a "she's such a dear"...or the classic "Christmas music program" pictures "Doe, a deer, a female deer...."  CUTE STUFF!

On the project front - Tammy whipped up these cute little gifts for a baby shower next weekend...

She used the 2x2 Fox, 2x2 Owl and 2x2 Squirrel.  She also used some QK 12" borders to wrap around the entire candle jar.  How EASY and QUICK!  I just love this stuff!

She also made this cuter-than-cute altered composition book.  I love it!

She used one of the 4x4 Owls and the 4x4 Branches.  She added in a 12" Bead Border - and a great QK font (T.L.C. is her monogram - even THAT is cute!).  I love this idea - composition books are so inexpensive, and with just some scraps of paper and a few minutes of time - you can have one cute gift, ready to give in nothing flat!  AWESOME!

Moving on to cards...

how about some "Hogs & Kisses"?  Well, as long as they are from the new QK 2x2 Hedgehog.  

Jenn used TWO hedgehogs, pointing nose-to-nose - and added a QK Bead Border.  This would even be cute done up as just a tag - to stick in your hubby's briefcase.  CUTE!

Brenda, well, we've already declared her NUTS about QK - and she proved it by doing this awesome card.

She used the new 12" Branch Border and two of the new 2x2 Squirrels.  She also used an old EK Success acorn punch - but you could find lots of things that would work there, even if it was the acorn off of the 4x4 Squirrel.  What'd I tell you - she's just plain NUTTY!

And look at this big guy - this 4x4 Owl takes up almost the entire front of this card.  Add a little pen work and he's simply irresistible.  She used the new 4x4 Owl, the 12" Branch Border and the Rockstar font.  

Brenda - why do you do this to me - I seriously thought I could survive without this particular owl.  But now I know I need him.  I really, really need him!

And finally - for this November release day - a couple of scrapbook pages...

This is Jenn's 8"x 8" page, using the new 2x2 Fox - dang he's adorable all done up!

Yes - and her son is pretty cute too!  But what a simple and quick page - the new 4x8 Storybook font (for a super-duper price too!!) the 2x2 fox and a little hunk of a QK flourish.  That's it - quick and simple - and DONE!

But she was on a roll last night - here she used the new 4x4 Squirrel and the Jolly font from last month - but she cut it out of brown mulberry paper and CORK!

The new 12" branch she also cut out of mulberry paper.  Heck, I haven't even thought of mulberry paper for ages - and here it is looking all adorable and perfect as a tree branch!  WOW - I need to dig into my stash and find some to play with - for sure!

For an entire list of November release dies - check out the web-site.  The prices of the "collections" we've assembled are awesome!  It's a totally adorable release - versatile and timely and usable.  I'm spending the day making owl t-shirts.  Oh, you know those are going to be cute!

And just a suggestion - if you can't resist filling up your shopping cart today - toss one of these in as well.  Because LOOK at how well they go together:

If you have any questions about these dies, or these projects - shoot me an email and I'll track down an answer for you.  Enjoy - shop - choose - and plan.  I can't wait to hear which ones you can't live without!

Happy Anniversary and Happy November release!!


- - - Susan

Friday, November 14, 2008


what the Revolution will cut.  And I always say the "usual" stuff:

- patterned paper
- cardstock
- vellum
- tin foil and,
- QK stamping foam

But in the last week we've been playing.  We've played and experimented and challenged ourselves.  Which means the list of known materials to cut in the Revolution has changed.  Yep, it sure has!

So if someone asks that question of me today (and they will, trust me!) I can honestly say:

- patterned paper
- cardstock
- vellum
- tin foil
- QK stamping foam
- felt
- vinyl
- fun foam
- fuzzy iron-on sheets
- folded lightweight patterned paper
- adhesive backed paper (like QuickStripz)
- transparencies
- Shrinky Dinks
- punchinella and
- fabric

WOW, what a list.  We need to start working on samples of all of these very soon, so we'll have examples to show people.  You know, so they believe us.  Of course this weekend, I'm just going to point to Crafty Deb (yep, she flew in last night to play with us in Seattle!!).  Because today she is wearing this...

A t-shirt I made for her before leaving Phoenix.  I ironed lightweight fusible webbing onto the back of basic quilting fabrics (fat-quarters) and then made a sandwich for my Revolution:

1. die
2. fabric (wrong side/ webbing side down)
3. piece of copy paper
4. cutting mat

So the fabric was in between two pieces of lightweight paper.  It cut like BUTTAH!  I didn't even get any fraying edges.  And I didn't just cut big flowers...I cut dainty flourishes.  And each one came out beautifully.  Then it was just a process of following the directions for the fusible webbing, and assembling the shirt.

Start to finish this shirt took me 45 minutes.  I could have put it on right then and there and worn it to a fun scrapbook crop.  Or to teach a class.  Or to shop at my favorite LSS.  But instead, I made another one.

My mind is racing with crazy ideas for the holidays.  And next week's release is going to make for some ADORABLE t-shirts.  In lots of fun calico prints of fabric.  I can't wait to show you what I have in my mind.  And I know the S.M.Arties minds are cranking as well.

But they've been given the assignment of using some of the other materials in the Revolution. 

How does a Shrinky Dink charm bracelet sound??  Cute huh?  Or how about some fun felt hair accessories for the daughter/niece/grandbaby in your life.  Yep - the ideas are filling up pages. There aren't enough days left in November.  

Luckily, we've still got December.  So I think my crazy posting schedule will continue!

If you have any questions - shoot me an email or leave me a comment.  I'll do my best to check back in before I leave Seattle.  The sun is supposed to come out today, and I guess that throws everyone here in town for a loop.  Who knows how the day will proceed!  (hahaha)


- - - Susan

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


and the best cream of tomato soup I've ever tasted.  I know - it's a weird combination - but what can I say.  I'm a weird eater.

Since landing at the airport we've walked, we shopped, we've eaten, we've dodged rain drops, we've dodged flying salmon, we got lost, and we've driven up steeper hills than we have in Oklahoma AND Arizona combined.  It's been a great day.

But the best part about arriving in Seattle today - was arriving at the hotel.  Because when I checked in they handed me a package.  A package that arrived from Utah, via UPS.  A package that has a whole bunch of dies inside.

Dies that are set to be released next Tuesday.


You girls are going to LOVE next week's release.  I am telling you the truth.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "this could be the best release of 2008"!

It's cute.
It's totally usable.
It's versatile.
It fills a big hole.
It fills a request I hear all of the time.
It makes total sense.
It's for card makers.
It's for scrapbookers.

You're going to have to trust me on this.  You're going to have to be patient.  You're going to have to check back next week.

Because you won't want to miss this...really you won't!

PEACE from Seattle!

- - - Susan


at the same time, I often forget things.  And it's embarrassing when the thing I forget is OH-SO-STINKIN'-CUTE!

S.M.Artie Brenda sent me this card last week...and I forgot to post it yesterday with the other card ideas!  So I'm giving it its own post, simply because it made me laugh out loud - and I'm copying it!  It's totally worth copying in my book...

because let's face it - it's the kind of card you'd send to your sister. Or mother-in-law. Or school principal.  Or co-worker.  (Hey Justin...could you email me your mailing address??)

Brenda used not a turkey die, but a mix-match of other dies...
and the QK Katie font

I love that you could make this whatever colored tail feathers you wanted.  I think I'll make my turkey with lime-green and polka dotted feathers.  You know, just to mix things up a bit!

Thanks Brenda - for the cute card!

I'm sitting at the airport right now, bundled up ready for my flight to Seattle.  I'm meeting up with Mr. Doss, Ms. Laura and Sweet Justin - and we intend to explore the entire downtown area.  Seattle, consider yourselves warned!

If you're in the area of the Seattle convention this weekend, I hope you'll stop by and say "hi".  I'm teaching 2 QuicKutz classes and the Scrap-Mart booth is set to be jam-packed with goodies.  We can't wait to see you!

I'll do my best to blog from the hotel...coming up very soon on the blog:

• Bosskut Peekers
• home made envelopes
• Slice video
• what can you cut with your Revolution
• more Silhouette inspiration
• Scenic Route Garland
• glass etching ideas for Thanksgiving

WHEW - I'm exhausted just looking at that list!  The rest of this month is going to be AWESOME!  We hope you'll continue to check back, leave fun comments and let us know what you'd like to see and/or learn!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


it's a Silhouette!

Sometimes I forget about the Silhouette.  I overlook it.  I treat it like a red-headed-step-child.  (and as a red head, that's saying quite a lot!).

But it's not intentional.  Nope, instead it's because last year the Silhouette was ALL I worked with.  It was all I talked about.  It was all I used.  It was my focus.  At the start of this year, I put my Silhouette into semi-retirement.  Just to change things up a bit.

But you know what they say..."out of sight, out of mind".  So my Silhouette has been rather neglected and ignored this year.

Until now.  Because holy scrap - the S.M.Arties have their new machines and are putting me to shame!  They are playing and exploring and experimenting and downloading and creating some amazing stuff!  And only with a couple of days under their belts!

Wynona (a.k.a. Tammy) got her machine first - and went to work right away, putting it thru its paces.

Here is the first page she completed...

She cut all of her snowflakes with the Silhouette - but then cut her title out of last year's QK Bright font. She was amazed at how easily the Silhouette cut those detailed snowflakes!

Then she wanted to play with boxes...

these are some of the boxes that come pre-loaded on the Silhouette. She cut a couple out, and added some Christmas trees, that are included in the new Holly Digital set. What a great idea for holding gift cards!

Next on her agenda were cards. Cards, cards and cards!

This turkey she had the Silhouette draw with just a ballpoint pen. She went back and colored everything in with her COPICS. What a great way to get a custom look! And he's such a cute tom-turkey!

For Christmas cards, she had lots of options. The Holly set has a million new images to play with. Okay, not a million - but you know what I mean! All of the following sentiments were Silhouette-cut, as were the images on the card. Think of the mix-and-match possibilities!

Cute stuff. Really, really CUTE STUFF! And you know - yadda yadda - CUTE MATTERS! But let's face it, this time of year EASY ranks right up there as well!

S.M.Artie Jenn was playing with her Silhouette as well. She needed place cards for her Thanksgiving table - and she wanted to mix it up a bit too. She used her Silhouette to cut the actual 2-piece place cards, but then decorated the fronts of the cards with Revolution cut fonts and shapes.

What a great idea...the kids could even help, and decorate their own. That project could keep them busy for quite some time Thanksgiving morning!

Jenn used her Jolly set for the frames around "mom" and "dad", as well as the 4x8 font. She also used some Revolution pumpkins and vines for the kiddos cards.

So YES - I'm digging out my Silhouette next week, and bringing it back into my scrapbooking fold. I'm sorry friend - to have ignored you for months. Really, I am!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or drop us an email. We're here. Well, this weekend I'll be in Seattle, but you know what I mean!


- - - Susan

Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm up to my armpits in owls!
Have you noticed?  These critters are everywhere...

This past weekend I was at Hobby Lobby, and while flipping through their in-house scrapbook magazine I even saw owls there!  In fact, it was a QuicKutz Aquarius font rearranged to be an owl.  How cute!  I quick snapped a picture with my phone's camera - and ran home to try it out.

This is what I had to work with...(crummy at best for seeing the detail)

but I pulled out my Aquarius and with only a few cuts...

I made this...

Isn't he CUTE? And YES - I'm aware of the fact that the necessary letter/numbers to make this little guy spell out "B4 BOOB". But I figured that would be a great way to remember what you need to cut out. Right? BEFORE BOOB...and you get an owl. In fact, let's just name this little guy "Boobie". Of course, you could also add a "U" and then he becomes more of a rotund owl, preparing to take flight...

He might be the CUTEST!

So you remember this one by saying "B4 YOU BOOB". Like the answer to a question..."hey honey, are we going to eat dinner before or after the movie?" The answer is "before, you boob!".

Now you'll never forget it!

So I put everything together, cut out some more letters from this favorite font of mine...and got this...

If you look at this card closely you'll see that I've been experimenting with my new COPIC markers. Each red letters was shadowed with this marker. I just traced around the lower right hand edges of everything. Looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Boobie the Owl was also shadowed with the grey, and his tummy was filled in with YR-24. Very fun to try some new things out!

Okay - big stuff going on today that I need to get focused on. Last football game of the season, which means last marching band performance as well.  I can't believe it!

Time flies folks - take time to enjoy it!


- - - Susan

Thursday, November 6, 2008


to keep you on track.

On track for what, I do not know.  That was simply my attempt at humor this morning.  (And yes, I know, it's not working very well!)

Crafty Deb sent me this cute little project the other day - and I was blown away.  Because I have this NEW QK Ttrain - and I have this QK Beads Border - but I've never thought to use them together.

Doesn't that train look cute, just bouncing along the bumpy little "tracks"?  Cute Deb, really CUTE!

So with trains on my brain - I remembered something S.M.Artie Jenn sent me a few weeks ago.  And realized I had never shared it.  Shame on me!

You'll never guess what she used for her "track"...the sign post from the QK North Pole die!  Which right now, is FREE WITH PURCHASE of the QK Jolly Gift Set!  Isn't that awesome...I just love gifts with purchase.  

And that train is such an awesome die - with so many uses.  Really - lots of uses...
•  loading up the car for the trip to Grandma's for Thanksgiving "ROAD TRIP"
•  for trips to Disney, Worlds of Fun, Six Flags or just about any zoo in the world
•  any pictures of any child sitting on Santa's lap "SANTA'S LITTLEST HELPER"
•  school pictures...or school achievements or milestones with an "ON TRACK" title
•  same title, but for charting new baby's growth "RIGHT ON TRACK"
•  any pictures from your own childhood "DOWN MEMORY LANE" (can't you just see this entire train cut out in browns/blacks and greys!)

So whether your train track is made out of a bead border, or a North pole - it's all good.  It's all doable.  It's all creative and artsie!

I'm working with owls today.  Lots and lots of owls.  Did you know that a group of owls is called a "parliament"?  CRAZY!  Of course, another acceptable terms is "congress", but after the elections this week I think I'll stick with the term used in England.

So check back tomorrow - for owl inspiration, juicy tidbits, and upcoming release date information.  If you already have the 4x8 Aquarius're be in luck!  If you don' and order it today.  Trust me - you're going to want it after tomorrow!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh - the rest is a secret!


- - - Susan

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


and leftovers.  Just to name a few of my favorite things about the upcoming holiday.

One of my other favorite things about Thanksgiving is spending time making and creating and crafting up a storm.  It's usually a very "artsy" month for me.

And now that our very own Scrap-Mart Design Team member Brenda has filmed this project - I can start working on the little details right now!

Watch Brenda as she gets her Bosskut groove on...

She makes it look very easy.  And that's what we're all about - easy and doable!

Here are some close-up pictures of the finished product...

I think it is her white pen-work that makes her projects look so perfect!  I just love it!

What a perfect accent to your holiday dinner table.

Supplies used for this project:

brown ink pad
white gel-pen
glue dots

If you have any questions - feel free to drop me an email.  

Thanks Brenda for taking us through the steps.  Great project, great directions and a great video!


- - - Susan


in more ways than one.

1. sixty one people have answered the poll question in the sidebar!
2. twenty eight comments yesterday! 

3. two dozen emails with crazy election day photos!

4. we reached the 23,000 blog-hits milestone!

oh yeah...

5.  and we elected a new president!

So while I have the S.M.Arties hard at work - creating, planning, filming, drafting, cutting and photographing - I'll take care of the task at hand.

You know...awarding our "Exotic Island Day 2008" prize.

Here is the photographic proof, of what my daughter did for me, late last night - - -

First, she printed up all of the comments and cut them apart into strips.  Then they got crumpled up and dropped into a shopping bag.  She shook, and tossed, and spun the bag around so the names got nice and mixed up.  Then she pulled out...

Stacey's name!  WOO HOO Stacey.  You just won yourself the Exotic Island font. CONGRATULATIONS!  Now remember - it's coming to you without its coconut, but it's coming to you foamed up and ready to use!  (And no Stacey, taking pictures of your mail-in-ballot does NOT make you a geek!!  It makes you a scrapbooker!)

So Stacey - email me your address in Virginia and I'll get this alphabet out to you today!

I just LOVE giving things away.

Check back later today because I've got the first S.M.Artie video to upload.  It's a totally cute and doable project from Brenda.  She'll be showing you how to make a piece for her adorable Thanksgiving table place-settings.  It's awesome!

Projects are stacking up, ideas are flowing, the inspiration is going to get real thick around here pretty fast.  You're going to be thoroughly impressed, I just know it.  You won't be able to stay away.

Trust me!  I know these things. {wink, wink}

Thanks for the fun yesterday.  I loved reading all of your comments, loved seeing all of your pictures, LOVE knowing that you all did your part in the election.  WE ROCK!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


to VOTE and WIN today.

But we don't care if you vote for the winner. We want you to vote, period. And if you vote - you could win. Regardless of who you voted for.

Sounds cool - huh?

Here's what we're doing. Over the weekend I plowed through several stacks and piles in my scrapbook room. It was embarrassing. It was eye-opening. It was quite revealing. Amidst all of the stuff - I found some things that I had forgotten about. One thing I discovered was that I have two sets of this...

Exotic Island. But my sets looks like this...

One of the National Scrapbook Day Gift Sets from last May. The one that came in the coconut. I never had the coconut - but I have two sets of alphabets. And I don't need two. And since the thought of anything EXOTIC-Y and everything ISLAND-Y sounds good right about now - I figured I should give it away today.

You know, in honor of Election Day 2008! Which I have just renamed "Exotic Island Day 2008". (I love feeling like I have the power to rename people and days!)

So my Exotic Island is foamed and ready to use. It just isn't packaged. It's in a Ziplock bag. QK sent it to me just like this...and I already had it. So I'm paying it forward ladies!

Here's what you have to do...

1. leave me a signed comment
2. tell us what state you live in
3. tell us how long you waited in line to vote OR
how long ago you mailed in your vote
4. tell us if you're going to commemorate this day with a scrapbook page
5. brownie points if you send me a picture with your "I VOTED" sticker

Tonight - after the polls close - I'll have my daughter (who can't wait to vote in 2012!) draw a name from all of the comments. EVERYONE can enter. Previous winners, previous losers, design team members, Scrap-Mart friends, blogger friends...EVERYONE.

As long as you voted. And I truly believe that scrapbookers don't lie.

SO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. Take a picture of the polls, take a picture of the weather, save the front page of the newspaper, write down your thoughts today, write down your fears, go grab a Starbucks (free tall brewed coffee with your "I VOTED" sticker!) and then go home and scrapbook the occasion.

And don't forget about this die...and this die!  I'll be using both of them in my own pages this afternoon!

GOOD STUFF! I love it!



- - - Susan

Monday, November 3, 2008


I have a camera full of videos to process, and ideas post-it-noted all over my computer screen.

Which is a good problem to have.  Especially since most of you have voted that you just want IDEAS this month.  Lots and lots of doable and usable ideas!

Well okay - consider it done.  I've filled in the S.M.Arties - they know the task at hand.  They are working and creating and learning to create in front of a video camera.  Together - all of us will keep the ideas flowing your way.  All we ask from you - is that you keep checking back. And maybe, just occasionally, send us some cyber-love.  You know - a comment or an email.  So we know you're reading and watching and enjoying! 

What can I say - it makes all of us smile!  THANKS!

First up for the month of November - the admission that I'm a THIEF.  Totally stole this idea from my girlfriend - and I admit it.  But I changed it.  And shhhhhh - made it cuter!

For your viewing pleasure, your creative inspiration - and especially for Heather who emailed me and pleaded for some great "gift card ideas" - 

Supplies I used for this project:
QK Nutmeg Cookie Cutter Font
QK Nesting Flowers
Scenic Route "Garland" patterned paper

I hope you enjoy this totally cute and usable idea.  Thanks to the girls at the jr. high for giving me the idea - well - and the Starbucks gift card!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email.  S.M.Arties videos coming your way the end of this week!  Look for them right here!


- - - Susan

EDITED November 4th - my girlfriend just called and "fessed" up.  She scrap-lifted the card she gave me on Friday, from another blog.   I believe in giving credit where credit is due!  So thanks Hero Arts, for inspiring Kathy.  And thanks Kath for inspiring me!