Saturday, July 26, 2008


because as crazy as an "online-virtual-crop-with-sound-only-going-one-way" sounds, I think everyone had a good time!

It was kind of crazy - because at first the chat room didn't work. And then I accidentally clicked off the sound. So I was pantomiming instructions. But I finally got everything working. And I think it was kind of cool!

Michelle and Pat and Tammy were there. Giving me their advice and opinions about the page I was working on. And you know what - I took it. They got a little look around my scrap room as I dug for supplies of various colors - and I showed them some of my organizational tips. It's my borderline OCD tendencies, I admit - but it's all good. And some of it is really COOL!

Like my current 12" border storage. You have to ROCKS! Tammy and Pat and Michelle - yep - they are ALL running to Staples this morning. I just know it. So Florida, North Carolina and New York Staples, consider yourself warned!

But since SOME of you couldn't make it - I figured it was only polite to show you the page "WE" created. And it truly was a "we" situation. I never would have thought "bling". Nope - that was their call. And the flowers - I figured there were enough flowers on the page - but they egged me on.

So in all honesty - if you don't like this page - let's just blame it on THEM! Okay?

No, wait. Change that. If you don't like this page - too bad. I like it and my daughter loves it - and that's all that matters! And it was fun to make - with a helpful and chatty audience! Thanks ladies!

For this page, we used:
• NEW QK Nutmeg Cookie Cutter
QK Scallops Border (I used both of them!)
QK Squares and Dots Border
• Scenic Route Ledge Paper
• Daisy Ds Rub-Ons
• Daisy Ds Brads (in the centers of the flowers)
• Daisy Ds Pink and Green Bling
• Prima Flowers
• and Basic Grey Sultry and the matching cardstock pack (that I bought in Buffalo from our friends at Embellish It!)

We had the page done in under 30 minutes. How cool is that?!

And I wanted to show the girls from last night this...I have always initialed and dated the backs of my pages. I started doing it back in 1993 with my first page, and I've always done it since. Well here is how I finished the page last night...

so all three of you have been immortalized...forever!

Thanks again for joining me last night. Let's do it again real soon!

Right before I went LIVE! I also finished this page...


so I wanted to share this idea with you. Whenever I have bunches of pictures of the same event (fireworks, football game, vacation scenery, watching grass grow, etc.) I like to do this. Print up an entire contact sheet of all of the pictures together. It makes it much easier to scrapbook - and I've always thought the effect is pretty neat.

For this page, I used:
• NEW QK University Cookie Cutter
QK Magnolia Cookie Cutter
Scenic Route Capetown patterned paper
• and a couple of extra embellies from my stash

A 15 minutes page. Well, longer than that if you figure in the drying time for the Stickles that I put all over my letters. But the drying time is worth it, because I soooo love to cover letters with Stickles. Totally makes them POP off the page.

Okay - that's all for now. It's officially the weekend and I have a to-do list that is a mile and a half long. Leaving for Valley Forge this Wednesday and school starting next Wednesday has me feeling a big frazzled. But it'll all work out.

I'm sure of it. Have a good one!

- - - Susan


Pat said...

Hi Susan: what a great idea about puting the info on the back of the page. Thx for including us. It was a treat to be able to see and talk to you through the computer. I hope to be able to join you again.
Michelle: will you be in Hartford, I am finally in the vellum 911 class at that event?

Tammy said...

You're right Susan. I've already been to Staples where I bought the storage box and also found the Scotch tape you showed us last night--woo hoo! Looking forward to the next show!

Tammy (aka sneakybacon)

Katie said...

Well, it looks like you all had a great time. I love the page! The flowers and the bling look great! Hopefully I can catch it all next time. Hey, didn't you have something to tell us this weekend? Katie

Mary F said...

What do you use for storing the border dies? I have already been to Staples once this weekend but I can always go back!!!

gemscraps said...

I can't beleive I missed the first online crop!!! Looks like you all had fun, love the finished layout. Susan, I'd love to get a peak into your scraproom...I'm an organizational junkie...maybe a topic for a future Scrap-Mart live...