Friday, July 18, 2008


and counting!

At 2:30 Oklahoma time today - we're going to try this. Let's see how fast I can get it together. 30 minutes from right now.

Click on the BOLDED RED WORDS over there -----> in the sidebar and it'll take you to the Scrap-Mart LIVE! camera!

Since everyone is having fun in Chicago without me - talking new dies and new machines and new alphabets - I figured we'd have some fun with some older, well loved dies. And since Scrap Baby J called this morning and said there have been some requests for some creating on the fly - I figured I do that as well.

So I'm gathering my paper...gathering my dies...setting up my Revolution...and I'm channeling my crafty mo-jo!

Okay - I'm also powdering my nose!

So check back at 2:30 - and click on the Scrap-Mart LIVE! link...and let's see if we can make this work...TOGETHER!

See you then...

- - - Susan


gemscraps said...

I lost track of time and I totally missed this. I guess live really does mean live LOL. Hope to catch the next show.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy goooooshhhhhhh! what a great idea!! i love the idea of LIVE streaming on the blog! will you take suggestions of what we'd like to see??? can we ask questions and have you answer then LIVE?????? oh yippeeeeee!!!! this is so freaking cool!!!!!


marie (in manchester, remember me??)