Thursday, July 31, 2008


Pennsylvania scrappers!

Well, good morning everyone - but now that Scrap-Mart has arrived I feel we should be especially polite to our current neighbors!

You see - we arrived in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon - and made the trek to Valley Forge. Everything is so green here! It's a beautiful place to be right now. Can't wait to get started today with set-up for the show. I can just feel it - there is a buzz in the air in the hotel lobby - Valley Forge CKC is going to ROCK!

Today we work - but last night we played. And ate. Oh did we eat.

What are you going to eat while in Philadelphia...other that Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches (however I learned last night that when you are in just call them "cheesesteaks"). My traveling companion for this trip is none-other than the fabulous Kim Kesti, of PaperCrafts Magazine. And how fortune for me - she's been to Philly before. So she got us headed in the right direction to Michael's last night.

Oh SNAP...was that some good eatin'. I'm pretty sure I made a fool of myself...make that WE made fools of ourselves. But hey, that's a long flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

After consuming an obscene amount of food, and trying to explain to the older gentleman at the counter exactly what "scrapbooking" is (with little success) we headed "home". And the hotel is hopping right now. Ladies checking in, scrappers all excited, shuttles and taxis dropping off all kinds of croppers. Yep - it's going to be a great weekend! I just know it.

This morning I got some cute email from Crafty Deb. Look at these quick-cuties...

a fun little creation - perfect for a congratulations card or a party page! "Have your banana split...and eat it too! You've earned it!" Wouldn't THAT be cute?

She used:
QK Canoe (for the dish)
QK Roasting Stick (the hot dog for the bananas)
QK Ice Cream Minis
and a little tiny heart from the QK Envelope


And how about this - one...

Most people buy the QK Ducky for baby pages. And the packaging shows a yellow duck as well...but cut it out of different colored paper and add a few different accents...and you've got yourself a Mr. and Mrs. Mallard ready for your park pages, camping pages or the infamous "Just ducky!" card!

Cute stuff! And all the way from Philadelphia! Thanks Deb...I appreciate you so much for your fun ideas! We'll be seeing YOU in just 3 short weeks! Can't wait for the Chicago Expo!

Okay - breakfast is calling my name. I'm heading down to meet Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura for a little sustenance before we start setting up the booth. OH - and I've heard a rumor that there is a pallet with 608 pounds of NEW Scenic Route downstairs...with OUR NAMES ON IT! How fun does THAT sound?!?!?!?


- - - Susan

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


and still a lot to do.

Yep - that's the situation I'm facing right now.  My plane leaves in 11 hours - and I haven't even opened up my suitcase.

I'm sitting here sharing a cocktail with my husband - finishing up a scrapbook page for Valley Forge and blogging. I mean - a girl has to have priorities.  Right?

That's what I thought!

I realized that my last several posts were very wordy.  Lots of words and not a lot of pictures.  So I figured I'd better rectify that before I leave town for the weekend.  So for your viewing pleasure - some pictures and a video!

Yep - a video.

Now calm yourselves - it's basically just me making a whole lot of gestures with my hands.  I guess that's a habit of mine...but it's funny to watch!

Scrap-Mart Quick-Tip 2 VIDEO

And here is a picture of the finished quick-card. I added a few Stickles and Liquid Pearls after I stopped filming. It added just that little "something" that I love!

And then I had to show you the page that went out in the Scrap-Mart newsletter.

In this page I used:
QK University
QK Nutmeg
Squares and Dots Border die
QK Reinforced Tag (Grand)
and the old Singlekutz Wine Bottle

I loved how this one came out. Mainly because it is a photograph that my father emailed me from his trip last Saturday. Talk about your speedy scrapper - huh?

And this one I just finished this afternoon. I just had to use the Chicago alphabet before I got on the plane tomorrow. Mainly because I didn't think I was going to like it, but I needed to know that for sure. But you know what - I think this font is going to be one of the more popular 2x2s. I love it. It's classic and timeless. And it seems to mix with anything...

I used:
QK Chicago
QK Magnolia
I didn't add another thing - because I think the pictures speak for themselves. I guess I really should go back and add the date I took the pictures. I'll do that before tomorrow morning...I promise!

So those are some visual goodies for you. I'm leaving at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning, and I'm meeting up with the Ms. Laura and Mr. Doss in Philadelphia. Then it's on to Valley Forge. I don't even think most of them know we're coming.

So prepare yourselves Pennsylvania. The Scrap-Mart wave is roll ling in tomorrow.

I'll try and blog from the crazy readers you!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


to announce the winner of the CKC Valley Forge class seat!  How embarassing...I apologize!

Ms. Denise from PA

If you're available Friday morning - from 8:30 to 9:30 - and don't get any better offers - I'd love to have you join me in QuicKutz's "XYZ...PDQ" class!

If you'll send me an email (please use the new address of "") I'll send you some information that should get you past the CKC class guards!

Oh we're going to have fun Denise.  We're going to make five cute with dies...I'm going to tell every single funny story I know and I'm going to give away great prizes!  Yep - the prizes pretty much rock!  Trust me on this one!

So congrats Ms. Denise.  Send me an email - and then I'll see you on Friday morning!

I've got a million things to do today.  Why does that always seem to be the case the day before I leave town?  I'm also finishing up a cute project using the new QK Chicago alphabet!  Love that alphabet!  I'll post it tonight - after band camp, after my new washing machine gets delivered and installed and after I finish packing for Valley Forge.

I promise.


- - - Susan

Monday, July 28, 2008


in the last few days - here are your answers!

Sara - the measurements of the new All-in-One binder are coming soon. I'm just not at my desk this very second. So please know that I have a lime green Post-It Note with your name and question on it...and I'll get to it this evening!

Gem - so glad you received your Chemistry alphabet in the mail today (don'tcha just LOVE good mail days?). For right now, I've been keeping my 4x8 alphabets in the same kind of plastic pencil case...only the regular sized ones. They were on sale at Staples last week for a quarter! So my clear 13-incher has my border dies in it, and the smaller one has my new alphabet dies. Works great for right now!

Helen - you're right on the money! Good thinking!

And one more from Gem regarding organization! I admit - I'm a fiend about it. I scrap better when I know where things are. Some might say I got overboard (my husband, my sister, my neighbors...) but interestingly - they all want to come scrap in my room! So maybe sometime soon Gem...we'll take a photographic tour of ways I stay on top of the clutter. Then maybe a LIVE! brainstorming session?

Someone e-mailed me and asked about the LOVE Machine's platform. Whether it's magnetic or not. Well I spoke with QK Brian today, and he was stumped. His answer straight up was "I'm unaware that it is going to be magnetic." So our best guess is that the platform will not be magnetic.

Marilyn is dying to know a Scrap-Mart LIVE! schedule. She wants me to publish one so she can write it on her calendar. Well sweet lady - let's just say that at this point - you may as well ask for the moon and stars. I am going to try my hardest to do one show a week - but August is a rough travel month for Scrap-Mart. Not rough - as in bad. Just rough - as in getting anything done that doesn't absolutely have to be done. Know what I mean? But I promise, with you all as my witness, that I will try to give everyone 24-hours notice from here on out.

And then - I got an email from our very own Essie. YEP - she emailed me with a question. It was a silly question, about mixing cocktails, but it was an email from her all the same. She wanted me to pass along her greetings to all of you. (I think she misses us - more than she'd care to admit. Bless her heart!) So please consider yourselves GREETED!

Okay - I just finished an awesome page!  But I can't share it right now. I'm saving it for the Scrap-Mart newsletter which is supposed to be going out in the next 24 hours. I used new dies and a golden oldie as well. And I just love it. So if for some reason you are not yet registered to receive our newsletter - just go ahead and plug your email address into the little box up in the corner - and Mr. Doss will get you added to the list. I promise!

Hmmmm - I have a girlfriend coming over tonight to play with some goodies. I wonder if I have a quick-trick up my sleeve to do a little video presentation. I just might.

Keep your eyes on the blog - tonight might be a very fun night indeed!


- - - Susan

Saturday, July 26, 2008


getting emails and comments.

Mainly because that proves that someone is reading this here ol' blog.

But emails and comments that ask questions - well that just makes me fell all loved and appreciated. Because I can tell all the kiddos in my house that my answers and opinions matter to someone!

Okay - so here are the questions I've received today...

From Annie - she wanted to know what I used to glue down the "bling" on last night's page.

Well Annie - I don't really have an answer for you. Because that particular sheet of bling was self-adhesive. It was Daisy Ds goodies from last summer. And unfortunately, my stash is running low. How sad. BUT - when I do find myself in need of gluing something like a rhinestone, or a button, or a trinket of 3-dimensional nature - I reach for my trusty Diamond Glaze. A.K.A. Crystal Lacquer or Glossy Effects. Those are my go-to-adhesive in these situations.

Thanks Annie!

Katie is dying to know about the "something" I was alluding to earlier this week. The secret.

Hmmmm - I'm sorry to disappoint you Katie - but it was the information about the "Valley Forge Class Seat Giveaway" I was hinting at. And bummer, it doesn't effect you because you don't live anywhere near Valley Forge. However, I'm pretty sure you've got a convention coming to your neck of the woods fairly soon. And you just never know what's going to happen then!

Thanks Katie!

Now, Mary F. is trying her darnedest to find out what I bought at Staples that is coming in oh-so-handy right now. Well Mary, I got this tip from Crafty Deb last week, and acted upon it immediately. Here is what I'm referring to...

it's a simple 13" long pencil case. And since every store I walk into lately is full of back-to-school supplies, you shouldn't have a problem finding one in your town. However, I found mine at Staples, for $1.79. In it fits all of my 12" borders, as well as my 12" sticky mat, sticky cutting mat and my regular 12" cutting mat. And since I'm heading out to play with some girlfriends tonight - I tossed in my glue pen and my handy-dandy-Scotch-tape. Because I almost always use those two supplies when I'm dealing with my borders! (I also have the awesome "bracket die cuts" that Ms. Laura brought home from the LOVE Machine demo. Don't you just love 'em?? I'm hoping to get 'em used tonight!)

Go grab one'll love it!

So there you have it - I think everyone elses questions fell somewhere along the lines of one of these questions.

If I didn't get your question answered - just shoot me another email, or leave a comment. And remember - the email address in the side-bar is good for reaching me. I've just taken over opening Essie's mailbox. Because it looks like she's still going to be "occupied" until the first of September.


- - - Susan


because as crazy as an "online-virtual-crop-with-sound-only-going-one-way" sounds, I think everyone had a good time!

It was kind of crazy - because at first the chat room didn't work. And then I accidentally clicked off the sound. So I was pantomiming instructions. But I finally got everything working. And I think it was kind of cool!

Michelle and Pat and Tammy were there. Giving me their advice and opinions about the page I was working on. And you know what - I took it. They got a little look around my scrap room as I dug for supplies of various colors - and I showed them some of my organizational tips. It's my borderline OCD tendencies, I admit - but it's all good. And some of it is really COOL!

Like my current 12" border storage. You have to ROCKS! Tammy and Pat and Michelle - yep - they are ALL running to Staples this morning. I just know it. So Florida, North Carolina and New York Staples, consider yourself warned!

But since SOME of you couldn't make it - I figured it was only polite to show you the page "WE" created. And it truly was a "we" situation. I never would have thought "bling". Nope - that was their call. And the flowers - I figured there were enough flowers on the page - but they egged me on.

So in all honesty - if you don't like this page - let's just blame it on THEM! Okay?

No, wait. Change that. If you don't like this page - too bad. I like it and my daughter loves it - and that's all that matters! And it was fun to make - with a helpful and chatty audience! Thanks ladies!

For this page, we used:
• NEW QK Nutmeg Cookie Cutter
QK Scallops Border (I used both of them!)
QK Squares and Dots Border
• Scenic Route Ledge Paper
• Daisy Ds Rub-Ons
• Daisy Ds Brads (in the centers of the flowers)
• Daisy Ds Pink and Green Bling
• Prima Flowers
• and Basic Grey Sultry and the matching cardstock pack (that I bought in Buffalo from our friends at Embellish It!)

We had the page done in under 30 minutes. How cool is that?!

And I wanted to show the girls from last night this...I have always initialed and dated the backs of my pages. I started doing it back in 1993 with my first page, and I've always done it since. Well here is how I finished the page last night...

so all three of you have been immortalized...forever!

Thanks again for joining me last night. Let's do it again real soon!

Right before I went LIVE! I also finished this page...


so I wanted to share this idea with you. Whenever I have bunches of pictures of the same event (fireworks, football game, vacation scenery, watching grass grow, etc.) I like to do this. Print up an entire contact sheet of all of the pictures together. It makes it much easier to scrapbook - and I've always thought the effect is pretty neat.

For this page, I used:
• NEW QK University Cookie Cutter
QK Magnolia Cookie Cutter
Scenic Route Capetown patterned paper
• and a couple of extra embellies from my stash

A 15 minutes page. Well, longer than that if you figure in the drying time for the Stickles that I put all over my letters. But the drying time is worth it, because I soooo love to cover letters with Stickles. Totally makes them POP off the page.

Okay - that's all for now. It's officially the weekend and I have a to-do list that is a mile and a half long. Leaving for Valley Forge this Wednesday and school starting next Wednesday has me feeling a big frazzled. But it'll all work out.

I'm sure of it. Have a good one!

- - - Susan

Friday, July 25, 2008



You know - something for nothing. No charge. On the house. FREE!

First, some background - next Wednesday through Saturday, Scrap-Mart will be at CKC Valley Forge. We'll be there with the latest and greatest (which means the new CHA goodies) from QuicKutz, Scenic Route, Bosskut, Sassafras Lass and Tinkering Ink. AND next Friday and Saturday morning, yours truly will be teaching the QuicKutz classes. And I just got word from CK that the two classes are nearing capacity. I LOVE IT!

Now, for the heart of the matter - I was just given permission by QuicKutz to give away one seat in each of my two classes! WOO HOO! Friday's class is called "XYZ...PDQ (eXamine Your Zip Code...Pretty Darn QuicKutz)". Here are some snippets of the five cards we'll be making:

Saturday's class is called "You Say You Want a Revolution..." And here is a sneakie-peek of the two 2-page spreads you'll leave this class with:

Both classes are fast-paced, both classes are filled with tips and tricks, both classes use the 12" platform plus a variety of dies. Both classes are from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

And I'm giving away a seat in each of them.

So if you're planning on coming to CKC Valley Forge - and you're available for a FREE CLASS at 8:30 in the're eligible!

All you have to do is leave me a comment on THIS BLOG POST. Click on the little comment button, right after my signature line, and leave me a comment. Any kind of comment. Something witty, something factual or simply something that implies a bribe! But leave one. On Monday morning I'll draw a name for each class. If you're only available for one of the two times, maybe mention that as well!

COOL! Thanks QuicKutz!

NOW - onto even more Friday FUN!

You up for some cropping tonight? I totally have to get some cards made - and have to get a few booth samples finished up for Valley Forge. So tonight I'll be playing with cardstock, new dies, new paper and adhesive. If you want to join me - click on the Scrap-Mart LIVE! link over in the side-bar. Plan on stopping by about 8:30 pm Scrap-Mart time (CDT).

I'm off to print some pictures - so I've got something to work with. I just LOVE flipping through photos.

Leave a comment if you're up for the class. And stop by tonight if you're up for some creative fun.

- - - Susan

Thursday, July 24, 2008


the desk AND the in box this morning.

To answer some questions from the show last night...

Mary F wants to know about the inking tool I used last night. Well Mary, it's by Colorbox and Scrap-Mart is in the process of getting them in stock. It's an awesome tool that I just love using with my die-cut shapes and alphabets. As soon as they are available for order - I'll let you know! Fair enough?

Thanks Mary!

Gem wants to see some ideas, tips or layouts using new border dies! Alrightie Gem, you got it! I did post a Niagara Falls page the other day, using the newest QK Flourish, and I've got another one to post today (scroll down), but I promise I'll show those babies in action real soon! It's a deal!

Thanks Gem!

And Katie was there last night - and she can't wait to get those 4x8 alphabet dies in front of her. When I suggested that I might be going LIVE! again on Friday, she mentioned that she has to work. Well Katie - we won't have NEARLY as much fun without you, really we won't. But you'll be able to re-stage the entire event because I'll record whatever we do and post the video. You can watch it whenever you want, and live through us vicariously. How awesome is THAT?!

Thank you Katie!

Love the ideas. Love the suggestions. Love the comments. Thanks to all of you. We'll do it again - real soon! Watch the blog for the next show time. I'll try to always post it up at the top of the page, right above the green clock that displays Scrap-Mart time!

So while I was cleaning up last night - I just couldn't put my 4x8 Chemistry away without one more spin through my Revolution. So I grabbed some pictures that have been staring at me for a couple of months and cranked out a page. And literally, I spent 10 minutes on it...I didn't even sit down. I used two sheets of patterned paper and 2 hunks of matching cardstock from my scrap-stack. In nothing flat I had my page finished...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE quick pages.

NEW 4x8 QK Chemistry (for "new tradition"
QK Diesel (for the "AZ")
NEW QK Beads Border
NEW QK Arrows Border
and some older Scenic Route called Metropolis

THAT'S IT! A Wednesday night, stand-up quickie!  And you can quote me on that...just don't do it in mixed company.  Some folks might get the wrong idea!

Plans are underway for the next Scrap-Mart LIVE! Keep your ideas and suggestions coming my way. Until then - - - this QK University is calling my name...I think I might have to play...

- - - Susan

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


for the books! Because if you could have seen my "production setup" you'd have been laughing.

Cameras, microphones, extension cords and scrapbook supplies all lined up. Throw in two hyper golden retrievers, a couple of hungry teenagers and a husband who was attempting to oversee the process, and it was pretty funny. And every time I looked up from the project - I started to giggle!

But like I said - it's a learning process. And we're going to get better each and every time we go LIVE! So give us your feedback. Offer us some suggestions. Send in your show topics. Ask your questions! I want to hear it all!

In case you missed is the "show" in its entirety.

July 23, 2008...Scrap-Mart LIVE!

Here is a close up of the finished card...

and a list of the supplies I used...
Large Rectangle Nestabilities (my current infatuation!)
• the Spellbinder Embossing Mat
• the Revolution Lion
• NEW 4x8 Chemistry
• my QuicKutz Revolution
• and some awesome Sassafras Lass paper

If you have any questions - you know where to find me! Thanks again for watching Scrap-Mart LIVE! tonight.

- - - Susan

Scrap-Mart LIVE!

Coming to you tonight - at 8:00 pm, Scrap-Mart time.

I've added a nice green clock over in the sidebar - so you know what time it is at Scrap-Mart right now...Central Daylight Time!

Hope to see you THEN!

- - - Susan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


so totally exciting. In a Scrap-Mart-blog-creative-new-things-big-goals kind of way!

BIG NEWS for tomorrow...

Scrap-Mart LIVE! goes on at 8:00 pm. Oklahoma time. Which is central-daylight time. I'm not exactly sure what all I'm going to have on the "show" - but know that it'll be educational, inspirational and probably full of bloopers. It's a learning process ladies, and I'm still learning!

So between now and then - click on the red words that say "this site". OH heck, just click here...

- in the upper left hand corner, under the UStream.TV logo - click on the "Sign Up" button and get yourself a screen name.
- fill in your real name in the next screen (with a few demographic questions)
- you can skip the next step (by clicking SKIP in the middle of the bottom of the screen) about importing your email addresses.
- when it asks you about your first show - just click in the upper right hand corner to LOG OUT

Viola! That's it. Just remember your screen name and your password. And don't forget to make your screen name something cute! Because you know - cute matters!

Then at 8:00 pm CDT, you can log in and watch a little demonstration, make-n-take, question-n-answer session. Since you'll be signed in - you can participate in the show. You can ask questions, make suggestions, interrupt me if I'm going to fast, or point out that I have something stuck in my teeth! All LIVE!

BIG NEWS for tonight...

 My big ol' box of QuicKutz goodness arrived this morning. New CHICAGO, new CHEMISTRY, new NUTMEG, new UNIVERSITY. How cool is that? I almost kissed Frank my UPS driver when he knocked on my front door. I just love good mail! So tonight - I'm playing. You know - so I have something to show you tomorrow. Thanks Scrap Baby J for gettin' it out so quickly (and I loved the Tootsie Rolls).

BIG NEWS for this weekend...

Well, I could tell you right now, but what fun would that be? I wouldn't have ANY secrets left. And what would I talk about this weekend. So for now - that's going to have to stay a secret.

BIG NEWS from early this morning...

I finished a "first day of school" scrapbook page. BEFORE THE NEXT FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I don't think that has ever happened. It's a biggie for me. I think it even impressed my kiddos. I used the new Scenic Route line - Appleton. Which I am just lovin' right now.

And finally, the coolest BIG NEWS I can offer up...


Seems like just the other day Scrap Baby J and I were dreaming up this little "he said, she said" blog, that he and Miss Essie could have. Because she is always on the poor boy's case...and he just loves it and gives it right back to her. So we jumped in with both feet. Scrap Baby got us set up, Miss Essie began waxing poetic on all things scrapbooky. It was a really good thing.

Of course - where are they now? Scrap Baby works 1,785 hours a week and is in love. Miss Essie is knee deep in diapers and sends flowers to keep me on her good side. WHEW - for now, I'm just turning the other cheek and calling it "job security".

(wink, wink, GRIN)

You know what my friend Forrest always said...

(Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?)

I hope to see some of you tomorrow. Oh heck, I hope to see LOTS of you tomorrow. Essie promised to log in. Crafty Deb says she'll stop by. 8:00 pm is a bad time for Scrap Baby J...but he promised to try. So know that we'll be here - with the light on and the dies ready.

Monday, July 21, 2008


from the weekend frenzy?

WHEW - what a run that was. New products. New pictures. New questions. New answers. New features. NEW PLANS! Oh this is going to be big ladies. BIG!

First off - let me say that I LOVE ME SOME COMMENTS and EMAIL (and yes...the mail to gets forwarded to my IN BOX)! I thoroughly enjoy hearing from you all. Like knowing that you're reading. Like knowing that you're watching. Appreciate your questions (and your challenges Ann!). And love it when you're having FUN! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!

Second - so many questions dealt with the new CHA products released last Friday. Please remember that even though we have the items on our site right now - technically that is as a PRE-ORDER basis. Everything is supposed to have shipped last Friday...release day. So if that held true - we should have everything in stock very soon. Of course, we aren't able to track the boxes until this morning. So we will give you as much information as we can gather - when we get it gathered. But rest assured - if you ordered it YOU WILL GET IT. Just as soon as we get it. (But we have just received word that the All-in-One-Binders will not be shipping until sorry!)

Third - more Scrap-Mart LIVE! coming your way this week. So stay tuned. Ever wanted to know how to tie a knot on a card THAT DOESN'T SLIP, BUDGE or CREEP? Oh yeah baby - that tip and more...coming your way very (very very) soon! I promise more notice than 30 minutes...but 45 minutes IS MORE than 30! (wink, wink)

Fourth - Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura were driving home from Chicago yesterday and we had a MAJOR car-conference call. Really, we get our best work done in the car. I think it's Mr. Doss's undivided attention of the situation, but that might just be my opinion! Anyway - I just have one thing to throw out there after that call - and this is just as a teaser. To get your creative juices flowing. You ready?

Really, really ready?

DESIGN TEAM. Yep! A Scrap-Mart Design Team. And when I mentioned that to my husband here - he said "oh perfect...and entire group of arties!" You see, that's what he's called me for years - an "arty". But what I thought about - much later - was we could be the Scrap-Mart Arties...or the SM Arties...or the S.M.ARTIES. I'm just putting it out there. For now. Details are forming, plans are being hatched. Benefits are being worked out. Requirements and needs, etc. It's going to be a very busy week! So watch the blog for details.

Fifth - I got flowers this morning. Bright and early my doorbell rang and I opened the door expecting to see Anthony, my sweet little paperboy. Instead I was greeted with THESE...

and you'll never guess who they are from! ESSIE! Oh that sweet little crazy-crafty lady. I guess she was following along with the blog all weekend long. She said she had her "crafty crew" had a lot of fun. How sweet was that? And it sounds like she sent Scrap Baby J (according to her...Sweet Justin) some goodies in the mail too. Can't wait to hear what he gets!

So THANKS MISS ESSIE. They'll brighten my desk all week long! You big sweetie!

Sixth - with the Dosses back in the office this morning it'll be crazy. They'll be unloading, and unpacking, and organizing and SHIPPING SUSAN HER CHA GOODIES! But if you have any questions or concerns - please give them a call. They'd love to hear what you thought of our big CHA weekend fun!

Have a great Monday ladies!

- - - Susan

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have no life. At least not on this particular Saturday afternoon!

Why you ask? How do I know this to be true? Well, let me show you what I've been doing for the last 2 hours...

I've been printing up reference cards for the new QK All-in-One Storage System.

If you haven't heard about this yet - let me tell you that it is awesome. Rush right now over to the QuicKutz website and click in the lower right hand corner where it says "EZ Reference Card System". It's so cool!

All you do is select the size sheets you'd like to use: 2x2, 3-4x8, 3-12", etc. Then you put in what dies you are looking for and simply DRAG AND DROP the color images onto the mock up of the page.

So in the above example, I selected that I plan to fill the border sheets. Then I searched for "borders" and all of the QK 12" border dies came up in the scroll window. All I did was drag-and-drop the dies that I have...and clicked PRINT.

Now I have my stack of cardstock pages, ready to insert into my All-in-One Storage Sheets. I am NOT however going to tell you exactly how many pages I printed. Because THAT my friends - would be embarrassing.

I just need Scrap Baby J to get to the warehouse on Monday - and get my storage systems in the mail! WOO HOO...I smell a surge or organization coming your way!


what I've been doing today? Scrapbooking?

You know, all morning long. Still in your jammies. Trying not to think about the fun everyone is having in Chicago without us.

While I keep getting picture updates, and phone calls for ordering opinions, and blog comments about cool stuff...I'm just cutting and pasting away! That's me - the scrapbooking trooper!

(Ha ha ha - okay - and maybe a little bit of a martyr!)

To answer some questions that have come in overnight - - -

• the Revolution LOVE Machine is only electronic. It cannot be used manually.

• the Bosskut Peekers should be shipping in early August.

• the LOVE Machine has power adapters for UK/AU/EU etc.

• they are using the prototype at the show right now, so things may change slightly with the final version, but best bet right now is that the LOVE Machine weighs about 12 pounds and will cost approximately $45 to ship overseas. Those are guesses and estimates - and of course we will know more when we have the final boxed version in our hot little hands. But that will give you an idea for now.

• YES I'll be doing more Scrap-Mart LIVE! demonstrations and tutorials...and I promise to give everyone more than 30 minutes notice next time. Let's just say we had a "wild hare" on Friday and needed to act upon it! More coming soon - I promise!

• The "bracket" that Amy shows being used in the LOVE totally KEWL!! And guess what, it's coming out very soon. Bigger machine naturally means bigger fonts and bigger shapes. Can you just see how easy it's going to be to make great wall-words with big fonts and shapes and cool new vinyl colors! I can't wait!

Okay - I think that brings me current on the questions. Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura are still on the show floor - so if you have any other burning questions...SHOOT!

To break up this all-words-post, with a few is what I've accomplished this morning!

This picture is from when we all were at CKC Buffalo a few weeks ago. When I saw the newest QK Flourish Border, I totally thought it looked like water. I also used Rockstar Cookie Cutters, Mary Jane, the Canada and US Country dies and a golden oldie Mini Tag Die. It was a super-quick page. Oh man do I love those border dies!

This page uses the NEW Daisy Ds paper line Chloe the colors. I also used the Stardust Cookie Cutter font, the Airplane Revolution die from last month, and the original Flourish die for the airplane contrails. Throw in a label holder and you're good to go!

And with THAT, I'm calling it a day. Work-wise and creative-wise.

Travel home safely all were missed!

- - - Susan


and emails! WOW ladies. Sweet Justin and I got to know MANY of you yesterday because of the fervor over the NEW Revolution LOVE MACHINE.

The phone rang. Comments came into the blog. My email box was busting. Poor Essie called and wanted to know what the heck a Love Machine even is (the dear - she's a bit out of the loop lately!).  Justin is hinting that he's developed carpel-tunnel syndrome...from typing replies all day.  Poor Justin.

But have no fear - Mr. Doss and his handy Sony Cybershot are on the job. In all its glory - I present to you the QuicKutz Revolution LOVE MACHINE...

It cuts all QK dies. It cuts all competitor's dies. It cuts a variety of material - from paper and cork to vellum and vinyl. It's going to stand the die-cutting world on its ear. No longer will there be a die that you can't have...or can't use!

I LOVE IT! Right now - we have them available for PRE-ORDER, if you have other questions shoot us an email and we'll try to get you an answer before CHA is over and the prototype goes back to Utah.

So we were definitely hopping yesterday. Pens in great colors. Fonts at great prices. Old fonts in new sizes. Old companies new products. New companies new products. WHEW - Scrap Baby J and I were exhausted!

But we love it. Really we do.

For those of you that tuned in to Scrap-Mart LIVE! yesterday - thank you! How fun was that? For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about - click on the red words over in the sidebar and get yourself registered for UStream TV. Then, you can watch my LIVE demonstrations - LIVE make-n-takes - and who knows what else...LIVE! You can even ask questions and participate in the classroom via instant messaging on the screen! Very cool. And very Scrap-Mart!

I'm off to find me a big ol' cup of coffee - and spend my day scrapping!

But stay tuned, because you just never know when something will be happening RIGHT HERE!

- - - Susan

Friday, July 18, 2008


I'm sorry. I gave away a $500 shopping spree! It was awesome.

JUST KIDDING! Hah - but wouldn't that be fun!

There were about a dozen "viewers" and I showed a quickie card technique. It's one of my "go-to" patterns when I need a card in a hurry. Which really, is usually the only way I need a card - - - in a hurry!

So for those of you that missed it - here were my supplies:

- my Revolution
- my 12" platform (but the 4" one works fine)
- this Belt Loop die (which is retired, but still in grab one up now! Cuz when they're gone, they're gone!)
- some scraps of patterned paper
- a card base (8.5" x 5.5" cardstock)
- printed words from my computer in roughly 16 pt. type

Then basically - fold, trim, die-cut, thread, adhere and sign!

You can seriously have your phrases already cut into 1/2" strips, and adhere them to card bases as you need them. How easy and what a great use of snippets of paper. Super cute...and remember cute matters!

Keep reading down a few posts for more details and videos about the CHA releases today. I've just been a posting fool today - so this mornings post is down a ways.

More details on the Revolution LOVE tomorrow. This one is going to blow your socks off!

- - - Susan


and counting!

At 2:30 Oklahoma time today - we're going to try this. Let's see how fast I can get it together. 30 minutes from right now.

Click on the BOLDED RED WORDS over there -----> in the sidebar and it'll take you to the Scrap-Mart LIVE! camera!

Since everyone is having fun in Chicago without me - talking new dies and new machines and new alphabets - I figured we'd have some fun with some older, well loved dies. And since Scrap Baby J called this morning and said there have been some requests for some creating on the fly - I figured I do that as well.

So I'm gathering my paper...gathering my dies...setting up my Revolution...and I'm channeling my crafty mo-jo!

Okay - I'm also powdering my nose!

So check back at 2:30 - and click on the Scrap-Mart LIVE! link...and let's see if we can make this work...TOGETHER!

See you then...

- - - Susan


in the form of a few video from the show floor!

Hosted by Mr. Doss himself! Geraldo Rivera he isn't - but his use of adjectives is rather impressive!

Here's the QuicKutz booth - showing the awesome THIRTEEN new alphabets...

And a closer look at QuicKutz new All-In-One die storage system...

Here is a trip through the Bosskut booth - showing off their cute new "Peekers"...

And oh, the new Spellbinders dies are awesome...

Now for some close-ups:

The classic 2x2 dies...

And the awesome new size of 4x8 - with an AMAZING price point of under $36 here at

And my personal favorites - the Cookie Cutters...

So there you have it. Good stuff before the floor even opens at CHA in Chicago.

Check back later today - there just might be something fun for you to WATCH LIVE. Now wouldn't THAT be cool?

As more updates arrive from Chicago - I'll do my best to get them posted. Guess it's a good thing some of us had to stay behind - huh?

- - - Susan

Thursday, July 17, 2008


and I can hardly wait.

Oh my - so many goodies to show you. So many exciting things. So many things that are must-haves and need-to-sees.

It's very cool. Being on this end of it. Sorry you can't be here with us. But we're going to do our best to let you in on the fun. The fun, the excitement and the secrets!

Check the blog tomorrow - at say noonish. Noonish Chicago time. And we'll see if we can dream up something fun to do at that time!

Secrets unveiled.
News shared.
Pictures uploaded.
Colors released.
Names announced.

Oh it's going to be FUN!

- - - Susan

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


waiting for Friday?

You know - Friday. The first day of CHA (Craft and Hobby Association). The day that the world will see the newest of the new. The trends that we haven't yet dreamed up. And the goodies that will be tempting us the rest of the year!

It's the day I get to release the pictures of the newest QuicKutz, Bosskut and Scenic Route lines. With some Sassafras Lass and Daisy Ds thrown in for good measure!

(Friday is also the day that my husband comes home from his five day road trip - but I digress...)

So what to post - what to write - what to show...that's the question I have in front of me now. I can't show any sneaky-peeks (because I'm still drooling over the pictures), I can't tell you what my favorites are (and there are lots), I can't even tell you the great price-points (oh momma!). So for now, let's just just go coconuts!

I'm talking coconuts the Que-Kay way...

Coconuts full of rum punch I'm just sure of it! Coconuts that are made from the monkey's head! Throw in a little lime garnish from the retired Glass of Lemonade, some leaves and a glass and a straw that you can easily cut from scraps of paper...and you'll be sailing away to Jamaica in your mind!

Now - if rum punch just isn't your thing - I totally understand. Maybe you're more into the sippy cups!

Look at how cute this is! A "through the years" embellishment. You know - bottle, to sippy cup, to "big boy cup" - wouldn't that be adorable on a scrapbook page? Use the monkey's head again, along with the new release baby bottle from a few weeks ago (sorry ladies, currently out of stock) and cut a cup and a straw on your own. To add a little bit more of a toddler detail, try embossing your cup with the Daisy GooseBumpz.

Cute stuff. Pieces parts - all cut and assembled. But assembled a bit differently than intended. Good stuff! Seriously good stuff!

Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura leave tomorrow for CHA - so Justin and I are in charge. He's in charge of the phones, the computer, the shipping and our UPS man. I'm in charge of lunch and figuring out the first thing I'm going to do with the new _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ from QK.

hee hee - I just love a good secret! Check back Friday for details.

Oh heck, check back Friday for details, pictures, prices and maybe some LIVE breaking news!

- - - Susan

Monday, July 14, 2008


oh my!

The July QK Release was last week - and oh has it been popular. The Revolution animals have gone over very well. The Squeeze animals are oh-so-popular. The new Cookie Cutter Nesting shapes have been much-anticipated. And those dang little shapes - aren't they just the cutest?

Now MY personal favorite part of the entire release has been the new 12" borders. Mainly because I'm just still so enamored with the idea of a 12" element on my page in one quick spin of my Revolution.

But Crafty Deb - you'll never guess what her favorite part of the release is. Come on - just try to guess!

Yep - the animals. And not just the little animals - but ALL OF THE ANIMALS. She has them all - the Rev's the Squeeze's - each and every one of them. And since she wasn't working herself into a humidity-drenched lather in Atlanta last weekend (like some of us) she got to play all weekend with the new animal shapes!

So for a little bit of Monday Inspiration - try these on for size!

she used:
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Monkey
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Giraffe
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Elephant
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Lion
• the QK Jungle Leaf is retired, but I think this one would look just as nice
and QK Cookie Cutter Alphabet Lemonade

the inside of her card says "...come in all shapes and sizes, I'm so glad you're mine!"

Isn't that adorable?

And here is one for you scrapbookers. A cute border for the bottom of a page...

she used:
everything that she used above for the card, but also
•the QK Scallops Border (which is currently out of stock...sorry!)
•the QK Cookie Cutter Alphabet Fiesta
this would perfect for pictures of a trip to the zoo. But it would also be ideal for any 3-year old play-date with a bunch of boys! Add the words "what a..." before the ZOO and you get my drift!  The year was added to the inside of the lion's mane...what a great idea!!

NOW - for a little bit of Crafty Deb innovation! How about adding a body and arms to the cute monkey face...

Body and arms that was oh-so-easy to make with the Nesting Ovals and BBQ Tools!

Oh - and add any flourish, swirl or doo-dahhh in your collection and you've got a tail as well!

Good stuff.  Really, really great stuff.  Thanks Crafty Deb for the inspiration.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for - give Scrap Baby J (a.k.a Sweet Justin) a call.  He's at the office all this week and is full of ideas and scrap related solutions.

- - - Susan

Thursday, July 10, 2008


and the comments are read. And then oh my heavens, I don't know what happens after I "ok" them. It's like they are simply vanishing!

So to the two gals who commented yesterday - on the post about Mary's page - I read them! I "published" them. But now I don't see them. I'm so sorry...please don't take it personally.

But to answer the questions - the embossing mats for the Spellbinders dies are currently out of stock. I know, I know - it's sad right now. But it'll be ok - really it will. They are on order, the are hopefully en route, and soon they will grace the home page of

I promise. Yes indeedie!

Suzy Q and Sweet Justin are in Atlanta - so if you're headed to the Atlanta Scrapbook Expo please do stop by and give them a big Georgia "hello". Sweet Justin drove all the way from Oklahoma, and rumor has it that he is one pooped puppy.

Glad everyone loved Mary's page - I was so thrilled when I heard she sent us something FUN! Keep up the great work precious blog-readers! Love your dies, make something beautiful and she your creation. We'll make you famous.

(Well, maybe not famous - but you'll be the top of the heap for a couple of days!)

Keep your eyes open for the embossing mats - they'll be here very soon. And thanks for your questions...even though they aren't showing up in the comments section.

Oh and Miss Mary - there is a question for you as well in the comment section from yesterday. If you have an answer - drop me an email and I'll share the answer here! thanks hon...

behave yourselves...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


our customers!

Because they are the best:

- the best people
- the best shoppers
- the best rule followers
- the best at sharing the love
- the best at using fun products


- the best at sending flattering emails!

But we have one customer in Seattle who is topping our charts today - because we sent her a little "QK new-release love" and she responded by sending us an awesome scrapbook page!

It's so flattering when you all want to share your creations with us. And it's exciting to see the newest of new products used (since some of us have yet to even open the packages yet).

So without further ado...Miss Mary's great scrapbook page!

Here are the "ingredients" she used...

NEW RELEASE Border Arrows
NEW RELEASE Border Beads
QK Roxy Classic and its Shadow - retired
QK Phoebe - retired
QK Lemonade

I think she qualifies for some kind of an award for using that many different QK dies on one page!

In fact - Miss Mary - you ARE going to get a little S.M.A.K. in the mail (Scrap-Mart Acts of Kindness) from me. Just a little sumpin-sumpin in your mailbox to say "thanks for stopping by", "thanks for coming back time after time" and "thanks for sharing". But don't start stalking the mail man quite yet - because I'm heading to Atlanta today...I have to go WORK!

If others of you blog-readers have projects to share - oh do!! We love getting good email. We print them out and hang them on the bulletin board above Justin's desk. You know - to show him that he's loved too!

So leave a comment, send an email, it's all good!

It's good because Scrap-Mart has the best customers in the world! And today're just a tad above all of the others! THANKS!

- - - Susan

Monday, July 7, 2008


your focus should be on the Revolution and the Spellbinder dies.

Hee hee - that's what you get when your teenager is in charge of the camera. Wine glasses, extreme close-ups and a slightly jiggly, camera holding hand.

But hey, beggars can't be choosers! Right?


Here is a tutorial on how to use the awesome Spellbinders Nestabilities dies in your QK Revolution.

If you've never seen or used the Nestabilities, take advantage of the awesome sale going on right now. Grab yourself at least one set to play with (I'd highly recommend the rectangles or the scalloped rectangles). Once embossed, they make great little mats for your stamped or die-cut images on cards. They also make great journaling blocks to stick on scrapbook pages!

Supplies used in this demo:
- Classic Rectangles...Small
- Scalloped Heart please note - the largest heart of this set is too large for the Revolution platform, but will work with other die-cutting machines
- Spellbinders Embossing Mat
- QK Revolution

And that's just the Nestabilities. The shapes - oh my - the shapes are amazing. Totally unique shapes, full of great detail. And they work the exact same way as the Nestabilities...
- cut with your Revolution cutting mat
- leave the die cut in place inside the die
- cover it with your Spellbinders embossing mat AND your QK embossing/sticky cutting mat
- spin it thru your Revolution one more time

If you do something with your Nestabilities that you're proud of - I hope you'll send me an email and share it with me. I'd love to post it and give you some "blog love".

New QuicKutz release tomorrow morning. I'll post images as soon as I'm "allowed to". This will be the first of TWO RELEASES for July. The next one being in two weeks for CHA.

Happy creating!

- - - Susan

Sunday, July 6, 2008


from the mountains of Arizona. The White Mountains. Where it is currently 30-40 degrees cooler than in the Valley. The valley where I must return to today. So ending a glorious six days of vacation. Cooler temps, antiquing, walks in the woods, dogs chasing pinecones, good food, good drink and wonderful scrapbookable family moments.

And did I mention...cooler temps.

But I have to relate a funny story. One that I hope will make you smile, because we've been cracking up about it all week long. If you have boys, it might be a bit funnier.

The theme of our week in the woods has been this man...

Chuck Norris. Not intentionally. Trust me. Just by happenstance. Because my almost-thirteen-year-old-son is currently obsessed with Chuck Norris jokes.

If you have never heard any Chuck Norris jokes - just plug his name into Google and you'll find pages of them. I personally think most of them are pretty lame. But my son and my husband have found them to be hilarious, all week long!

I do however have a couple of favorites - but I won't tell them as much.

- When Chuck Norris does push ups he isn't lifting himself up - he's pushing the Earth down!
- If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever!
- Chuck Norris can count to infinity. Twice!
- Chuck Norris' tears cure diseases. Too bad he's never cried.

Needless to say, I have heard these jokes 700 times a day. And the worst part is now they are making up new ones. Ones that relate to our family. To our vacation. Or to whatever I'm doing at the moment. Like napping.

It's getting pretty old.

So I decided to throw down the gauntlet last night. I told them that I could be just as funny as they could. I could make jokes up relating to me and they'd be funny as well. They doubted me. Seriously doubted me.

So for public review, and to prove to the male members of my family that I can occasionally be funny, I submit the following:

- First there was nothing. Then Susan found a Squeeze tool and there was a scrapbook page.
- If you have 12 sheets of Scenic Route and Susan has 12 sheets of Scenic Route - Susan has more Scenic Route than you do.
- If Scrap-Mart is having a Bosskut sale, and some other site has the same sale, Scrap-Mart's sale is better!

And the one that has me giggling this morning...

- Cathy Z. wears Scrap-Mart pajamas to bed.

And the one that I keep repeating to the boys...

- Chuck Norris met Susan at a Friday night crop and didn't know how to use a Spellbinders die in a Revolution...and Susan wouldn't tell him!

So that's it. The humor I live with. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But usually at least good for an eye-roll! figure out how to scrapbook these. Do you think Chuck Norris would send me a 8x10 glossy of himself?

I'd send him one of me!

- - - Susan

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


to stop in and say "hello my lovelies".

And to just say thank you for all of the "congratulations", "well wishes" and "baby joy" emails I have received! It makes me so happy to know that I've been missed. But it appears as though our Suzy Q has filled in quite nicely for me.

So nicely in fact, that this little ol' Scrap-Mart blog is almost to TEN THOUSAND HITS!! Wow - I think I'm blushing!

It's so fun to know that people stop by to see fun new ideas, great tips and maybe sneakie-peeks of things to come! And that once they stop by - they come back!

We love that. Mr. Doss loves that. Ms. Laura loves that. Sweet Justin loves that - - - especially when some of those returning blog readers offer to bake him cookies! It's just wonderful!

In baby news - Mizz Eloise is growing like a weed. She made her appearance a few weeks early so we are just approaching her actual "due date". It is with tears of joy that I share with you that she just yesterday received a clean bill of health, and a glorious prognosis! Prayers answered indeed!

I will share a picture or two very soon - but her new momma is feeling just a bit overly protective of the wee one's pictures. And rightly so. So patience please...soon I promise!

Until then - Suzy Q and Sweet Justin are headed to Atlanta next Wednesday. You all watch out because they will be toting with them the new JULY QK RELEASE! And oh my's a must have for anyone with children in their lives! So treat them well Atlanta - they have been working their fannies off this summer. And your smiles and fun comments are what keep them going!

I do believe that "someone" has a post lined up for the 4th of July...but I'm not positive. Hmmmmm - guess you'll just have to check back!

hahahahahaha - I'm sneaky that way - aren't I??

behave yourselves...