Tuesday, September 30, 2008


drum roll please?

A really big - full pit, all battery, whole line - drum roll (excuse me, that was band-mom-talk)

Because I have an announcement to make. An announcement that I fretted and toiled and stewed over all weekend long. No - I'm not asking for your sympathy - I'm just asking you to appreciate the task.  I almost gave up!

The talent out there is mind-boggling.
The projects sent to me were inspiring.
The presentations put together were unique.
The answers to all 200 of my questions were hilarious.

Which only made the job harder (and yeah, I am kidding about 200 questions!)

But finally - we narrowed it down to four. Four from a list that was longer than I ever imagined.

So cue the drums - as I introduce you to the Inaugural Scrap-Mart Design Team (a.k.a. the S.M. Arties!)...


These four ladies were everything we were looking for.  Talent, energy, humor, creative brainstorming, personal goals and willingness to learn.  All that AND good crock-pot recipes!

Jenn is from Missouri.
Veronica is from Sweden (YES! the country)
Tammy is from North Carolina.
Brenda is from Illinois.

When I add myself from Arizona, Deb in Illinois, and the Scrap-Mart warehouse crew in Oklahoma - I think all totaled we cover just about every time zone in the Northern Hemisphere!  I LOVE IT!

So we have a lot of things planned for this month.  Getting these girls up to speed, making sure everyone knows how to blog, writing down ideas and making assignments.  SO MUCH FUN!

October is going to be a big month here at Scrap-Mart...because of the fun things coming out:
Bosskut Peekers - arriving NEXT WEEK
• QK Gift Sets - woo hoo - just WAIT!!
Making Memories Slice - shipping very soon
• Scenic Route's new holiday line Garland

WOW - I can hardly wait.  These girls can hardly wait.  And Justin...well Justin is so excited he can hardly speak.

(OH wait, never mind.  It's the four straight weeks of upcoming travel with ME that has him speechless.  Never mind!)

He and I are heading out tomorrow morning for CKC-Hartford, CT. If you're in the area and are planning to stop by the show floor, leave me a comment today saying so. I just might have an extra seat in my Friday and Saturday classes to give away!

Okay - that's all I've got.  But check back soon because tonight I'm posting my newest video on card-making, using repurposed encyclopedias!  Seriously!

BIG HUGE pats-and-congrats to our S.M.Arties - woo hoo!  Live it up girls.  The next several months are going to be a wild ride!


- - - Susan

Thursday, September 25, 2008


time is UP!

And all I can say is "WHEW"!!

The Scrap-Mart Design Team entry deadline has come and gone - and WOW you girls like to push things up to the last minute!

I secretly was hoping that only THREE people would submit anything.  Think how easy that would have made my job!

Unfortunately - lots more than three of you did.  Oh my - I already am dreading the selection process.  I've been sending everything to Laura and she's refusing to comment until I have it narrowed down some.  Mr. Doss is no help because frankly, he thinks everything looks the same.  And Justin, well, I haven't asked him to help.  It's better that way - trust me!

So thank you everyone - for your wonderful entries.  Entries came in from all over the WORLD...I'm serious!  Scrappers from FIVE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES sent me pictures of beautiful projects!

I think it's cool to think of scrappers all over the world, using the same dies, taking the same pictures of their kids, buying the same types of ribbon and having the same kinds of ideas about paper and glue!  Boggles my mind!

But now comes the hard part.  The part I've been dreading.  The selection process.

Does anyone feel sorry for me?  Does anyone pity my situation?

Does anyone have a bribe?  Maybe I should just open it up to bribes - and make it easy!


Wish me luck.  Check back often.  The first ever Scrap-Mart Design Team will be announced by noon, September 30th.  Those of you selected will be notified by the same time, September 29th.

GOOD LUCK everyone - THANKS AGAIN for your hard work and your dedication to Scrap-Mart.


- - - Susan


as of just last night.

When I got TWO EMAILS in the same hour, I realized that it's official.  We here at the Scrap-Mart blog are now most known and loved for our "quarter size-reference" pictures.

And the credit for that goes to Crafty Deb.  She started it.  Thanks Deb!  No one out there in blogdom would know the real size of die-cuts without your awesome reference tool.  And now they are demanding it!  

And that makes me smile!

Unfortunately I'm up to my eyeballs in to-dos this week...so I could only get two put together last night.  Well, three if you count my "pumpkin plastic surgery"!

So here you go ladies - quarter size-references for the 2x2 Poinsettia

(he's pictured here with his evil twin brother...couldn't resist!)  Hey - just wondering out loud here - would these QK Mini Candy pieces fit "inside" these guys?  Miss Deb...???

EDITED-TO-ADD...yes yes yes!  The Mini Candy Pieces DO FIT!  After I posted I remembered that I have this die...so I tried it and there you have it!  HOW CUTE!

Speaking of jack-o-lanterns...I got an email yesterday from Betsy, in Oklahoma.  She took the Franken Bag idea and ran with it...

Isn't he CUTE?  Good job Betsy.  Glad you liked the idea.  See, all you need sometimes is an idea.  Then you twist it, tweak it and put it to use with what you've got - then that idea is your own!  Way to go...and thanks for sharing!

That's it for now folks.  I have a baby shower to go to tonight and I have NOTHING ready for it. I'm in charge of 2 games and my gift for the momma-to-be.  Guess I should get started!


- - - Susan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


that I was wrong.

Justin will love this - because he tells me I'm NEVER wrong.  He tells me I'm high maintenance, and whiny and bossy at times - but he knows that I'm rarely wrong!

(hahahahahahaha - miss you Scrap Baby J!)

So when I do find myself wrong - it's usually a pretty big deal!

(you all are laughing - right?)

Wanna know what I'm wrong about?

(here is where you say "sure Susan!...")

SCARECROWS!  I just don't get 'em.  I grew up in Nebraska, and have seen scarecrows my entire life - and I just don't understand them.  So when I saw the September release from QK and noticed that there was not ONE but TWO scarecrow dies - I immediately crossed them off my list of "need to have" dies.

Because again - I just don't get 'em.  Why would I need them in my scrapbooks?

(don't hate me!)

But then Crafty Deb sent me an email this afternoon, showing me the 2x2 scarecrow and I immediately changed my mind!

I mean really, is he cuter-than-cute or what? And you all know - CUTE MATTERS!

But then she made it worse - and put the little guy on a page! But I can't show you the page yet.  She made me promise.

This weekend I'll post it...and not until then. Trust me though when I say, that along with the birds, the pumpkin and the border vine - she has an amazing page!

But I can't show you. Not yet. Soon - I promise!

So - I'm off of my scarecrow ban. These are en route to me, even as we speak. YEP, these!  Because I didn't just get the small one that she used - I got the big one as well.

Because now that I've turned over this new leaf - I'm living by the motto..."you can never have too many scarecrows"!


- - - Susan


from all over the world!

Oh - this is getting exciting!  Just woke up (literally, the coffee is still brewing) and found an email from a Scrap-Mart customer in my IN BOX...who lives in Australia!

I tend to forget sometimes that Scrap-Mart has amazing customers ALL OVER THE WORLD. See that little world map widget over there in the sidebar...click on it.  It shows you where in the world the Scrap-Mart blog is getting "hit" from.  It's really pretty cool.  

But there's a slight problem.  Somewhere out there is a date line - and when you call Australia home you end up being 17 hours ahead...and tomorrow.  (Or is it behind...and yesterday?) Unless of course it's very early, or very late she's probably living in a different day than we are.

Needless to say - my little green clock that simply stated what  time it is at Scrap-Mart never helped Australian customers very much.  Or Chinese customers.  Or South African customers.

So her request was simple - "Susan, could you please change the "Scrap-Mart Time" clock to reflect AM/PM and a date?"

At first I thought - geesh, hang a clock on your wall, alter it up with QuicKutz flourishes and glitter and label it as "Scrap-Mart USA".  SHEESH - how hard is that?

Then I realized that was pretty silly.

It was probably going to be easier for me to change the HTML coding to reflect AM/PM and the date.  And that might come in handy - because some folks from foreign lands might be watching the Design Team deadline that is fast approaching.

So there you have it.  All non-USA residents will now know what time, what day and whether it's night or day.  People, I'm here to please!

(Now, I'm going to see if I can add a feature that will tell you how many loads of laundry I have waiting for me - but that's going to take some more refined programming.  But watch for it!)

Design Team submission deadline is tomorrow evening.  You still have more than 36 hours ladies!  The entries we've already received have been amazing.  Suffice it to say that Scrap-Mart customers are very talented.  This is going to be fun.

Very, very fun!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


the new dies are here!

Well, actually the new dies have BEEN here - and we've been stacking and sorting and planning and cutting. Basically, we've been having a whole lot of fun.

Now you get to share in the fun as well!  All of the new September 2008 dies are up on the site...check them out

Now - I've been working away trying to get a few cute things to show you.  You know, to whet your creative appetite.  So here are the images...

and here are a couple of the die-cuts...

the CUTER THAN CUTE 4x4 Santa! (Please ignore the fact that I left off his holly-berry hat ornament AS WELL AS his nose! OOPS!)

the Gingerbread Border. Now, drawing is NOT my forte - but with a white pen and a somewhat steady hand, outlining these guys is not difficult. (Somehow I'm sure that Crafty Deb will make hers look almost edible!)

the Christmas Tree Border. All I can say is STICKLES!

The project teaser I have for you is this...

this needs to be a video later this week. It's a cute project I call a "belly band" card. I used the adorable People Border and it goes together very easily using just your Scor-Pal and your adhesive! I LOVE IT! Can't wait to show it to you!

But for now - my furniture moving back needs to go to bed! Check back later this week for some other fun updates and possibly that video.

And remember - Design Team entries are due on Thursday!


- - - Susan

Monday, September 22, 2008


for every email I've gotten about the new dies, I'd be able to retire.

Well, maybe not retire.  But I could surely order a Big 'N Beefy from the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

YEP - you scrappers are awfully excited about tomorrow's release.  It's a big one.  It's a totally fun one.  I opened my order that came last Thursday and have been using it all weekend long.

And guess what came today...THE REST OF MY ORDER!

Wanna see?

Isn't it awesome! I just knew it was going to be this good. I can't wait to use the big 4x4 along WITH the little 2x2. I'm just full of sneak-peeks aren't I?

(Hahahaha - sorry - that's mean - I know - but I couldn't resist!  I've been rearranging furniture all afternoon along with reorganizing and purging.  I guess I'm a little punchy!)

But trust me when I say WOW!

So tune in bright and early tomorrow morning. I have a few projects to show you. I have some neat ideas and suggestions. Might even have a give-away. Hmmm - haven't really decided yet. You tell me. What would be fun?


Submissions are rolling in and WOW you ladies are good! Just when I think I've seen something that can't be topped...someone tops it! I'm impressed. (I might even be worried for my job. I can't "hire" someone who makes me look bad now can I?)  Just kidding - the best thing about good design teams is they encourage all of their members to be their creative best! It's awesome!  Can't wait!

You have until Thursday, September 25th to get your entries into me. Remember, each entry should include:

• one card
• one scrapbook page
• one die-cut innovation (which can be incorporated onto said card or page)
• one home decor/non card/non item of your choice
• and one idea that you'd like to do a video post about (just a brief idea, don't worry about specifics at this point)

For now - I'm back to rearranging furniture until the kids get home. Then it's full on scrapping tonight! Because I just showed you that I have a stack of new dies to break in!

Check back tomorrow - oh wowzers - and prepare to be excited. Prepare to be motivated. Prepare to be inspired.

Prepare to be broke!


- - - Susan

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


from the far-away land of Utah.

In it...who knows?

Probably a packing slip.
And some QuickStripz.
And those darn packing peanuts.
Would you just DIE if that was it?
I know I would.

Let's open the box together and RELEASE the contents.  It's sure to be NEW and exciting!


Check over there ----> at the green clock to find out the time.  The Scrap-Mart LIVE! link is further on down the sidebar.  Register first to get your screen name - then login for the FUN!!

Aren't I terrible?

And it's so much fun!


- - - Susan


simply because of his lime green color!

That being said - this weekend in Phoenix I was hanging border dies up, and noticed that upside down the QK Grass Border looks just like Frankenstein's hair! 

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon (when I finally tracked down some wiggly eyes) and you have the cutest, easiest Halloween goodie bag I've ever glued together!

So with the new camera, the light settings that Justin figured out, and the over-the-shoulder camera angle that so many of you prefer...here is "Franken-Bag"!

Supplies used:
Scor-Pal (which is marked for FREE SHIPPING this week!)
• green and black cardstock
• silver, green and black brads
• adhesive

Seriously - I am lovin' this Scor-Pal.  Why didn't I invent this?  So simple yet SO AWESOME! Not only did it save my life during my wedding invitation marathon last week - but it has been a great addition to my QK classes and made the whole "even-and-straight-fold-every-time" a very easy task.  LOVE IT!

** ETA - - - if you do order one, throw one of these into your shopping cart as well.  One Scor-Tool comes with your Scor-Pal but after doing demos with it all day long on Saturday I noticed that the end of my tool had developed it's own little groove and had flattened out a bit.  I'd say 300 scores and I was ready to replace mine.  Get one now and stash it away somewhere safe - so it'll be ready when you need it!

Try out the Franken-Box.  It's easy and CUTE! Makes an adorable bag out of any double-sided, cardstock weight paper you have laying around.

If you make something awesome - send me a picture and I'll post it here!  Our very own "bags on parade blog"!


- - - Susan

*** ETA - one more addition - got emails from people saying they want a picture of the final project.  As always - I'm here to oblige! Click on the image for a larger view.

Monday, September 15, 2008


was more difficult than I had planned.

But I got a little something fun done! It shows the Scrap-Mart booth, at about 5:30 pm, last Thursday. After a long day of set up. We were just about ready to wrap it up - literally - for the night.

(Someone had a bit more energy than I did though! Watch and see if you catch it/him!)

Time-lapsed video footage will have to come at a later date. Because it's a bit more involved than I planned. And it requires a tripod. And some cords. And for me to stop the work progress so I can take pictures. And the Scrap-Mart crew gets growly when I keep interrupting them!

So for 44 seconds of viewing enjoyment - the Scrap-Mart road booth...


You noticed, didn't you, how close we were to the huge roll-up loading dock door? It was 104 degrees outside. Which meant it was 157 degrees inside. Really, I swear!

Big plans this week. Videos - projects - demos - tutorials - new products - and big teasers!

One final questions - WHERE ARE THE DESIGN TEAM SUBMISSIONS? Who out there wants to be a S.M Artie? You should be finalizing your projects this week and this weekend. If you have any questions - shoot me an email. Heck - the October release alone will be worth the work and energy for the design team. And November - oh my - November I think might be my favorite ever!

I need a nap - and to clear off my desk - and to unpack my convention tote.

And a nap.

Enjoy the video - more to come this week. And maybe, just maybe, some SCRAP-MART LIVE! this week. WOO HOO!


- - - Susan

Thursday, September 11, 2008


and a new convention!

Justin and I are headed downtown today - for CKC Phoenix!

We just got the new camera that Mr. Doss sent, so we'll see if we can figure out how to get some time-lapsed pictures today of our booth set-up!

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Sure it does!

We'll do our best - - - so check back later!


- - - Susan
(and Justin)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm pretty sure it is. YEP - indeed it is.  It's birthday cake!

Now why would there be a birthday cake around here today? Could it be someone's TWENTY FIFTH birthday today?

Hmmmm - my 25th birthday was quite a while ago.  And I'm pretty sure Ms. Laura and Mr. Doss have also passed that milestone. So let's see. Who does that leave to celebrate a birthday today?

YEP - you guessed it. Scrap-Baby J is celebrating his big day today!

That is Justin in Washington D.C. - when we were at the Chantilly Expo in June. He'd never been to D.C. so we drove in Friday night after the show floor closed. I had to drive - because we were in a rental car. And at the time he wasn't old enough to rent a car.

BUT THAT IS OVER! It's all you now Justin. And I can't wait.

(ohhhh, I'm going to pay for this ladies, he may NEVER let me take another picture of him again!)

So - if you'd like to send Justin a birthday greeting - send something fun to my email address (susan@scrap-mart.com) and I'll print them all out. I'll give them to him on Wednesday, when he hits town for the Phoenix convention. I think somewhere during our travel schedule last month I promised I'd buy him dinner for his birthday. And maybe one cocktail!

But only because I'm really nice that way!

(ohhhh, I'm so in trouble!)

So happy birthday dude.

After my husband, you're my most favorite traveling companion! And after my children, you're my most favorite person to ridicule with embarrassing photographs!

(ohhhh, I'm living dangerously now!)

Have a great day!Don't do anything I wouldn't do. See you Wednesday!


- - - Susan

Friday, September 5, 2008


you could keep me blogging all week long!!

Just answering questions (grin)!!

So for Miss Brenda - answers to your questions...

• I haven't thought about a guest DT member - because I am currently only thinking about permanent DT members.  But I'll jot that down as an idea to consider "later".  Fair enough?

• Submissions to win a DT spot will only count as submissions to win a DT spot.  Future monthly work will have specific themes behind it - whether it's the new QK release, the new BK release, the current holiday - or whatever wild hair I dream up!!  We're kindof crazy like that!

• DT members can use whatever tools they have.  If you usually cut QK dies with a Cuttlebug, a Sidekick, a Big Shot or any other known machine...go for it.  I'm not picky like that.

Did I get them all answered for you Brenda?

Remember my email address is right over there ------> in the sidebar.


- - - Susan


in QK innovation.

Or innovationism
Or innovationry
Or innovationing

Also known as "gettin' crazy with your dies"!

By now you've all seen this die...

the NEW QK Blender.

But to Scrap-Mart's Crafty Deb...this is not just a blender. Oh no sirree! Deb looks at the shapes. She has even been know to die-cut the shapes out of black cardstock just so she can see the "shape" and not the "image". Does that make sense?

So she twists and rotates and flip flops the shapes - and this is what she came up with...

all she added was "steam" from the QK Cauldron, and "foam" from the QK Mug. Now you have cute, tall latte mugs. Or spiced cider, or Irish Coffee. How cute!

But Crafty Deb didn't stop there. No she didn't! How about this one...

a cute little cocktail shaker? Ok - or possibly a toddler sippy-cup? (but wouldn't this be oh-so-cute cut out of silver paper...for a girl's night in scrapbook/cocktail party?!) She added the straw from the QK Juice Box.

And finally - this one...

this could either be a bathroom vanity set, or a sugar and creamer set. Or how about adding some QK tacos and making these little containers into "hot salsa" and "hotter salsa" containers!

See - it's easy to be innovative! Try it - you'll like it.

Thanks Ms. Deb, for your great examples this morning. I'm sure it will inspire some fun projects!

Design Team projects are starting to come in - WOW you ladies work fast! Remember, they are all due to me via email by Thursday, September 25th @ 10:00 pm Scrap-Mart time.

I might find a few minutes to film my Scor-Pal demo this afternoon. Or maybe tomorrow. We'll see how it goes today in my world of wedding invitations!


- - - Susan

Thursday, September 4, 2008


here is the video of the project I teased you with yesterday!

Let me know what you think of it...

The supplies for the project I listed in yesterday's post. QuicKutz Nesting Flowers, Circles and Squares! Everything else are basic supplies you probably have on hand!

(And as SOON as the Scor-Pal is available I'll let you know. It's an awesome tool and you're just going to LOVE it!)

EDITED:  WOO-HOO - the Scor-Pals are here, the Scor-Pals are here.  Snag one up today - because a bunch of them are coming to Phoenix next week!  I have a cute and EASY project to show you this weekend...using just this tool and one piece of 12x12 paper.  You're going to LOVE it!!  Ladies - trust me - you want this tool.  Have I ever lied to you?


- - - Susan

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I thought I'd post a fun little project.

(that's a joke...cuz I have LOTS going on...but I'm a wonderful procrastinator!)

But then I realized my daughter took my video camera to school.  So all I can do is take a picture and post a video later tonight.

So this will serve as a teaser!

Living in Phoenix I get to tag along to lots of exciting scrapbooky events.  Like two CKCs, Bazzill warehouse sales and Creative Escape.  Well, I have to run over to drop off some "Susan Love" to some of the teachers/employees who will be at CE this year.

And in the process of whipping up a couple of these projects, I realized it should really be a video make-n-take.  But, like I said above, my daughter escaped with my camera this morning. Some nonsense about recording dress rehearsal for marching band.

So for now - in pictures - this is what I'm dropping off for all of my friends...

(click on the image for a close-up view...and ignore the Taco Bell drink in the background!)

It's really a super-easy project...but OH-SO-CUTE! And all of you know by now, my opinion of cute!! Right! Cute matters!

I used:
QK Nesting Circles (warehouse is currently out of stock of these!)
QK Nesting Squares
QK Nesting Flowers
Sassafras Lass Owl Stamps
Scenic Route patterned paper
some cardstock strips
some pink and green brads
and some black ink!

WOO HOO! I love being cute and quick - all at the same time. (Especially when it's 109 degrees outside!)

I'll post better directions, in the form of a video, later tonight. After I get another stack of wedding invitations done!

Forty done - one hundred and ten to go!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


and offering some encouragement!

For Sarah in the U.K. - YES!  Entries from outside of the United States will gladly be accepted.  We know we have lots of Scrap-Mart lovers "across the pond" - and we'd love to have you represented in this creative endeavor.  So please, send in your submissions!

To Brenda - by "way too much work", do you mean for the entry or for the actual DT monthly requirements?  Because really - I bet lots of you could hammer out an awesome submission over the next two weekends.  A scrapbook page and a card can come from the same stack of supplies.  And an innovation - lots of you already do that, but for the rest of you - look around and build on some ideas that are already out there.  And something that is not a scrapbook page or a card - just look around your scrapbook area and think about other things you use your supplies for.  Ever made a school project with your child using cardstock?  Ever covered a composition book to record science project observations?  Have you stamped on a bulletin board and made push pins out of smooshed bottlecaps?  Come on - I bet you could do it with your eyes closed!

Brenda - I know you're busy.  Heck, I'm trying to finish 150 wedding invitations by next Wednesday - and the bride is still tweaking the wording this evening!!  We're all busy.  But if you think you've got that something special - you should share it!  We'd love to reward you - and we'd love to tap into the creative genius!

However - if you're referring to the requirements AFTER you're named to the Scrap-Mart Design Team - it sounds like a lot when it's spelled out in words, but really it's just a couple of hours a month.  One blog post a week = an hour at best.  And usually 20-30 minutes does it for me. Two projects a week = after consideration today and a couple of emails, we've changed that portion of the requirement to only one project a week.  Much more doable - and I can't really ask you all to do more than I'm able to do!  So I've edited the earlier post from today.  Thanks everyone, for weighing in on the item!  And one video a month - once you get the hang of talking to yourself on camera - it'll only take you an hour to record, upload and publish.  And trust me - I'll hold your hand thru the first couple of 'em.

And Jamie asked me to clarify what I mean by "innovation".  Well Jamie, by innovation I mean - use a die in a way that it wasn't originally intended for.  NO - don't use the die as a guitar pick as my son is prone to do...instead use the die cut top of the mushroom for a jellyfish.  Or a leaf as a bird wing.  Look back under the April To Die For posts and see what some of the winners did.  That'll give you some ideas.  And our Crafty Deb is famous for her die innovations.  Check out where I've posted her card samples and see what I'm talking about.

If you have any more questions - shoot 'em my way.  I'm full of answers.  

For right now - I'm headed to the kitchen to make Tammy's delicious cookie recipe that she posted in the comment section a few days ago.  THANKS TAMMY!  You rock - and your cookies take the cake.

Hahahaha - that was funny!  Cookies - cake - get it?

I need plenty of cookies on hand because I'm going to have a house full of visitors next week.  You'll never guess who is coming to Phoenix!

Two of my favorite Okies.  They're traveling together.  All that way.  Oh to be a fly on the wall on THAT airplane!

Can you guess??


- - - Susan


and a dollar short.  That's the story of my life!

If I'd have realized when I said "September 1st" that September 1st was Labor Day...I'd have said September 2nd instead.

But I didn't - so I didn't.  So instead of posting yesterday, I had a house full of neighbors yesterday. Eating burgers, enjoying my home made pico de gallo, watching the golf tournament and causing a big ol' ruckus.

Sometime last night I realized it was the day I had promised to post about...


WHOOPS! Sorry 'bout that!

Okay - so here is the deal - Scrap-Mart needs a design team. We need a design team to help Deb and I create. We need a design team to help me blog (I've given up on Essie!). We need a design team to help me do videos. We need a design to team help us brainstorm. We need a design team to help us dream up ideas and contests and projects.

Basically - summed up in Tuesday-morning-after-the-holiday vernacular - I NEED SOME HELP!

Here is the plan we are working with right now...

- 6 month commitment, October 1st - March 31st (extended to 1 year if agreed upon by both Scrap-Mart and DT member)

- required to submit one project a week (page, card, altered item, tips, video, etc.)

- film/video one class, make-n-take, demo a month (so having a camera that does video would be great...but it's not a requirement)

- blog on assigned day of the week...four times per month
- must sign a confidentiality agreement. Images, names, descriptions and themes of dies and news released to DT members will remain private at ALL TIMES. If DT information is shared with non-DT members, posted on message boards or traced back to you in any way, DT term will end AND DT member will be charged for any dies they have received in offending month.

- read DT message board (coming soon on the new Scrap-Mart website) daily, for assignments, updates and news

- have daily email/internet access

- have access to iChat, Yahoo Messenger or AIM for meetings and chats

- be knowledgeable and experienced in all things die-cutting
- four DT members will split 2 complete sets of new release dies, free of charge (including Bosskut and QuicKutz...others added as necessary...like Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Spellbinders)

- will recieve a "credit" each month, for shopping at the on-line store...credits based on previous month's participation in the DT duties...not to exceed $100 per month, retail.

- any additional dies from current release, at wholesale - before released to public, or as soon as received by Scrap-Mart. These may be paid for with DT Credit.

- can add "Scrap-Mart" blinkie to signature line, blog, web-site, etc. (as soon as I figure out how to create one!)

- if you live near one of our convention locations, you'll be offered admission into the show and offered paid hours in the Scrap-Mart booth.
- one item from each of the five categories:
• scrapbook page
• card
• die innovation
• non-scrapbook/non-card item AND
• a written idea for a video (make-n-take, demonstration, project).

- photographs or scans, emailed to me at "susan@scrap-mart.com"

- due to me by Thursday, September 25th - 10:00 pm Scrap-Mart time (CDT).

- entries will be chosen based on originality, creativity, use of products currently carried by Scrap-Mart and attitude/excitement of the individual (remember, all of us here at Scrap-Mart are crazy!).

- entries judged by myself, Crafty Deb, Ms. Laura and if we feel we need it, Mr. Doss.

- new DT members announced on Tuesday, September 30th.

WHEW! That was long-winded! If you think there is something I need to clarify - or explain in a different way - send me an email. I've probably forgotten something - and I won't notice it unless you point it out to me. (NOTE - while I am still answering Essie's IN BOX, I now have my own, official email address - SUSAN@SCRAP-MART.COM. Woo-hoo! Do you think that means job security!)

So start working ladies. WOW us with your projects. Show us your favorite techniques. Dream up some crazy project to video. Amaze us with scrap-liftable ideas! GO FORTH AND CREATE!

Again, any questions shoot them my way. If you call the store - Ms. Laura will tell you to email me. If you reach Mr. Doss - he'll do the same. So just go ahead and drop me an email.

Have FUN! I look forward to seeing your awesome submissions. Oh heck - what I'm really looking forward to is a design team to help me out with our awesome goals for 2009! The next six month are going to be amazing! (wink, wink)


- - - Susan