Wednesday, May 28, 2008


they're off!

Sweet Justin and Suzy-Q - they are off to Buffalo. And quite frankly Mr. Doss, Ms. Laura and I are all jealous that they get to go. It's going to be an awesome show. I can just feel it.

And the best part of the whole trip - isn't that we are fully stocked up on Liberty. Isn't that we're overflowing with QK dies. And isn't that there are tons of new, cute pages to look at in the booth. Nope!

The best part of the entire trip is that we just heard from Sweet Justin and he remembered everything! YES-SIREE! Socks, belts, shampoo AND his glasses! Way to go Scrap Baby J!

And what that means, is it's going to be an unmatched show!

So all you Buffalo-Canada-New York girls - have fun. But not too much fun...because some of us had to stay home and work!

behave yourselves...

Monday, May 26, 2008


and asked me to add something "over the long weekend".

Essie left town yesterday, but she left feeling badly. Not "sick" badly, but badly like she'd let her blog readers down. She's been a bit out of sorts lately - why is it that the end of the school year always does that to us moms?

So as she was packing up the car she texted me (and texting for Essie is a big deal!!). She texted me her password and asked if I'd throw something up on the blog - something that would be pretty to look at and give everyone something to read and/or copy over the weekend.

Well, here it is evening time - and I'm just getting around to it. But I figure some of you might have this whole week off - being that it's the first week of summer vacation in some parts of the country!

So - what to blog about. What to post. What to add?

All I could come up with is the slew of pages I've finished up this weekend - ready to take to Buffalo. We've heard that Buffalo CKC is going to be a rockin' show. The sales floor is filled to capacity, classes are listed as sold out, crops have waiting lists and the downtown Buffalo hotels and parking garages have all been put on notice! Rumor has it that half of Canada is going to be vacant! They're all going to be in Buffalo!

Since we heard all of this - I decided it was time to spruce up the Scrap-Mart booth. Mainly because Justin and I get tired of looking at the same old pages. But also because new pages gives me new things to show off and talk about to new customers. Plus, I can spend all day scrappin' and legitimately tell my kids "mommy is working"!

So, without a lot of fanfare or any witty banter...some fresh pages to peruse...brought to you by yours truly!

Here I used the newest Scenic Route line "Liberty" (which I'm sorry to say is currently only carried in our convention booth, but when it gets put on the site...we'll let you know), some Scenic Route chipboard stars and the QK Grand Blossom font.

This page uses Sassafras Lass Big Bottom Paper (again, this is currently only booth product...but we'll update as it becomes available here), Scenic Route chipboard alphabet and the new QK Scalloped Border.

Here is some of the new Tinkering Ink paper, the QK Cookie Cutter Alphabet Mary Jane & QK Rockstar and the cute new Sassafras Lass buttons & flowers.

On this page, I got a bit lazy, and used Scenic Route Metropolis...only Metropolis. I just love their stuff...and they do all the matching work, so why not take advantage of that? Cool!

This one uses more "Liberty" from Scenic Route and the QK Exotic Island font (the one in the coconut). This font is awesome, because it's like getting 2 fonts for the price of one. Check it out!

For right now - I have to get back to packing. All of this has to make it to Buffalo safe-and-sound...but my suitcase is already busting at the seams. I think it's time to reevaluate what all I'm taking. But we are planning an awesome weekend in Buffalo. If you're coming to the convention, make sure you stop by. Also, I'll be at the Friday Night Fun-FIlled away some wonderful QK goodies!

Essie will be back in a few days. Until then - happy scrapping!


Friday, May 23, 2008


Essie is here!

Oh sure, I've been missing for the last week - but really not missing, just buried.

And when I get buried - the item on my to-do list that gets moved to the bottom is blogging. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true! I think it's time for me to hire an assistant. A right hand. A gopher. A good doo-bee. A Girl Friday.

You know what I mean. I need help!

I enlisted our own Suzy-Q to do another video this morning. We got so many fun comments from the last video - that I thought another would be good right about now.

Hopefully - lots of you are sitting in possession of your very own 12" QuicKutz Platforms. Because this tutorial shows you a fun little something to do with it.

So live from her scrapbook she is!

The dies she uses in her demonstration:

QK 12" Platform w/ Cutting Mat
QK Border Vine
QK Mary Jane
QK Rockstar
QK Cookie Cutter Flower Shapes

Personally, I can't wait to try this little Suzy-Q-Tip out with the Hearts Border Die...I think it'd be adorable!

Here's a complete picture of the page she shows in the video - for a little closer inspection.

That's it for today dear blog readers. I promise - Que Kay a New Way coming soon. Plus some more examples of entries from our April contest!

behave yourselves...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


the Scrap-Mart crew is on the loose, and they're headed your way!

I've been saying that all morning - only to get rolling eyes in return. But it's true - Sweet Justin and Suzy-Q are headed to the Manchester CKC tomorrow afternoon. They are coming packed with product - with amazing deals to for everyone!

– QuicKutz platforms and border dies - IN STOCK
– Spring Gift Sets - CHECK
– Gazillions of dies and alphabets - GOT 'EM ALL
- Bosskut dies and alphabets - DITTO
– Scenic Route for everyone - CHECK
– BRAND NEW Scenic Route "Liberty" - OH YEAH!!
- Tinkering Ink chipboard albums and paper - UM-HUMMMM
- Sassafras Lass die cut edged papers - YEAH BABY!
- Coordinating Bazzill, buttons, chipboard and other doo-dahs - YESSIRREE

Can I get an AMEN SISTAH?!?!

Just chatted with our own Suzy-Q, and she's scrappin' up a storm at home today. She's got new ideas and new samples to share with the New England scrappers...

This "cute" page uses the Sassafras Lass paper, QK Rockstar and QK Diesel. She also used bunches of Scenic Route buttons - and she added that their buttons are exquisite!

For this page, she used more Sassafras Lass paper, QK Uptown Girl, QK Border Die (the scallops are currently out of stock...sorry!) and some more of those lovely Scenic Route buttons!

So these are a couple of the new ideas on display in Manchester. But I do know that she and Sweet Justin have a few more things up their sleeves for the convention weekend. So if you're in the area - do stop by and say hello!

I've asked the two of them to take some video footage of the Manchester show. Thought it might be fun to share on the ol' blog, for those of you that have never been to a convention. We'll see if that happens! I'm crossing my fingers!

behave yourselves...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Be Sure To.....

come by and see me and Suzy-Q as we continue our Tour De Scrapbooking, with our stop in Manchester, NH. Enjoy all of the sights and sounds of the CKC Convention and come by and say hi.

And maybe even pick up a few things!!

The Vendor Faire starts on Friday at 10am and ends at 6pm. Saturday the show floor is open from 9-5 p.m. So you have plenty of time to come over and visit!!

Enjoy your day!!


P.S. If you come by please bring cookies!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Mother's Day to all Scrap-Mart moms!

And there are lots of you.  Trust me, I know these things!  Mr. Doss and the lovely Ms. Laura hear from a lot of you moms.

What dies you need to order for little Johnny's school report.
What paper you're tracking down for little Susie's brownie badge project.

They hear lots of stories.  And they smile.  Sometimes they giggle.  And then they tell the stories to me so I feel included.  But you know what, we love all of the stories.  Because these stories are some of what makes this entire hobby tick.  The stories, the projects, the love and the focus.

Am I right?  Of course I'm right.  (Just ask Sweet Justin - he'll verify the fact that I'm always right!)

So know that we love our moms.  We also love our non-moms...but non-moms day is sometime in July.  Today is Mother's Day.

To leave you with something funny - take a minute and watch this video.  Oh sure, it's an oldie.  But it's a goodie.  It makes me laugh.  Because admit it - we've all said almost all of these things!

Have a wonderful weekend.  We hope you're spending your day surrounded by love, laughter and memorable moments!

behave yourselves...

Friday, May 9, 2008


to end the week.

Because in these parts - the weekend starts in about 6 hours. Ms. Laura and I have taken a vote of all the moms in the office (mind you, that's just the two of us!) and decided that Mother's Day should really be Mother's weekend.

All in favor say "AYE"! hahaha

The ayes have it!

So let me get these photos posted - and then Ms. Laura and I can start our celebration weekend. She's been a crazy-shipping-momma all week long, so I've decided Chocolate Cokes and pedicures are in order!

We'll leave the boys here to fend for themselves. They'll be fine - really, they will!

PHOTO TUTORIAL TIME: I keep seeing scrapbook page and card ideas using little journaling circles. Smallish circles that are edged in cute colors and filled with ding-bats and/or lines. They are great little ways to add a name or a date to a scrapbook page. Or write your greeting on a card. They also make adorable gift bag tags. The ideas are flowing ladies...hang on to your hats!

First, you're going to use you're computer. Now, I use a Macintosh and a program called In-Design. But I just know there are other applications out there for other brands of computers. Probably Photoshop would work, I bet that Microsoft Word would even work. The principles are the same - so just bear with me.

In your computer software of choice, you'll need to make a circle that has a line width of at least 22 pts. It's going to look huge, but that's okay. You will want to pay attention to the CENTER OF THE CIRCLE. That's how you'll know how big it's going to be. In my picture here, all of my circles are 22 pts. wide and the centers are either 1.5" or 2.25".

This is the size for the second largest Nesting Circle, and the next to smallest Nesting Flower.

Then select your colors. Go crazy...the sky is the limit! Then you can keep that crazy streak alive, and fill your circles with journaling lines, clip art or text. I used lines and ding-bats, lines and more ding-bats, no lines and text and just lines. In my particular software I can even change my line design - to dots, dashes, stars, etc. So experiment, play around. It's okay, no one is looking!

Then print out your page...AFTER YOU SAVE YOUR WORK. ( Don't ask how I know.  Let's just say it was ugly at 10:30 last night when I let out a blood curdling scream!) So do yourself a favor, SAVE and then print your page.

I used good ol' textured white cardstock. But I can't wait to make some on kraft colored paper!

Next, cut out all of your circles. Easy enough!

Then grab your Revolution Sticky Mat and stick down your next-to-smallest Nesting Circle.

Flip your sticky mat over, and position one of your circles behind the die. You'll be laying the printed image onto the blades of the die and looking at the non-blade side of the die. Center your image...this is the reason you made your lines 22 pts. wide. The width helps you center it.

Holding your paper in place, turn it over and press the center of the paper onto the sticky mat. This helps hold it in place once you let go!

Now, lay everything down on the Revolution platform, and place the sticky cutting mat on top of the pile.

Then spin everything through.

I know, the suspense is building. Isn't it? So dern exciting...

Now slowly lift your shape (remember you pressed it onto the sticky mat and you don't want any ink to come off) and VIOLA!

Isn't it beautiful? All in favor say "AYE"!

The ayes have it!

Okay, so real quickly, let's run through it one more time using the second largest circle this time...

Lay your nesting circle down on the sticky mat.

Line up one of your circles BEHIND the sticky mat and die.

Spin it thru your Revolution and feast your eyes on what you have made.

Then add it to your growing pile of colorful little doo-daas.

Now some of them might not come out exactly perfect. I found that one of my circles is a bit off, meaning that the blade is not perfectly centered on the die "frame". So that made my colored edge a bit wonky. But you know what...I'm going to use them anyway. They're cute. And what do I keep saying?

Cute matters. The cuter the better!

So play around. Have some fun. Seriously, last night I worked for about an hour getting the sizes and widths and routine figured out...but I made all of these in about 15 minutes this morning. Start to finish. Save your document and then all you have to do is change colors and the circle's contents and you'll be set for next time!

(And because I know someone will ask - this CUTE font that I used for my ding-bats is called TomBats Smilies. It's one I use all of the time. The ladybug is absolutely precious...and the nose & mustache glasses is hilarious on birthday cards!)

So there you have it - a new project for you to play with this weekend. Seriously easy, once someone has given you a few know-how-tid-bits. And that's just what I did.

I hope you enjoy it. If you make some - I'd love it if you'd share. Send me an email with a .jpg attached, or post your project somewhere and send me the link. I'll post your project and give you a blog-nod.

Happy Mother's Day to all of our Scrap-Mart mothers.

behave yourselves...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sir Frank - the Problem Solver.

Yes - Frank, the winner of our "An April To Die For" contest. He jumped in last night (very late last night...he's a QK night owl) and answered my rhetorical blog question from yesterday.

Does the Mexico Country Collection "poncho" fit the Revolution Paper Doll?

Well rhetoric be damned! Sir Frank grabbed his dies and a stack of cardstock, cut and glued and inked - and sent me my answer:

YES! The poncho AND THE HAT both fit the paper doll.

But he went one step further...yes-sirree he did. He also answered the question that will surely come next..."Does the Scotland Country Collection work too?"

YES! He used the kilt from the Scotland collection - but then added the Pirate Shirt, Pirate Skull Cap (with knotted end cut off) and the Pirate (or Pilgrim) Shoes from the Pirate Costume.

Aren't they both adorable?

And the uses...well I think I'm going to make up the little bagpiper and have him say "GOT SCOTCH"...for a girls night out party I'm planning! I'll hope that my girls "get it"!!

Thanks Sir Frank. Great work. Great fun. I'll have to think of more questions to throw out there to blog-dom. Look at the fun answers I get in return!

behave yourselves...

Monday, May 5, 2008


¿Cómo es usted?

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

In honor of the holiday, all of us at Scrap-Mart have been trying to speak Spanish today. Which, seems to have kept conversation to a minimum. At some places of business, this might be a good thing. But here at Scrap-Mart we love our varied work room conversations...

• Who went mountain biking...and SAW WHAT!!
• How was the drive to Tulsa and back...HOW FAST?
• Whose dog chewed what yesterday...HOW MANY TIMES?
• What child completed such-and-such task last night...AND THEN ASKED FOR WHAT?
• What's for dinner tonight...YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THAT!
• What are your plans for Mother's Day this weekend...NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT YET?
• Who has the best margarita recipe...IN AN INDUSTRIAL BLENDER?
• How many times should we remind Sweet Justin to take socks and his belt to Manchester next week...SERIOUSLY!

Seriously, you'd be surprised how many times this boy's first stop in any given city is at a Target, to pick up whatever item of clothing he forgot. Even though he travels several times a month over the summer. So Ms. Laura and I had quite a good time today - writing up Sweet Justin's "TO PACK" list.

First we wrote it in English. Then we wrote it in Spanish. And...right now...that's the one we'll be giving him. Just to see what he decides to pack for "zapatos".

hee hee - Have I mentioned that we all love working here!

Also in honor of Cinco de Mayo - Crafty Deb sent me the entire Mexico Country Collection, cut out and labeled.

She's just the sweetest! I admit, this wasn't one of the sets on my "have to have" list at first. But now that I see it cut out - it's a must have. That taco is adorable!! And the poncho...wouldn't that fit one of the Paper Dolls? I'll need to check that out. But it's a cute collection. Very cute!

We are getting things geared up to send to CKC Manchester next week. Sweet Justin and Suzy-Q are heading to New Hampshire next week...and they are packed to the brim. They'll have all things QuicKutz. And I do mean all things. And rumor has it, they might even have the brand new Scenic Route mini-line, Liberty! Oh it's going to be a wonderful show. If you're in the area - we hope you'll stop by and say "hi".

That's enough for today. We're heading out in search of tamales. ¡DELICIOSO!

behave yourselves...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


but she agreed.

Our own Suzy-Q agreed to do a quick video tutorial for the little album I photographed the other day. She taught me how to do it, and I couldn't figure out a quick way to photograph it. When she suggested a video I knew I was in over my head.

So it's easier for me to bribe her with cookies (her favorites are White Chocolate Macadamia Nut...).

So here she is - showing off her quick album. The following are her words:

"Hey Ess - tell everyone that the video is a bit longer than I thought it would be...but it'll be worth it. Thanks to my daughter for being the director. She did a great job, even though there is a brief cleavage shot...what can I's jammie time here in Arizona. Hope this works for you...just remember our deal - one batch of my faves!"

Okay - confession time - the card today was hers as well. What can I say, she's a faster creator than I am! Thanks my dear. Big, Scrap-Mart thanks!

And the cookies are on their way. Well...they are coming with Sweet Justin to Manchester. Honestly! So find him soon, remember what happened last year?

Watch the video and learn her tricks at creating a quick little album. I'm making a couple of these up to hit the mail on Monday. In fact, there are a lot of things I need to mail Monday. Did you know postage rates are going up in SEVEN DAYS? Oh my - I remember when I could mail a letter for less than a quarter. How time flies!

The Mister just opened a bottle of wine, so I think it's time to call National Scrapbook Saturday over and done with. But then, there is still tomorrow and Monday. And who knows what will happen!

behave yourselves...


to keep the ball rolling.

I've been working with my girls here - and WOW have we been productive!

Drew up this sketch this morning, while I was waiting for the coffee to brew. A sketch that is loosely based on the box of cereal my son was destroying (don't isn't very pretty)...

Whenever I draw a sketch, I also jot down theme ideas and product ideas. Which usually end up being whatever I have laying on the top of my desk! But it makes it easy for me to turn the sketch into an end result...

So - I'm wondering - do you sketch too? Do ideas hit you in the morning? What could you make from this sketch?

Just wondering.

While we wait for the pizza.

behave yourselves...


hot diggity dog!

Do you have big plans for today? Are you scrapping up a storm with a bunch of friends? Did you kick all non-scrapbookers out of the house, for points unknown to you? Is the Chili con Queso dip simmering in the crockpot?

NO? Oh wait - those are my plans! Yep - big BIG plans here at Essie's Place. I'll check in throughout the day to drop an idea or two your way - maybe share what we've been making - or maybe my recipe for Queso??

BUT FOR NOW - I'm sure most of you are waiting to learn the winners of "An April to Die For". First, I must say, this was a terribly difficult decision to make.  We had so many beautiful entries.  We had so many creative entries.  We had some innovative entries that blew my mind!  You have definitely proved that Scrap-Mart customers are one-of-a-kind!

And with that - - - I am tickled to announce:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Frank V. for his collection of three, stunning cards...

His prize package is Mademoiselle, 2008 Limited Edition Spring Gift Set, a USA Country Die Collection and two state/country dies of his choice.

RUNNER UP PRIZE WINNER: Tammy C. for her adorable scrapbook page.

Her prize package is Rockstar Cookie Cutter Alphabet and a package of Quickstripz.

BUT I COULDN'T STOP AT ONLY TWO WINNERS. No-siree, I just couldn't. I whined all day yesterday. I begged, I pleaded...I just couldn't let so many beautiful entries go otherwise unrecognized. And that's when Ms. Laura came up with a lovely idea of issuing some gift cards. Just a token of our appreciation, and a public acknowledgement of your work. I'm calling these little goodies S.M.A.K...Scrap-Mart Acts of Kindness.

So I officially issue the first five SMAK to:

Mary F. for her cute alteration of a salvaged china hutch, using the QK Flourish.

Susan for her happy, flowery scrapbook page.

Lisa L. for her darling card using the QK Bird

Toni for her twist on the QK Envelope

and finally, to Jane who took the Bosskut Apple to new extremes (the inside says "Behind you all the way!")

WHEW! I'm exhausted! But I hope lots of you are happy. Please know, from the bottom of my heart, that if you did not win a prize today - it's not because I didn't love your work. I loved everything that came in. But yesterday, the voting came down to - following the rules, innovation or new use of an old die, overall eye appeal...and whether Sweet Justin understood the concept or not.

Okay - not really the last thing - but I did have to explain a few things to him. You really do have to love young college students! At least that's what he keeps telling us!

Several of the projects I'd like to keep on hand to feature in the upcoming weeks. Brenda and Melissa - your intricate work is breath-taking. Ruby and Shawnee - what you see in the shapes of dies is mind boggling. And to each and every one of the ladies in the Green Bay Group - you all ROCK!

And with that - the April 2008 contest is over!

Time to clear off my desk and get on the the day. And what a day it's going to be! I can't wait to share some of the goodies I've got working. After this monster post - some of the ideas might wait until tomorrow. But what the hey, I'll be celebrating National Scrapbook Day all week!

Don't forget - the QK Limited Edition Spring Gift Sets are available TODAY. We've got them at an amazing price, and they are going F-A-S-T! From the sounds of it - you all like what you see!

Enjoy. Create. Laugh. Splurge. Indulge. And be happy!

behave yourelves...


and gentlemen.

A few issues this morning with BLOGGER. I'm having difficulties uploading photographs.

And what's a list of winners without photographs of their projects!

So I'm doing it the long way - one at a time. I'm asking for a bit more patience.

I know - - - more patience. Go ahead and scream. It'll make you feel better.

But check back - the decisions are made, the prizes are sitting here, and my emails are about to go out!

Can't you just feel the excitement in the air?

just a bit longer - - - and photos will all be loaded - - -

behave yourselves...

Friday, May 2, 2008

It's here!

What a way to start the month of May! 12x4 inches of pure, cold, hard steel - designed for the serious scrapbooker!

Introducing the "New and Improved" Revolution 12 Inch Platform"!

Let your diecutting dreams to come true with 12" border cuts and multiple letter cuts. Twelve 2x2 dies cuts at once, or three 4x4 dies!

Is that enough? Do I really need to go on?

We just got these babies off the truck and we have already sent out quite a few to our wonderful pre-order ladies (which means if you did pre-order, be checking your mailboxes). We even sent out a couple that were ordered today!

Now tomorrow is a BIG day.....NSD 2008 and QuicKutz Spring Gift Set Release day! I am totally pumped, and I know Miss Essie is all atwitter. Are you excited?

Well, if you're should check your pulse! Finally, tomorrow is the big day for you girls and guys to get your hands on the Limited Edition Gift Sets! The pre-orders have been phenomenal so our shelves are starting to look a little thin! So you better hurry!

Well, it's late Friday afternoon, and I feel like I have taken a beating this week. Our "Customer Appreciation Sale" was incredible! What a response! We thank everyone who placed and order with us! Also thanks to all of the lovely emails we recieved (we hung a few on the wall for inspiration)! We couldn't do it without you! So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

And as always if there is anything we can do for you, please give us a call!

Enjoy your weekend...and enjoy NSD!

(Essie - YOU behave YOURSELF!)


Thursday, May 1, 2008


but knowing that doesn't make it any easier to wait.

Trust me - I know. I hate waiting. Despise it, try to avoid it at all costs. Yessiree I do.

BUT, with that being said - you're all just going to wait your little selves a bit longer!

Wait - because I'm overwhelmed.
Wait - because my head is spinning.
Wait - because my jaw is hanging open.
Wait - because the only thing I hate worse than making a decision.

We received enough entries in the "An April to Die For" contest to give away a GRAND PRIZE and a RUNNER UP PRIZE. WOWZERS! You all are awesome! Thanks for entering, thanks for trying something new, thanks for taking a chance and sharing your work with all of us!

Now, I have to decide. Luckily, I have help. I'm going to make everyone here give me their opinions tomorrow. Mr. Doss - he gets to vote. Ms. Laura - I'll be hearing from her as well. And - heck - even Sweet Justin, we'll let him look and vote. It'll be fun!

So for now - know that on Saturday you'll have a list of winners. Saturday, which just so happens to be National Scrapbook Day 2008. Which just so happens to be the QuicKutz Spring Gift Set release day.

Coincidence? I think not!

Until then - I'll tide you over with something cute to look at...

this is a little book that I whip up when I need a little "thank you" gift. They are the perfect size to stick in the mail. I send them to party hostesses, people we've stayed with for the weekend, or friend's who we've shared an evening with. It'll hold little 2" x 2" photographs, and a few written sentiments. But the best part? It takes about 3.5 minutes to put together!

And I'm going to share the instructions for making one of these coolio little books...on Saturday!

SHOCKER! Saturday is National Scrapbook Day! Or did I mention that already?

Hmmmmm - wonder what else we should do on Saturday. Sounds like it's going to be a busy, busy day!

behave yourselves...