Monday, July 14, 2008


oh my!

The July QK Release was last week - and oh has it been popular. The Revolution animals have gone over very well. The Squeeze animals are oh-so-popular. The new Cookie Cutter Nesting shapes have been much-anticipated. And those dang little shapes - aren't they just the cutest?

Now MY personal favorite part of the entire release has been the new 12" borders. Mainly because I'm just still so enamored with the idea of a 12" element on my page in one quick spin of my Revolution.

But Crafty Deb - you'll never guess what her favorite part of the release is. Come on - just try to guess!

Yep - the animals. And not just the little animals - but ALL OF THE ANIMALS. She has them all - the Rev's the Squeeze's - each and every one of them. And since she wasn't working herself into a humidity-drenched lather in Atlanta last weekend (like some of us) she got to play all weekend with the new animal shapes!

So for a little bit of Monday Inspiration - try these on for size!

she used:
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Monkey
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Giraffe
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Elephant
• the Squeeze Doublekutz Lion
• the QK Jungle Leaf is retired, but I think this one would look just as nice
and QK Cookie Cutter Alphabet Lemonade

the inside of her card says "...come in all shapes and sizes, I'm so glad you're mine!"

Isn't that adorable?

And here is one for you scrapbookers. A cute border for the bottom of a page...

she used:
everything that she used above for the card, but also
•the QK Scallops Border (which is currently out of stock...sorry!)
•the QK Cookie Cutter Alphabet Fiesta
this would perfect for pictures of a trip to the zoo. But it would also be ideal for any 3-year old play-date with a bunch of boys! Add the words "what a..." before the ZOO and you get my drift!  The year was added to the inside of the lion's mane...what a great idea!!

NOW - for a little bit of Crafty Deb innovation! How about adding a body and arms to the cute monkey face...

Body and arms that was oh-so-easy to make with the Nesting Ovals and BBQ Tools!

Oh - and add any flourish, swirl or doo-dahhh in your collection and you've got a tail as well!

Good stuff.  Really, really great stuff.  Thanks Crafty Deb for the inspiration.

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for - give Scrap Baby J (a.k.a Sweet Justin) a call.  He's at the office all this week and is full of ideas and scrap related solutions.

- - - Susan

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Brenda said...

I think my favorite of Crafty Deb things is the monkey see one!

Those are all great!