Tuesday, March 25, 2008


quite a lot this morning!

Or so it seems. Vacations are wonderful...nature, fresh air, no traffic and great family time. But mercy me, trying to get back into the groove of things upon my return always throws me for a loop.

So let's hear it for playing catch-up on a Tuesday!

FIRST - - - Miss Tammy's winning page from last week's March Madness.

She used the retired QK Katie font, some flourishes from the Sophisticate Gift Set and a sprinkling of lime-green infused Sassafras Lass paper.

Good job Tammy. Your goodies are on their way!

SECOND - - - this week's March Madness challenge will run Tuesday thru Friday...since I'm just posting it now. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Friday, March 28th. And this week's challenge is as follows:

Complete a two-page spread, using at least one enlargement (5x7, 8x10, 6x12, 8x12...) and at least 3 supporting photographs. We need to see a title, some journaling, and throw in some of your favorite embellishments (purchased or hand made) and we'll call it good! Make the pages any size you normally use...just make sure it's a two-pager!

AND THIRD - - - "Que Kay a New Way" for this week is just plain FUN! And I'm going to give you a double dose. A bonus, for being patient with me!

Crafty Deb outdid herself this week. She is sending her "best fishes" out to everyone in blogdom!

CUTE! She used several QuicKutz dies...

• the Large Retro Tile (which is retired...but still in stock) for the large sting ray
• the Small Retro Tile (again, retired but in stock) for the small sting ray
• the Toadstools for the jellyfish (using just the top of the smallest one)
• the Comb (using just the handle) for the clown fish
• the Popcorn Kernel for the octopus (which we are currently out of...sorry!)
• the Grass for the sea kelp...she used the QK Grass but the Bosskut Grass would work just as well

Crafty Deb added some black pen work, some googlie eyes to the sting rays and octopus and printed out her greeting on the computer...and she was sittin' pretty.

Or sittin' fishy...as the case may be!

Pretty ingenious - huh?

For your bonus image - - - how about this one? What do you see when you look at this die...
I saw an ice cream cone.

But Crafty Deb saw this...

a flower pot full of flowers.

She used...

• the Ice Cream Cone Soft Serve for the flower pot (retired, but in stock)
• the Flower Die Set for the stem and the geranium (if you cut out 3 of the flowers and then crumple them up before gluing them down, they become a geranium).
• the Toadstools again, for the ladybug (I better snag one of these...it appears to be a very versatile die!).
• and my favorite new font, Rockstar, is what she used for her "Hi" greeting!

What a cutie-patootie card! Good job Deb...thanks for the inspiration!

Fill up your shopping cart, or call and speak with Ms. Laura personally. I say that only because some of the retired inventory is pretty limited!

So does that do it? Am I caught up? Am I back in every one's good graces? I sure hope so.

Start working on your entries - I want to see all kinds of pages this week! Pages with big pictures!

behave yourselves...

Friday, March 21, 2008


feeling blessed, thankful, and downright humbled.

Blessed because I think Scrap-Mart.com has the best customers ever! You all have said the nicest things this week. Sent the kindest emails with suggestions, ideas, and thank-yous. So sweet!

Thankful because we had a flurry of activity yesterday in reference to March Madness. Loved opening up my email last night and seeing wonderful pages! And even though it took me a few minutes to figure out how to access the internet via satellite web-card...I did it! GO ESSIE!

And downright humbled because I really feel like I have a whole group of new friends. Mr. Doss, Miss Laura and Sweet Justin do the phone thing at the store. They get to know you by name. They get to chat with you. They get to hear your stories. I'm just Artsy-Fartsy Essie. I do the making. I do the creating. I do the blogging. I do the brainstorming. So with these few weeks of contests, I feel like the world wide web has brought all of you into my scrapbook room, and into my circle of friends.

So to Ruby and Debbie and Tammy and Katie and Elizabeth and Shawnee and Kat and Lisa and Michele and Jenifer and Ann-Charlotte, and all of you crazy blog-reading-emailing-scrappers...BIG HUGS!!

And with that - - - announcing our March Madness Week #3 challenge winner...Ms. Tammy Cunningham! Tammy, if you'll email me your mailing address I'll get your wonderful goodies on their way to you (miss.essie@yahoo.com). Thanks sweetie!

I wish I could post a picture of Tammy's entry...but I'm in the mountains right now, using the Mister's laptop. I don't have my picture editing software with me, so picture posting will have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday. But I will share. Ms. Tammy is surely entitled to her just reward!! I promise!

For now, I'm off an a nature hike with the kiddos. We'll be looking for lots of things to take pictures of, but we'll also be looking for pine cones and twigs. My fire last night was NOT a pretty sight, due to my lack of kindling. So we're on a dedicated mission today...KINDLING!

Congratulations Tammy!!

behave yourselves...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


you really do "love-you-some-die-ideas".

I have gotten SO MANY emails this week. First of all for saying that Arizona Amy's samples rock! (and they do...thanks girlfriend!) Second of all, let's just say there are a lot of ladies out there who feel the need to get themselves a QK Revolution so they can use the awesome Bosskut dies!

And you know what my dears...each and every one of you deserve one!

Right now, Mr. Doss has the Revolution at a super-sweet price. I just know he'd love to package one up for you today and get it on its way to you. Think of it as an Easter goodie for yourself! The Easter Bunny himself would agree!

And in case any of you have never seen the Revolution in person...let me point out that it comes in an oh-so-cute case. A case that is sturdy (Show-Girl Susan traveled almost 20,000 air miles with hers last year), practical (holds two jam-packed Library Binders, your cutting mats, your favorite adhesive adhesive and a Quicker-Poker-Picker-Upper...with room for a few more goodies), AND it's blingable!

Blingable? YES! I had Susan send me a picture of her case...because I envied it all last year...

such cuteness! I'm going to do mine soon. Really soon!

So with all of the 12" goodness coming out later this month, in the form of the Revolution platform and dies, you need to jump on board and get yourself a new toy for spring. Tell your husband "Essie said so."

So thanks for all of the fun emails this week. I love hearing from our customers.

Scrap-Mart March Madness continue through midnight tonight, my chickadees. And I'm sad to say that I haven't received any entries this week. Does this mean we have no lucky customers? Or does this just mean you all are waiting to get lucky? Susan bailed me out again and did a little sample for me...

it's of her teenage daughter. How sweet! Thanks hon!

There is still time today - so throw down some green supplies, grab a picture of someone you love and let us know exactly why you are LUCKY! We'd love to know.

"Que Kay a New Way" returns on Saturday - and wait until you see what Dear Deb has crafted for us. It's adorable and totally doable for a lot of different situations. Can't wait to share!

We're headed to the mountains this afternoon...some much needed R&R on the agenda for Easter weekend. Oh my, I didn't ask if we'd have internet access at the cabin...hmmmmmm.

Well, stay tuned.

behave yourselves...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


prepare to be blown away!


Back in February Bosskut released a batch of new dies at CHA in California.  It's a pretty good sized batch...containing animals and school related images. Well, I'm ashamed to admit that I personally hadn't cut any of them out as of last week.  Seemed time just kept slipping away from me.  You all know how that happens - - - right?

So I called on one of Scrap-Mart's friends, Arizona Amy (not to be confused with Dear Daughter Amy).  She is fabulous with all things die-cut.  I asked if she would make us some samples, using the new Bosskut dies...and samples she made!  I received them over the weekend and quick took some pictures - the actual finished cuts are beautiful.  One cannot appreciate the detailed image, from the product packaging.  Nor the size of each finished shape.

I hereby declare that I love all of these!

And do remember gentle readers, the Bosskut dies will work in your Revolution, your Cuttlebug and your Sizzix (with the proper adaptors). Please click on the pictures to enlarge each one slightly!

This is my MOST favorite die - the School House. It is a two-die set. With a little pen work to outline the shrubbery and the wood siding, this is a perfect piece for a back to school page. Or how about a fun card for someone going off to college in the fall, kind of a "don'tcha wish..." greeting! You could even cut this out and place it on a a page, or in a frame, that would then house all of your child's school pictures, K-12. How fun to be able to update that once a year! Love it, just love it!

And then, the School Bus. Now Arizona Amy made this one going to the Scrapbook Institute, but I think mine might more likely be headed to the Looney Bin...on any given day of the week! (would that be a fun card to send to a girlfriend who is having a rough kid-husband-work week..."3-day vacation pass to the Looney Bin!) But realistically, this is a great accessory for all of your school pages, teacher gifts, and year-end thank you projects for room mothers, teacher aides and student teachers! Adorable!

This little Easel I can see as so versatile. Not only on school pages, but on any kind of an award page. How about this - - - how many stacks of art projects do we end the school year with? Refrigerator covered, bedroom door covered, bulletin board plastered...right?! Well how about taking a photograph of each piece of "artwork" and lining up a scrapbook page with easels. Print out each photograph in a small, 1" x 1 3/4" size, and fill up the easels with your child's masterpieces! Brilliant - if I do say so myself!

And the Bookworm. Which really is a neat die, because you have the worm AND the books AND the apple. Use them together or use them alone! You could cut out a bunch of the books, and line an entire 12" page with a border of books. I'm planting my garden this week, and my son keeps pointing out the worms he finds. Take off the glasses and the bow tie and I've got a cute worm-embellished gardening page. But put them together and you've got an embellishment for reading class progress, book report projects, summer reading clubs, and reading in bed under the covers! How FUN is that?!!?

And then the Clipboard. Know a teacher? Know a coach? Know a list-maker? Who has done a Santa page "making a list...checking it twice"? I can see this in so many ways, just by changing the colors of the board and the style of the paper. Arizona Amy actually cut her paper out of lined school paper...CUTE! (and the paper is actually one of the cuts...so you can use it alone!)

There are other items in the school line - but these were our personal faves. And the only ones we sent to Arizona!

Now, moving onto the animal collection.

This cute little Frog is just waiting to have a crown placed on his head (we just didn't think of that when we sent Amy the dies). For all of your prince pages, your engagement pictures, your "you have to kiss a lot of frogs..." cards. How fun! Or how about "We are toadally thrilled..." Cute and easy, especially with his googly eyes!

And the elephant is looking just perfect, chalked and penned and storming through the jungle grass. Can't you just see him on a "don't forget" card, or a quick greeting about wrinkles or lead foots. How about "Bon Voyage...packed your trunks yet?".

Oh, I'm on a roll this morning, aren't I?! Go Essie...Go Essie!

And with the political environment right now...there are all kinds of pages just waiting to be made. Have you worked on a campaign. Did you vote Republican for the first time? This guy will fit the bill in every situation!

And finally today, my most favorite new animal die. Who actually started out as my least favorite, I'm sorry to say. The cuter-than-cute Hedgehog. I think hedgehogs are typically dark brown...but I love the one Arizona Amy made up in lighter tan...sitting in the grass. Today I am going to make up a stack of "Sending you WARM FUZZIES" cards. How cute is that? Love having those general purpose cards on hand, to send to any who needs a day brightener!

Alrightie then - I'm plum tuckered out! I think my son calls this "brain drain".

I'm going to recharge my batteries by diving into my stack of Scenic Route Grafton...oh be still my heart! And I just heard that the new clear, acrylic stamps are, quite possibly, en route to the store! Mercy me!

And I also heard a juicy rumor about the QuicKutz 12" Platforms. But - shhhhhhhh - I promised not to say anything.

behave yourselves...

Monday, March 17, 2008


is indeed how I'm feeling today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you!

I must admit to you, this is one of my favorite holidays. For goofy reasons...but for good reasons none-the-less.

I make everyone in my family sit down and go through reasons they are lucky. We each have to fill in the sentence "I'm lucky you're my mother (father, sister, brother, daughter, son) because _______________." Some of the reasons are serious, some of them are down right hilarious...but they are all heartfelt. They are all true. They are all really, really good.

So in honor of a Monday St. Patrick's day...and week three of Scrap-Mart.com March Madness, I want to know why you are lucky! Here is the run-down or requirements:

- scrapbook page (1 or two pages, any size you'd like)
- "lucky" must be in your title, somewhere, somehow
- at least one picture
- and hey, let's get some green in there somewhere as well

Now remember girls, titles and journaling go along with a scrapbook page. So don't forget to include the story behind the pictures you use. And as always, brownie points for using supplies that Scrap-Mart.com carries (Scenic Route, QuicKutz, Bosskut, Daisy D's, Sassafras Lass).

Now, if you've already won a prize during March Madness (Elizabeth and Ruby) you can't win again. I'm sorry. But you most definitely can enter, and show off your creative talents. And just think - you'll have an awesome page done about why exactly you're feeling lucky right now in your life. It's good - whether you win or not!!

So get your pages done, and send them to me at "miss.essie@yahoo.com". You can either send me the jpg file OR send me a link to where you have your page posted. Either way...whatever is best for you...I'm easy!

And speaking of easy...did anyone notice that Sweet Justin didn't have one darn thing to say over the weekend? Hmmmm - he must be having a bit too much fun on Spring Break. Those darn college kids...all play and no work! I'm sure he'll have plenty to say when he gets back from vacation!

That's it for now - but in a short bit I'm going to post some great examples of the new Bosskut die-cuts. The school shapes and the new animal shapes. They are just adorable! Wait until you see them - - - they are must haves!

So - happy St. Patrick's Day. Go forth and create something wonderful!

behave yourselves...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Saturday feature...

even though it's Sunday.

Suffice it to say that Saturday got away from me. And I do so apologize for those of you that checked the blog on Saturday...only to be disappointed.

But Saturdays should be the days I'll be posting fun new QuicKutz ideas. We're calling this little feature "Que Kay a New Way". And wait until you grasp what exactly it is we're doing.

Well, WE aren't doing it, as much as Crafty Deb and her Dear Daughter Amy are. Yes-sirree, they are the brains, the talent and the patience behind this. Mr. Doss and Susan met these two lovely ladies last year, at the Chicago Scrapbook Expo.

They recognized right away that these two possessed a talent using all things QK that is rare. Rare and totally creative!

Because when they look at QK dies, they see things that most of us simply don't.

For instance...when I see this die

I see a bottle of bubbles and a wand. Easy enough. Blowing bubbles, mixing bubble solution, chasing bubbles...I can do pages like that!

But Crafty Deb and Dear Daughter Amy, I don't even think they SEE bubbles. They look at the shapes, instead of the images. And then they do things like this with the shapes...

Can you find the bubble wand? When Dear Daughter Amy saw this die, she knew immediately that it could be used for Harry Potter glasses, opera glasses, a party mask and a jester's accessory. I LOVE IT!

I'm in awe. I'm blown away. Because all I see is a bubble wand.

So Crafty Deb and Dear Daughter Amy are going to supply us with lots of fun, doable, usable ideas. In fact, Susan just clued me in to the fact that there is a fun idea coming up using the Mosaic Tile. I'm trying my darnedest to figure out what you could do with a square mosaic tile that is so exciting.  So stay tuned!

So welcome to "Que Kay a New Way"...updated weekly on Saturdays.

Okay - okay - or maybe on Sundays!

behave yourselves...

Friday, March 14, 2008


calm yourselves just a bit. Poor Sweet Justin is at the warehouse today, trying his hardest to work. He just told me that he keeps getting phone calls...asking for the challenge results.

I know, I know...but it was a tough decision this week. I got a record number of entries this week. GO BLOG READERS! I love entries. I love getting ideas from all of you. I love giving prizes!

So either you you really, really wanted to know the winner early this afternoon.

Or you all just wanted to talk to Sweet Justin!

But without further ado...the winner for March Madness Week #2 is...drum roll please...

darling Ruby!

Looks like Ruby has been to Disney recently, because she scrapped her pictures of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. How cute! And yes, she got some major brownie points this week...because of her darling use of both QuicKutz dies and Bosskut dies. Plus, she got two cards finished, using just her scraps!

I got several comments from scrappers this week...saying they either had never thought to whip up a card when they finished a page. Or had thought about it, just never done it. Congrats for doing it ladies!

So Ruby, email me at "miss.essie@yahoo.com". I'll need your mailing address in order to get your goodies out to you! Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail?!

And big news for tomorrow darling blog readers - tomorrow starts a fun new feature that I've dubbed "Que Kay a New Way". We're going to take die-cuts and twist them up a bit. Turn 'em on their head, so to speak. Can't wait to share some fun ideas with you...and introduce you to Scrap-Mart's own Queen of QK.

So again, back pats and congrats Ruby! You've won this week, but that doesn't mean you should stop playing along. You just never know when Miss Essie is going to hand out an honorable mention...or two!

I have a date tonight...with the Mister. Sushi, rice and maybe an adult beverage. And doesn't THAT sound divine!

behave yourselves...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


your hats.

Or should we make that "your hooks".  As in pirate hooks.

In fact, hang on to your eye patches, your canon balls and your treasure chests.

Hang on to everything - - - because today is release day and all things PIRATE is the theme for March!

QuicKutz did it oh-so-right this month. They gave us 2x2 dies, for the tried-and-true Squeeze users:

as well as 4x4 dies for the Revolution users:

Don't you just love it?

And Scrap-Mart.com has them available for quick-and-easy purchase as bundles...

2x2 Pirate Bundle
4x4 Pirate Bundle

Well blow me down...I think I'll take BOTH!

I've got ideas swimming around in my head. And don't worry your pretty little selves, my ideas aren't all just about pirates. I can see several different uses for almost all of these dies!

Just you wait!

Ms. Laura is at the store today. And while she's sick as a dog, she's there today doing her thing. I think she can still answer the phone. If you're anxious to get the new dies call her right now (she told me this morning that they are going FAST!!).

Wish her a speedy recovery and then blame your phone call on ME. She's totally understand!

Have fun ladies - and if you have any great brainstorms let me know. I can't wait to hear what you're thinking of.

And MARCH MADNESS continues. I've heard from several ladies who are jumping into the fun. They don't want little Miss Elizabeth from last week to get all of the glory this month!!

behave yourselves...

Monday, March 10, 2008


Justin was here playing golf!

Me at home, trying my best to continue breathing...Him here at the warehouse taking golf breaks.

Well it's a good thing we won't see each other for a while...because something is oh-so-wrong with that picture. Just wrong! I mean really, he could have been making me chicken soup, or bringing me magazines, or forwarding me the email regarding the QK release tomorrow afternoon.

I need to talk with that boy...but not today. Today I owe you a winner. I owed you a winner on Friday, I know, but I just couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer. Too sick, too tired, too drugged.

So here goes!

First of all - thanks to everyone who entered. Great entries, great product usage, great rule following...GOOD STUFF! And I so appreciate everyone playing along. Because challenges are fun. If it gets pages finished and gets you working with your stash of supplies - it's good!

Winning is fun too, of course. And here is the winning entry for our first week of March Madness...

this 2-page entry came in from Miss Elizabeth, just in the nick of time. Good for you missy. Great page (and of a city I personally love)!

two page spread - CHECK
3 pictures per page - CHECK
page wide border element - CHECK
cluster of 3 embellishments - CHECK

And she used one of my favorite QuicKutz fonts, Blossom - - - brownie points! In fact, she used the 4x4 nameplate die as well. Good job my dear, very nicely done! Please email me your mailing address (miss.essie@yahoo.com) and I'll get your prize goodies bundles up and shipped off!


Now - moving in to week two of March Madness. This week's challenge is one very near and dear to my heart. I am forever preaching to scrappers to put your scraps to good use...but to do it soon. Soon as in, when you finish your page and you have all of your ribbons, inks, cardstocks and doo-daas sitting out.  Quick make up a card using your scraps and everything you just pulled out for your page.

It accomplishes two things.

1. all of your coordinating elements are right in front of you...matched, opened and waiting to be used...so it makes the card-making oh-so-easy!


2. using up your scraps and bits and pieces means you don't have to save any itty bitty pieces. They've just been used up on your card! Or better yet - on your cards - plural!

So - for this week's challenge I'd like you make one page (or two-page spread, if that's your thing) and then using what scraps you have left over, make up at least one card.

No number of pictures requirement, no embellishment guidelines, no size specifications. Just a completed page and a coordinating card made from your scraps.

Remember - you can either post your work somewhere (your blog, 2Peas, flickr) and leave a link in the comments, or you can email me photos of your projects directly. The contest is open until midnight on Thursday, and winners will be posted on Friday.

And if by chance I'm still sick on Friday, I'll make Sweet Justin post the winner. I think his golf game has gotten enough practice lately!

If you have any questions - feel free to email me...miss.essie@yahoo.com...and I'll get you a response ASAP.

Congratulations again to Miss Elizabeth...I can't wait until you get your goodies in the mail! Because good mail days are just plain good days!

Don'tcha think?

behave yourselves...

Friday, March 7, 2008

I was bored so I thought you guys might like a little round of golf, it always cheers me up!

I NEED....

some quick input ladies. I want to know how you feel about digital scrapbooking?

We are tossing around the idea of doing some digital layouts, but we don't know if you'd be interested in this.  Do you scrap digitally?  Would you be interested in learning more about it?

PLEASE let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us. Miss Essie has her email below (miss.essie@yahoo.com), or you can email me (justin@scrap-mart.com).  Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

And lets see some layouts!! I know you all don't just buy scrapbook supplies and put them in drawers and tins! Come on.  We'd love to see what you've created!


Thursday, March 6, 2008


time is a tickin' ladies.

Entries will be accepted until midnight CST.

I've gotten a handful of entries so far...and one of them is going to scoot away with a very lovely prize package. A package likely containing...

• QK QuickStripz
• possibly a QK die...or two...
• how about some Cookie Cutter dies
• maybe a cool little tool
• surely there will be some sweets
• and who doesn't love chipboard
• and I think I have some CHA goodies still
• and it'll be all prettied up...for sure!

Heavens, this is shaping up to be quite the prize package for the first week of March Madness. I've likely outdone myself!

Email me photos of your pages, or comment with links to your pages. Either way is just fine.

Now go get busy...time is a wasting away!

behave yourselves...


even though it's really just inspiration.

Because I told her she couldn't win. Because her paycheck is signed by Mr. Doss. And that makes her ineligible! Regardless, she said she had some scrappin' to do today, so she was going to work on the challenge. Let's see if anyone else follows suit.

This is from Susan:

Ess, here is the page I whipped out tonight. I just spent an awesome weekend with my sister...so I had tons of new pictures. I knew that getting six pictures on a two-page spread would be easy. I used all of the Scenic Route Lynden paper & arrows...don't you just love this line? I think I addressed all three points of the challenge. I hope this encourages other to step up! Happy scrappin'...!

Let's see:

title - CHECK
journaling - CHECK
two pages - CHECK
page wide border piece - CHECK (5 times)
3 pictures per page - CHECK
cluster of 3 embellishments - CHECK (twice)

Way to go! Now who else wants to play? Get off your fanny and get busy. This is easy! If Susan can do it...everyone can do it!

Drop me a comment or an email with your results! I'm anxious to see what you come up with!

Time for bed.

behave yourselves...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


to clear up a few issues!

First of all - if any potential challenge participants have a question, please feel free to email me and ask away! You can reach me at "miss.essie@yahoo.com". I'm here...seemingly all the time! Just pop me an email and I'll get back with you. Seems as though several people were calling the store full of "blog challenge Q"s...looking for "blog challenge A"s. And while Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura (and yes, Sweet Justin too) will always talk to a scrapper with questions, they may not have blog answers. So send me your questions...I dare you!

Second of all - I LOVE COMMENTS! I love knowing that you're reading, and giggling, and creating, and churning out fun ideas! So every once-in-a-while hit that little COMMENT button below my posts. Seems as though Sweet Justin's posts get comments lately, and this has me pouting. Don't you all realize that he's just a big stinky boy...what does HE know about scrappin'?

(just kiddin' there Scrap-Baby J...just kiddin'!)

Third of all - is it spring in your part of the country?? In case it isn't, let me show you what's gracing my kitchen counter right this very second...

and they are from my garden! I am just tickled pink...and yellow...and orange...and white!

And finally - hold on to your hats because rumor has it I'll be able to upload our very own Susan's challenge pages tonight! I informed her that she wouldn't be eligible for prizes, and she understood. She said she's going to participate in the challenges to get some pages done and provide some encouragement to my readers! How sweet (especially since I have yet to crack open an adhesive this week!).

So check back soon for some challenge mojo! You'll have until tomorrow evening to enter this week's challenge. So come on ladies...what are you waiting for? Scrap, scrap, scrap...

behave yourselves...

Monday, March 3, 2008


in fact, we're already three days into the month! Where does the time go?

In honor of the third month of the year...I thought we'd start a few challenges.

What does everyone think about that?

Here are the "rules" for the Scrap-Mart.com March Madness Challenges:

1. Challenges will go up on Mondays...and will close on Thursdays.
2. Winners will be announced on Fridays.
3. There must be at least two entries for there to be a winner declared.
4. You can only win one challenge this month. Please feel free to enter as often as you'd like...so we can all see your fabulous work...but if you've won once, you can't win again for March.
5. Prizes will vary from week to week, so I'll try to post a picture of each week's prize.
6. Each challenge will have THREE points (sticking with the theme for the third month)! All three items must be addressed in your page entry.
7. When your entry is finished, you must upload photographs of your entry to a third party site (your personal blog, 2peas, flickr.com, etc.). Once your photos are uploaded, comment here on the blog and link us to your pages.

Beyond that - the sky is the limit. But keep in mind what we sell at Scrap-Mart.com and know that brownie points could possibly be given out for using products that we love (Scenic Route, Bosskut, QuicKutz, Daisy D, Sassafras Lass, etc.)

So - with that being said here is the challenge for the first week of "Scrap-Mart.com March Madness"...

Create a two-page spread (and when I say page, title & journaling is a given) that includes:
three pictures per page
• some kind of full-page, length or width, border element (die-cut, ribbon, sticker strip, chipboard, etc.)
• a cluster of three similar embellishments (flowers, brads, bling, buttons, etc.)

That's easily doable! Pick a topic. Pick some fun new supplies. And start scrappin' your little heart out. Post your entries to today's comment section.

I'll start working on mine right now - and will post the photograph as soon as I'm done. This will keep me accountable!

I'm pretty sure I can talk Sweet Justin into being our judge on Thursday evening...but I'll have him check his social calendar!

Good luck girls.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Be Sure To......

Stop by and see us on our last day in Portland!!! The turn out has been fabulous and we appreciate everyone stopping by to say hi! However, we want more of you, so stop by, we won't even make you buy anything!

Alright.......get back to scrappin', your break is over!!!