Wednesday, July 9, 2008


our customers!

Because they are the best:

- the best people
- the best shoppers
- the best rule followers
- the best at sharing the love
- the best at using fun products


- the best at sending flattering emails!

But we have one customer in Seattle who is topping our charts today - because we sent her a little "QK new-release love" and she responded by sending us an awesome scrapbook page!

It's so flattering when you all want to share your creations with us. And it's exciting to see the newest of new products used (since some of us have yet to even open the packages yet).

So without further ado...Miss Mary's great scrapbook page!

Here are the "ingredients" she used...

NEW RELEASE Border Arrows
NEW RELEASE Border Beads
QK Roxy Classic and its Shadow - retired
QK Phoebe - retired
QK Lemonade

I think she qualifies for some kind of an award for using that many different QK dies on one page!

In fact - Miss Mary - you ARE going to get a little S.M.A.K. in the mail (Scrap-Mart Acts of Kindness) from me. Just a little sumpin-sumpin in your mailbox to say "thanks for stopping by", "thanks for coming back time after time" and "thanks for sharing". But don't start stalking the mail man quite yet - because I'm heading to Atlanta today...I have to go WORK!

If others of you blog-readers have projects to share - oh do!! We love getting good email. We print them out and hang them on the bulletin board above Justin's desk. You know - to show him that he's loved too!

So leave a comment, send an email, it's all good!

It's good because Scrap-Mart has the best customers in the world! And today're just a tad above all of the others! THANKS!

- - - Susan


TristanzNina said...

Miss Mary,
The beads were on of my favorites on this release!!!!! Did you use that small little punch for the baseballs for the beads? They go so well together!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Tammy C said...

What a great LO Miss Mary, I love how you used the bead border for little baseballs, too cute! My son just started T-ball, now I may need to get one of those border dies and try that!