Wednesday, August 27, 2008


but this week I'm leaving tomorrow - - - I thought I'd scrap just a little bit longer!

Just this once!! (grin)

And because I got the sweetest email from Annie - in the Netherlands. Annie is debating weather to add the new Rollerskate 4x8 font to her order, and she asked if I'd post a sample of the font.

Well Annie - I'm not only going to post a sample of the font, I'm going to post it in use, on a 12" x 12" scrapbook page. That I just happened to have time to whip up last night.

Because here at Scrap-Mart - we always strive to do the "and then some"!

So Miss Annie - - - this one's for you!

For this page I used: QK 4x8 Rollerskate, Spellbinders Standard Circles, QK Arrows and the brand new Sassafras Lass Big Bottom paper (that will be added to the site when our migration is complete).

But I didn't stop there! You see, I finished this page last night - so when I woke up this morning I had a table full of paper shrapnel. So I did exactly what I preach in all of my QK classes.  I whipped up a card, using only what was in front of me and only the supplies I had out.

Okay, actually I cheated just a bit.  I added a white card base and a little QK Heart that I cut out of the backside of my Sassafras paper. It literally went together before my pot of coffee was done brewing!  I'm going to stick it in the mail this afternoon, to my mother. That's a bonus project AND brownie points!

So Annie - there is Rollerskate. It's an awesome font. It's small - that's true. But if you refer back to my Scotch-Tape-Trick I think you'll find it very easy to work with. And darn - you just end up with so many letters that I just might make a few more cards while I'm waiting for the next load of laundry to finish.

If you have any other questions - shoot 'em my way. You all drive our business - and we're here to help anyway we can!

And to Ms. Gem - my favorite commenter - THANKS! Your sweet comments are always so nice to see on posts! Please go ahead and borrow my Chicago layout idea. I'm flattered!


- - - Susan

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I had to scrapbook our trip to Gino's Pizza last Wednesday night.

You know - with the new pizza die. And the recipe card dies. And the new Sassafras Lass paper.

Because it was so appropriate. And because I needed to show a fun sample with some of the new stuff. (Who am I I need an excuse to scrapbook!)

More Big Bottom papers from Sassafras Lass...loved that the red checkered went so well with the pizzeria decor. Loved that the scalloped edge from one piece, and the pinked edge from another piece kind of mimicked the awnings from the restaurant.

Oh yeah - and I LOVED the pizza!

I spoke with Laura today and the new releases are selling quickly. I just had a feeling. Had a hunch that this would be a good release.

If you get a project done with the new dies - I hope you'll share it with me. I'm traveling all the rest of this week, so my scrap-time is very limited. I'd love to have some blog-reader-input.

Of course, you might be saving your best work for the Scrap-Mart Design Team submissions!

Hee hee! Information is coming soon. Very, very soon. As in September 1st. So watch for it.

Keep reading down the page for the post from earlier today...I'd hate for you to miss it!


- - - Susan


catch-up post!

Chicago was awesome.  Totally, totally awesome!

I'm sure you're asking yourselves - just what makes a show "awesome"?  Well, let me run it down for you...

AWESOME WEATHER when we walk off the plane.  When I'm leaving 109 degree weather, it doesn't take much of a change to make me smile.  But the weather in Chicago Wednesday night was beautiful.

FUN ADVENTURES decided on the spur of the moment.  While Justin and I waited for our luggage - we realized that it was only 6:30pm and that we were starving.  Being so close to downtown Chicago - why not just go for some Chicago pizza!  So we did!

Gino's East is now Scrap-Mart's official pizza stop for all future Chicago Expos. It was divine!

GREAT HELP in the booth, provided by our own Crafty Deb and her lovely daughter Amy. They both got to experience 3 days of Justin, and for some reason they both just kept shaking their head with a somewhat sympathetic smile for me. Too funny!

I even sweet talked Amy into doing my QK inventory for me - SCORE! Thanks're a rock star in my book!

GREAT CLASSES in the form of all four of my official QuicKutz classes. I love teaching the classes that QK puts together for all of the shows. And when the classes are full of pumped up ladies from all over the country - I get extra excited. It was extra special because we had so many "die cutting virgins" in class.  This was their first hands-on experience with the Revolution. Needless to say - most of them followed me to the booth and scooped up new machines to take home. I love it when that happens.  Spreadin' the love ladies - that's what I'm here for! Thanks to all of my students - to all of my prize winners and to everyone who made special comments on their evaluation cards. Love you crazy, Chicago-area scrappers!

GREAT TRAFFIC  in the booth. It's a good thing Justin can run the register all day long without a potty break - because that's about what he did for two solid days. Love the traffic, love the questions, love it when people "get it" and realize that the Revolution is the tool for them. Love it when they realize that Bosskut dies work in their machine. Love it when they realize Cuttlebug dies work in their machine. Love it when we demo the Spellbinders dies in the machine and they "get it". It's so fun. Who needs to eat lunch when there is so much excitement going on in the Scrap-Mart booth. Eating is highly overrated anyway!

GREAT NEW RELEASE from QuicKutz...that I'm here to show you right now! Feast your eyes on the following...(big thanks to Deb, for making these awesome "quarter-size-reference cuts")

all of the NEW SEPTEMBER 2x2s (click on the images for a close-up view!). QuicKutz did an entire kitchen/cooking theme this month and WOW - are these going to be great for Christmas cookbooks, holiday recipe exchanges, and holiday baking scrapbook pages! I am in LOVE with this release! Hmmmmm - cookbook pages - sounds like a Scrap-Mart LIVE! make-n-take doesn't it?

And for the 4x4s...

how totally appropriate that we just stuffed ourselves with Chicago pizza last week! The pizza die-cut is amazing!

And it fits on the plate - which looks soooooo adorable! And new clothes for the paper doll! Woo-hoo - this release just gets better and better!

For the Cookie Cutter set...

nesting recipe cards which I totally think is the must-have die of the bunch. Because the recipe card is awesome and tiny, perfect to add to scrapbook pages, but also great for add ins to chipboard albums. And that little tab - PERFECT to cut out to add to photos and journaling blocks!! It's incredible! The possibilities are endless!

The exclusive ClubQK die for this month...

is one BIG recipe card! So for those recipes that you add to a plate of cookies at Christmas time...THIS IS IT! Or those little jars, full of ingredients, to give to neighbors and teachers...THIS IS PERFECT! Whoopie!

Did I mention that I LOVE this release?

Well, even if I did...I LOVE IT!

Samples, ideas, videos and demos coming soon. I promise! Plus I need to refilm the video from get-away day last week. Because it was cute. And you know...cute matters!

So that sums up our amazing trip to the Chicago area. Scrap-Mart loves the Illinois ladies. Justin and I love the Illinois ladies. (The only thing Justin and I don't love...leaving the hotel at 3:15 am to catch flights out of O'Hare. YUCK!)

Final word for the day - today the Scrap-Mart site is making a migration to a new server. Which means a new and better check out system, a new and better interface, and new and better features. It's going to be great! It's just going to mean you need a bit of patience today. Breath deeply - and know that it will all be worth it in the end.

The plans we have for Scrap-Mart in the next few months...BREATHTAKING!  Things that will only be available here at Scrap-Mart.

We appreciate your business. We appreciate your kindness. We appreciate your patience today. We appreciate your loyalty. Scrap-Mart customers are the best customers around! And we know it!


- - - Susan

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


to finish uploading my cute-project video.  You see, I had gone to bed last night with it uploading to YouTube.

But over my first cup of coffee - I noticed the error message on my computer screen.  One of those ugly error messages, full of red letters and big "Xs".  Telling me that my memory disk was corrupted - and the data was "unable to process"!


So to heck with waking up early.  I could have stayed in bed.  Dag-nabbit!  And it appears as though I lost the 7 minute video.  Poop-itz

So instead, you'll have to take my word for it.  The project is cute.  It's pink and it's super-easy.  And seasonally appropriate.  So when I get to Chicago, I'll see if Justin is up for filming.  Maybe I'll film and HE can do the project.  Now that'd be some interesting prime-time video!

For now, I sit at the airport...

enjoying a 32,000 calorie "Extreme Mocha Blended Frapp". I'll probably regret it later on in the day - but right now it's making me feel better.

Better overall. Better about losing my video. Better about being gone for my boy's birthday on Friday (although the guilt will have caught up to me by the time I land in Chicago, I'm sure!).

Sorry about no project this morning. I tried - I really, really tried. But this will give Justin and I something to do while we're in Chicago. I'm pretty sure filming scrapbook videos ranks pretty high on his list of things to do while he's out of town!

Remember, if you're anywhere in the Chicago area - we'll be in St. Charles at the Scrapbook Expo. Drop by and say "hi"...take a class, check out the new QK dies (shhhhhh - but we've got the new releases for next week) or grab some Scenic Route class kits. They are divine!

They are calling my flight - - -


- - - Susan

Monday, August 18, 2008


Crafty Deb fired off a "get well" card.

But only Deb would send me a card - - - and list the supplies she used! I LOVE IT!

QK Grass
QK Ants
QK Ladybug
and some scraps of cardstock to make the jar.

(ETA - make sure you check out Scrap-Mart's home page. All SingleKutz and DoubleKutz dies are on sale BIG TIME! That makes grabbing a few new dies even easier!!)

Be sure an notice that all she did to make the jar was cut a white rectangle, corner round the corners, and add a bit of blue chalk. Then she cut a thin little rectangle for the lid, rounded the corners again, and placed it on top of the other one. VIOLA - a jar.

Isn't she just the sweetest? And you know what - I think it made me feel better all the way around!

Thanks Deb!

As for the emails I received over the weekend, I offer the following answers:

- YES Charlotte was awesome! Great classes, great crowds, great projects, and awesome weather.
- YES we will have Pink Paislee in Chicago. It'll all be restocked because we SOLD OUT of it in Charlotte.
- YES QK classes in Chicago and the next weekend in San Diego are still open for registration. You can also register on Thursday at the walk-up registration.
- YES Justin is very sweet to me when I'm not feeling well. He let me have all of the sit-down jobs this weekend. Like hanging our 47 gazillion Bosskut dies and reorganizing our 92 katrillion QK dies.  That's why we call him "Sweet Justin"!
- YES Scenic Route class kits will be available for sale in Chicago. HOORAY - they are cuter than cute and a smokin' hot deal!
- and YES, Tammy brought us the best cookies in the world on Friday. She's our new favorite customer! (But you know, that title changes every weekend!)

Here we are - in a slightly blurry shot...

She's promised to share the recipe with me, and when she does I'll post it here because it's a MUST HAVE cookie recipe. She says it's super easy - and Justin and I say it's super delish!

Thanks again Tammy...your super sweet gesture made our weekend!

Now - for this week - I had a project to video for you today. But I got a phone call from QuicKutz and they want me to use it as a make-n-take this fall. So that one will have to wait for awhile. But then I found another sketch pinned to my "inspiration station" bulletin board. And I think it'll work just great as a video. So give me tonight and tomorrow to get it filmed and edited - and I'll post it as I'm leaving town Wednesday morning.

It's cute. In a super-sweet-and-sticky kind of way! So watch for it soon!

We - meaning Justin and I - leave for the Chicago EXPO on Wednesday morning. Crafty Deb is joining us for set-up, and she's promised to show us the town and spoil us rotten!

If that doesn't sound like the perfect way to spend a weekend - surrounded by crazed-QK-Scenic Route-lovers-while-being-spoiled-by-a-local - then I don't know what does!

Thanks again for your emails. Thanks for your questions.


- - - Susan

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm just a tad under the weather right now.

And you know the saying "when momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Well "when Susan ain't bloggin', ain't nobody bloggin' ".

But I'm on the road to recovery - at least that's what I'm telling myself. I figure if I say it enough times, I'll start to believe it!

OKAY - so questions about the video from last Sunday. For those of you that didn't make the LIVE! showing, have no fear. And for those of you that can't figure out how to watch it in it's recorded version, no fear there either!

Here is the link to the Scrap-Mart LIVE! studio.

Scrap-Mart LIVE!

You should see our header at the top of the page - and about half way down the page is a box that says "VIDEO CLIPS". If you roll your mouse over the three will show you the dates of the show. The one furthest on the left is dated 8.10. That is the most recent show. The newest show will always be first in the line of images.

Click on the show you'd like to watch and you're all set. Then - I suggest you bookmark, or favorite-place our studio. That way - you can quickly check for updates, new pictures or new video uploads. This is also where you'll go to enter the LIVE! shows.

It's a cute little project that I show you how to do. Using some embossing tricks and some die-cutting tips. I hope you like it.

Scrap Baby J, Shirley and I are in North Carolina this weekend for CKC Charlotte. We've got classes this weekend, fully stocked racks of Scenic Route, new QuicKutz dies that we sold out of last week. AND, AND, AND brand spankin' new Pink Paislee. Pink Paislee paper, clear stamps, metallic rub-ons and overlays. OH MY! We are sitting in the hotel room drooling over it as I type.

(okay - Justin is watching the Olympics, Shirley and I are the only ones drooling - but you get the idea!)

If you're in the area of Charlotte this weekend, we hope you'll stop by. Tammy is bringing cookies, so if you're planning to come how about bringing a half gallon of milk. Milk-n-cookie breaks on set-up day...that's a tradition I'd really like to start!


I'm off to medicate and sleep. I need to be fully rested. It's going to be an awesome weekend!


- - - Susan

Saturday, August 9, 2008


in tomorrow's make-n-take, you'll need the following supplies:

- your die cutting system (I'll have my Rev and my Bug on camera)
- 4" platforms and cutting mats
- any nesting dies you have (QK Nesting Dies, Spellbinder Nestabilities)
- any 2x2 QK singlekutz shape (the simpler the better...think big flower, man/woman, star, handprint)
- a 6" x 12" piece of cardstock
- a 6" x 12" piece of matching patterned paper (double sided would be awesome, but not necessary)
- adhesive

Those are the necessary tools for the project!

The extra tools that would be fun to have on hand, if you've got 'em, are:
- Crop-a-Dile
- piece of ribbon that matches your paper choice
- any texture/embossing dies (QK or Cuttlebug)
- embossing plates for whatever die-cutter you're using

OH WAIT - you're also going to need a really awesome attitude. Because this is our first make-n-take. Who knows how it will go! But I think it'll be fun.

Because the project is cute!
And I'll be here!
And you'll be here!
Oh yeah, and Mr. Doss said I could give away a prize! (and it's one of my faves!!)

BUT you have to be signed in to be prize-eligible. So click on the link in the side bar to get signed up for a name. Or follow the directions in this old post to get registered properly. Then you'll have access to chat with me while I'm working. HOW FUN!

(OH - and some of you had problems the other night accessing the chat portion of the LIVE! show. If that ever happens, click to SIGN OUT, then click to SIGN IN again. Sometimes if there are too many people clicking into the studio at once, you don't get registered. And if it doesn't recognize you, you can't chat.)

Hope to see you tomorrow - at 2:00 pm Scrap-Mart time! If you have any questions before then - shoot it my way ( and I'll get you an answer!

If you don't want to play along - I hope you'll at least stop by and watch! I promise to keep you entertained for at least 15 minutes!


- - - Susan

Friday, August 8, 2008


and I'm so excited!

Opening Ceremonies in Beijing are tonight and plans for Olympic festivities here at my house, are already under way.

For instance - these are what I'm making to put under each food dish, when it arrives...

I used my QK Nesting Circles...they worked perfectly! I didn't like trying to find solid colored cardstock in the right colors, so I just used patterned scraps. And I think they look much cuter! Do you think the IOC will mind the changes???

We have food from all different countries coming - and I'm scrapbookin' up the place in appropriate themes.

Country dies will be on name tags.
Medals will be awarded to best food, drink and dessert.
Sports equipment shapes are decorating all surfaces of my house.
It's going to be a fun evening.

The only bad thing that happened today was that my package didn't arrive in the mail. I was waiting for something specific to do tomorrow's make-n-take with - so that has been postponed until Monday night.

The boys...Mr. Doss and Scrap Baby J...are in San Jose, CA at the Scrapbook Expo. I spoke with them this morning and things were hopping! If you're in the area of San Jose/Santa Clara - make sure you stop by and say "hello"!

Now - it's time to step outside and raise our flag. It's almost party time. Have a great weekend everyone!


- - - Susan

Thursday, August 7, 2008


was awesome!  Sorry some of you missed it!

If you'd like to see what I made - and try this new technique out for yourself...please be my guest!

Scrap-Mart LIVE! August 7, 2008

You'll click here and be taken to the "studio". About half way down the page, on the left, is a box that says VIDEO CLIPS...and there should be two little thumbnails. The newest video will always be the first in the line. If you mouse over the thumbnails, it'll show you the date. The one from last night says "Scrap-Mart LIVE! 8.7.08".

(Go ahead and put our "studio" in your bookmarks, or favorite places, because this is where everything filmed and recorded will show up. LIVE or not-so-live.)

I promise that next show, I won't ask "CAN YOU HEAR ME" a million times. But I was experimenting with a different microphone. I think it worked okay. So I was being a tad annoying the first few minutes. My apologies!

Here is a list of the supplies we used:

Cuttlebug Spots and Dots
Cuttlebug Traffic Pattern
QuicKutz Aquarius
QuicKutz 12" platform
ColorBox Stylus Handles
ColorBox Chalk/Ink Applicators
Spellbinders Embossing Mat
Sticky Mats
and our trusty Revolution

After following the instructions in the video - here is the finished product: (you can click on the image for an enlarged look)

If you have any questions - feel free to email me...""...and I'll get any additional details out to you!

Then mark your calendars for Saturday's show. It's going to be just as fun!


- - - Susan


and counting.

If you haven't already - click on the "UStream Video" in the side bar and get signed in for a user name.  Then click thru to the "Scrap-Mart LIVE!" studio (the words in bold) 8:30 pm Scrap-Mart time, and watch what I'm working on tonight.

It's a fun little demonstration that I literally dreamed about last night.

We're going to cut, emboss, adhere and ink a cute, cute, cute card!

And have no fear - we'll be using a little bit of everything...
-  QuicKutz
- Cuttlebug
- Spellbinders

with that many products - it's guaranteed to be FUN!

See you soon!

- - - Susan

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


for awhile now...Crafty Deb decided to email me some pictures to blog this morning.

Because let's face it, it gets old just reading words.  So here are a few alphabets, with the notorious "quarter-for-size-reference"...

QK 4" x 8" Dragonfly alphabet

QK 4" x 8" Aquarius alphabet

QK 4" x 8" Chemistry alphabet

and one of my favorites...

QK Cookie Cutter Nutmeg alphabet

That should give you a better idea of which ones you might like. Or reinforce exactly why you already love the ones you have. Or...gasp...make you notice that there is one you really do need!

And just for the record - I came home from Valley Forge with all of them. Not that it's a competition or anything...


- - - Susan

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


and shrieking in delight - go ahead and join in.

You'll understand just why I'm so happy, when you read these words...


Very excited here in this house. Extremely excited!

Oh yeah - and the kids are pretty stoked as well.

So as I sit here tonight - filling in schedules, and dates and deadlines - I figured it was time to publish a little Scrap-Mart LIVE! schedule. For at least the next week. Because I promised fair notice. Because I promised to let you know as soon as I decided.

And because if I don't commit to it publicly - I might schedule a pedicure appointment instead!

So here is what I have for the next week:

Thursday, August 7th @ 8:30 pm Scrap-Mart time
- this will be a demonstration

Saturday, August 9th @ 2:00 pm Scrap-Mart time
- this will be a make-n-take (supply list to follow)

Tuesday, August 12th @ noon Scrap-Mart time
- this will be a technique video

Remember - I am still experimenting.  I won't always be this much of a go-getter in such a few number of days.  But I'm still trying to figure out what will work and what won't work.  So you're all my guinea pigs.  But you are all awesome at what I've been asking of you.  Feedback, comments, suggestions, critiques, constructive criticism - - - it's all been wonderful.  And I'll get better each and every time. I promise.

And I hope you know by now that I try my darnedest to keep my promises!

So mark your calendars.  Set your clocks.  Watch the blog for reminders!  This is going to be FUN! And I'm mixing up the times a bit, just to see what works best. Works for you all. And works for me. So again, please bear with me.

It'll be worth it - because I have some CUTE things planned. Seriously cute!

And you know what I've always said. Right? Sure, you remember...

"cute matters...the cuter the better".

I'll be packing lunches tomorrow morning.  Then I have a conference call with Mr. Doss and Essie, followed by a lunch date with my husband. BIG plans - BIG excitement - and BIG burritos.  In that order!


- - - Susan

Sunday, August 3, 2008


from Philadelphia.

Spent the day exploring this town a bit. Saw the Liberty Bell. Saw Independence Square. Ate a cheese steak. Ate a soft pretzel. Got lost twice. Ran out the battery on my Tom-Tom. Got found twice. Practiced my parallel parking. Was under the impression I perfected my parallel parking. Chatted with two older men who watched me parallel parking. Enjoyed a beautifully breezy day while walking way farther that I thought I would, considering how tired I am.

And before today - Valley Forge CKC rocked! Classes we full. The booth was busy. Scrapbookers were loving on the new QK fonts. There were shrieks of joy for the new Scenic Route. We loved how popular the new Tinkering Ink was. The crop give-away was fun. Got to meet Donna, Pat and Denise. Heard fun blog comments. Got some awesome blog suggestions. Hugged more people that I can count. Made big plans for this week. Made plans for next month. Made plans for next year.

WHEW. I need a vacation in order to recover from this road-work-trip.

Here's what you can watch for in the upcoming week:
– info about the Scrap-Mart design team
- the August schedule of video-events
- the August schedule of guest bloggers
- cool project ideas
- fun examples and
- at least two alphabet give-aways!

Now I have two more hours to waste here at the airport - - - hmmmm, maybe just one more soft pretzel! (thanks a million for the suggestion Gem - I wouldn't have tried them if you hadn't told me - YUMMMMM!!). Wouldn't it be great if we could take scrapbook supplies on the airplane. But hances are the my Silhouette wouldn't go over very well in the exit row. HAH!

Thank you Valley Forge. Know that all of us at Scrap-Mart felt welcomed and loved by everyone. Fun to put names with faces, and fun to meet new folks. We can't wait to come back next year. 2009 CKC Valley Forge is going to blow your mind!


- - - Susan