Thursday, July 24, 2008


the desk AND the in box this morning.

To answer some questions from the show last night...

Mary F wants to know about the inking tool I used last night. Well Mary, it's by Colorbox and Scrap-Mart is in the process of getting them in stock. It's an awesome tool that I just love using with my die-cut shapes and alphabets. As soon as they are available for order - I'll let you know! Fair enough?

Thanks Mary!

Gem wants to see some ideas, tips or layouts using new border dies! Alrightie Gem, you got it! I did post a Niagara Falls page the other day, using the newest QK Flourish, and I've got another one to post today (scroll down), but I promise I'll show those babies in action real soon! It's a deal!

Thanks Gem!

And Katie was there last night - and she can't wait to get those 4x8 alphabet dies in front of her. When I suggested that I might be going LIVE! again on Friday, she mentioned that she has to work. Well Katie - we won't have NEARLY as much fun without you, really we won't. But you'll be able to re-stage the entire event because I'll record whatever we do and post the video. You can watch it whenever you want, and live through us vicariously. How awesome is THAT?!

Thank you Katie!

Love the ideas. Love the suggestions. Love the comments. Thanks to all of you. We'll do it again - real soon! Watch the blog for the next show time. I'll try to always post it up at the top of the page, right above the green clock that displays Scrap-Mart time!

So while I was cleaning up last night - I just couldn't put my 4x8 Chemistry away without one more spin through my Revolution. So I grabbed some pictures that have been staring at me for a couple of months and cranked out a page. And literally, I spent 10 minutes on it...I didn't even sit down. I used two sheets of patterned paper and 2 hunks of matching cardstock from my scrap-stack. In nothing flat I had my page finished...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE quick pages.

NEW 4x8 QK Chemistry (for "new tradition"
QK Diesel (for the "AZ")
NEW QK Beads Border
NEW QK Arrows Border
and some older Scenic Route called Metropolis

THAT'S IT! A Wednesday night, stand-up quickie!  And you can quote me on that...just don't do it in mixed company.  Some folks might get the wrong idea!

Plans are underway for the next Scrap-Mart LIVE! Keep your ideas and suggestions coming my way. Until then - - - this QK University is calling my name...I think I might have to play...

- - - Susan

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gemscraps said...

Great layout!! Are you SURE it only took 10 minutes???? LOL Glad I ordered the Chemistry this morning. Can't wait to see what you do with University. I have that one on order too.