Wednesday, July 30, 2008


and still a lot to do.

Yep - that's the situation I'm facing right now.  My plane leaves in 11 hours - and I haven't even opened up my suitcase.

I'm sitting here sharing a cocktail with my husband - finishing up a scrapbook page for Valley Forge and blogging. I mean - a girl has to have priorities.  Right?

That's what I thought!

I realized that my last several posts were very wordy.  Lots of words and not a lot of pictures.  So I figured I'd better rectify that before I leave town for the weekend.  So for your viewing pleasure - some pictures and a video!

Yep - a video.

Now calm yourselves - it's basically just me making a whole lot of gestures with my hands.  I guess that's a habit of mine...but it's funny to watch!

Scrap-Mart Quick-Tip 2 VIDEO

And here is a picture of the finished quick-card. I added a few Stickles and Liquid Pearls after I stopped filming. It added just that little "something" that I love!

And then I had to show you the page that went out in the Scrap-Mart newsletter.

In this page I used:
QK University
QK Nutmeg
Squares and Dots Border die
QK Reinforced Tag (Grand)
and the old Singlekutz Wine Bottle

I loved how this one came out. Mainly because it is a photograph that my father emailed me from his trip last Saturday. Talk about your speedy scrapper - huh?

And this one I just finished this afternoon. I just had to use the Chicago alphabet before I got on the plane tomorrow. Mainly because I didn't think I was going to like it, but I needed to know that for sure. But you know what - I think this font is going to be one of the more popular 2x2s. I love it. It's classic and timeless. And it seems to mix with anything...

I used:
QK Chicago
QK Magnolia
I didn't add another thing - because I think the pictures speak for themselves. I guess I really should go back and add the date I took the pictures. I'll do that before tomorrow morning...I promise!

So those are some visual goodies for you. I'm leaving at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning, and I'm meeting up with the Ms. Laura and Mr. Doss in Philadelphia. Then it's on to Valley Forge. I don't even think most of them know we're coming.

So prepare yourselves Pennsylvania. The Scrap-Mart wave is roll ling in tomorrow.

I'll try and blog from the crazy readers you!


- - - Susan


Pat said...

Susan, I just love the pages and can't wait to see them in person. I am so looking forward to coming to Valley Forge and seeing you again. Also can't wait to see all the new stuff you are bringing with you. See you then.

Anonymous said...

oh how I love waking up to something new and fun to read in the morning! thanks scrap-mart - you guys are the best! keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

tracey in D.C.