Monday, July 21, 2008


from the weekend frenzy?

WHEW - what a run that was. New products. New pictures. New questions. New answers. New features. NEW PLANS! Oh this is going to be big ladies. BIG!

First off - let me say that I LOVE ME SOME COMMENTS and EMAIL (and yes...the mail to gets forwarded to my IN BOX)! I thoroughly enjoy hearing from you all. Like knowing that you're reading. Like knowing that you're watching. Appreciate your questions (and your challenges Ann!). And love it when you're having FUN! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU!

Second - so many questions dealt with the new CHA products released last Friday. Please remember that even though we have the items on our site right now - technically that is as a PRE-ORDER basis. Everything is supposed to have shipped last Friday...release day. So if that held true - we should have everything in stock very soon. Of course, we aren't able to track the boxes until this morning. So we will give you as much information as we can gather - when we get it gathered. But rest assured - if you ordered it YOU WILL GET IT. Just as soon as we get it. (But we have just received word that the All-in-One-Binders will not be shipping until sorry!)

Third - more Scrap-Mart LIVE! coming your way this week. So stay tuned. Ever wanted to know how to tie a knot on a card THAT DOESN'T SLIP, BUDGE or CREEP? Oh yeah baby - that tip and more...coming your way very (very very) soon! I promise more notice than 30 minutes...but 45 minutes IS MORE than 30! (wink, wink)

Fourth - Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura were driving home from Chicago yesterday and we had a MAJOR car-conference call. Really, we get our best work done in the car. I think it's Mr. Doss's undivided attention of the situation, but that might just be my opinion! Anyway - I just have one thing to throw out there after that call - and this is just as a teaser. To get your creative juices flowing. You ready?

Really, really ready?

DESIGN TEAM. Yep! A Scrap-Mart Design Team. And when I mentioned that to my husband here - he said "oh perfect...and entire group of arties!" You see, that's what he's called me for years - an "arty". But what I thought about - much later - was we could be the Scrap-Mart Arties...or the SM Arties...or the S.M.ARTIES. I'm just putting it out there. For now. Details are forming, plans are being hatched. Benefits are being worked out. Requirements and needs, etc. It's going to be a very busy week! So watch the blog for details.

Fifth - I got flowers this morning. Bright and early my doorbell rang and I opened the door expecting to see Anthony, my sweet little paperboy. Instead I was greeted with THESE...

and you'll never guess who they are from! ESSIE! Oh that sweet little crazy-crafty lady. I guess she was following along with the blog all weekend long. She said she had her "crafty crew" had a lot of fun. How sweet was that? And it sounds like she sent Scrap Baby J (according to her...Sweet Justin) some goodies in the mail too. Can't wait to hear what he gets!

So THANKS MISS ESSIE. They'll brighten my desk all week long! You big sweetie!

Sixth - with the Dosses back in the office this morning it'll be crazy. They'll be unloading, and unpacking, and organizing and SHIPPING SUSAN HER CHA GOODIES! But if you have any questions or concerns - please give them a call. They'd love to hear what you thought of our big CHA weekend fun!

Have a great Monday ladies!

- - - Susan


Sara said...

Love all the new QK prodcuts! Would love to get my hands on that die binder! Do you have measurements on it?? I have 5 of the pink binders FULL of dies & don't like how they don't stay open. Thanks for all the updates!!

Brenda said...

I have questions about those new 12 inch boarder dies from Boss Kut... is there going to be a new platform type pad to cut them or what?

Please give details.