Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was poking around a few websites looking for some scrap-inspiration. When I stumbled across a page made with the Merry and Bright QK font.

And I thought to myself..."Essie - you have those fonts! Why haven't you used them?"

So this weekend I cracked open the cute silver boxes and started foaming the dies. That was when I realized that we get quite a few questions about foaming QK Cookie Cutter dies. So I cleared off my table just a bit, turned on the overhead light and took a few pictures to document the process for you!


supplies - unfoamed dies, sticky backed foam (that comes with the dies) QK Revolution (or other machine that accepts QK dies)

I start by separating my dies into upper and lower case piles, numbers and punctuation go in another pile. This way I know that I have all of the pieces before I start.

Step 1: Remove the backer paper from one piece of foam and lay it down in front of you STICKY SIDE UP.

Step 2: Start fitting your dies onto the foam, BLADE SIDE DOWN. With larger this Merry can nest them together all nice and snug. With smaller fonts (think Lemonade) I suggest leaving a bit more room - it makes the Step 7 much easier!

Step 3: When the foam piece is full, lay it on the magnetic platform of the Revolution FOAM SIDE UP. Remember, when cutting, you run QK dies through their machine FOAM SIDE UP. You do the same thing in the foaming step.

Step 4: Next, I find I have the best results if I lay a piece of paper over the uncut foam. It seems to be that cutting both the foam AND the piece of paper sets the foam down into the die. So, for ease I just use the piece of backer paper that I removed from the foam in Step 1.

Step 5: Place the QK Cutting Mat over the stack of dies, foam, paper - and turn the handle to cut!
Step 6: On the other side, out will come the cut backer paper...

 and the foamed dies, which are now stuck to the magnetic platform.

Step 7: Gently lift one corner of the foam and unstick it from the platform. Usually, this step will leave the foamed die on the platform, but sometimes it will lift the die as well. Just press the foamed die out from the foam, and you'll be good!

Step 8: Continue peeling, sticking, layering, spinning and popping. Soon your entire font will be foamed and ready to use.

My own final steps include placing my foamed Cookie Cutter Dies into a Magnetic Storage Binder (all of the Merry and Bright letters, numbers and punctuation fit into this one binder!)

and cutting out the name of the font for the front flap of the binder

I LOVE having the font on the front of the binder, because when my girlfriends are here scrappin' they can quickly see what fonts I have available for them to use!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If by chance you would be doing the above steps while drinking a glass (or two) of wine, you may inadvertently perform one of the steps backwards. Or upside down. I want to show you what happens IF this would happen to you...

I performed Step 3 upside down...JUST SO YOU COULD SEE what might happen. I did not have the foam side up - I laid the foam directly onto the platform. So when I ran everything through my Revolution, the blades were pressed into the platform. While it did indeed cut the foam just fine - it permanently etched the platform. If you look closely - you can see that I did this more than once, JUST SO YOU'D KNOW WHAT TO AVOID!

Moral of the story - foam your Cookie Cutter Dies in the middle of the afternoon to avoid the Wine/Foam/Platform snafus.

Any other questions - just let us know.  Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura are headed to Houston today for the Creating Keepsakes Convention there this weekend. This means they have left Sweet Justin "in charge".  Lord help us all!

So go check out some of the incredible QK Cookie Cutter fonts and shapes. The fontDiesel was just released yesterday! Let us know what your favorites are but then get ready to expand that list...because CHA is in just a few weeks!  And rumor has it - it's going to be amazing!

Behave yourselves!

Monday, January 14, 2008


and blow-outs.

You know, as in candles on a birthday cake!

What a big day today - birthday wishes from all over the country for Ms. Laura. At first she was oh-so-slightly upset with me. You see, she prefers that no one knows when her birthday is. She actually told me that she would prefer the day come and go without any mention.

Then of course, I pointed out that HAVING a birthday sure as shootin' beats the alternative!

You know, as in NOT HAVING a birthday!

And then we had cake. And doesn't cake just always make everything better!

And while this recipe was handed to me on my 15th wedding anniversary, by my mother-in-law, with the pinkie promise never to reveal it to a living soul until it is my daughter's turn - I decided this morning WHAT THE HELL! And I don't use that word very I must have really meant it!

So after 7 email requests, 1 blog comment AND a notation on an internet order today...


2 C flour
2 C sugar
1/2 t. salt
2 sticks margerine
1 C. water
3 T. cocoa powder
1 t. cinnamon
2 eggs, well beaten
1 t. baking soda
1/2 C. buttermilk (if you don't have buttermilk, look in your cookbook for making buttermilk with milk and vinegar)
1 t. vanilla

Measure and combine flour, sugar and salt in a large mixing bowl. In a saucepan, mix margerine, water and cocoa. Bring to a boil and pour over flour and sugar mixture. Add cinnamon. In another bowl, put eggs, soda, buttermilk and vanilla. Add to above mixture and mix well.

Bake as follows @ 350°:
3 8" layers - 20 minutes, or until just set in middle
2 9" layers - 20 minutes, or until just set in middle
10x15 sheet cake pan - 25-30 minutes, or until just set in middle
jelly roll pan - 20-30 minutes, watch closely, until set in middle

For round pans, cool slightly and then remove to frost.

3 T. butter
1 T. milk
2 T. hot coffee
3 T. cocoa powder
2 C. powdered sugar
1/2 t. vanilla
1/2 t. salt

Combine with mixer, softened butter, milk and hot coffee. Add cocoa and mix well. Add powdered sugar and stir by hand, until ingredients are well blended. Then beat very hard! Add vanilla and salt. If the frosting is a bit too thick, add additional coffee 1 T. at a time to make it spreading consistency.

Now - if my mother-in-law finds out that I've posted this...I'm going to claim temporary insanity and blame all of you. I don't handle peer pressure very well.

This really is a lovely cake. It is also a very rich when I serve it I slice the round cake into SIXTEEN equal pieces. Great for crowds!

The only problem with this cake is transporting it. This pure-sin-in-a-pan makes any car smell heavenly. So much so, that when I had to stop at my third traffic light this morning, I couldn't resist. I had to just sample just a teensie-weensie corner. I mean really, it was the smart thing to do. I couldn't serve cake to my co-workers not knowing if it tasted perfect. Could I?

So this is how the cake looked when I arrived and set it out at the warehouse...

I don't think anyone noticed. If so, they didn't say anything.

Heck, their mouths were full of cake - who could speak?

So let them bake cake I say! But it's a secret where you got the recipe. And if you're ever at a church pot-luck in the midwest, and a prim and proper woman pauses after taking a small nibble of your cake...reflecting on how similar it tastes to her like the wind. OKAY?

Behave yourselves!


has hit like a locomotive!

Why is it that you never hear about the "have to haves" for school - until breakfast is over on Monday morning? When we just spent all weekend together, with plenty of time to get those things done?

Is it just me - or is it a common "mother" issue that everyone deals with? If it's not common, would anyone like two teenagers to train in a more appropriate manner. can have either one. But the combined set would be preferred at this point. One of them doesn't eat very much - and they both are pretty good scrapbook material.

You think about it - and let me know. Alright?!

Okay - next subject.

There is a rumor floating around these parts. The rumor goes something like this..."it's set to arrive today". And I'm very excited!

IT being the big, huge, much-anticipated blue-and-white QuicKutz boxes. Those boxes containing all of the Valentine/Love dies - AND the dies for tomorrow's release. Oh be still my heart! Have you SEEN the new Valentine goodies that QK released? They are lovely. And have you seen the new release for tomorrow...OH've wouldn't have. I got a sneakie-peak from Mr. Doss because I asked really, really sweetly. Let me just warn you - you are going to love them all! The ______________ die is going to be awesome for so many different uses. And that collection of __________?? Absolutely adorable! I can't wait to get my hands on them! All of them.

Wait until you see some of the ideas that I've sketched up - totally cute!

And speaking of QK dies - I've got a quickie little tutorial ready to load up. It's on foaming QK Cookie Cutter dies. I always get questions about doing this step - and really it's pretty easy. But I've photographed the steps and written out I just need to load it here for all of you to see!

But I have girlfriends to meet for scrappy time this morning!

So after I get home. I promise!

Happy Birthday to Ms Laura - I'm pretty sure she's twenty-nine today. Just a youngin' in my book! Best wishes dear - I hope the family treats you right today. I hope it's a day to remember!

Off to pack my totes...I shall return!

Behave yourselves!

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's that time......

of year again!

That's right it's SHOW SEASON! Who is ready for some nonstop shoppin' and croppin'?!

I know we are! CKC Houston (brand new to the CK circuit) starts January 18th. That's one week from today! Don't worry though, tickets are still available. But you better hurry, because classes are filling up fast! Click on the photo to see exactly what all is going on!

Do you need some extra cash, or some new product for your supply stash? Well you are in luck...send us an email with "weekend-booth-girls" in the subject line, and you just might find yourself a temporary member of the awesome Scrap-Mart Team!

Also (this is mainly for our Houston readers) if you know of any great places to grab some delicious, non-national-chain food, we'd be interested in that too! LOL! Drop us an email with your suggestions! THANKS!

And finally ladies, be sure to check out our Bosskut sale which ends on Monday (Monday just so happens to be Laura's birthday, so be sure to wish her a!) Hurry and make those final selections - because the orders are flying out of the warehouse!!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Justin lives, breathes, blogs AND offers sales!

See - he lives up to his name - Sweet Justin. He does have other nicknames - but mentioning "Stud Muffin" and "Scrap-Baby J" probably would get me in trouble.

And really, I do prefer to stay out of trouble!

Now ladies, let's talk about this sale that he mentioned. BossKut dies rock my "stay-at-home-scrapper" world! I cut some of their shapes out last year for the first time - and when I was done, the heavens opened up and I heard a chorus of angels singing my name!

(Actually, the sound was similar to a warning siren - as in "ohhhhh Essie, do you need more dies??....." - but it was definitely a song. And definitely from above. Although, come to think of it, the Mister is considerably taller than me....hmmmm....)

But I digress!

Personally, I run my BossKut dies through my Revolution machine. Works great, spit-spat, just like that! And now, with this sale - I may be in trouble! A lot of these dies are large. A lot of them have two-dies to assemble into the final shape. Some that I was most excited, and most in love with include...

the Dog House It is much bigger than I pictured. And oh-so-cute when accented with a few black pen lines!

the Curious Dog is simply adorable - and is again bigger than I first thought. He looks perfectly appropriate sitting next to the dog house...especially if you poke a tiny silver brad through his collar to look like his license tag!

and the Haunted House was one of the most popular Halloween shapes last year! It is very big, is a two-die shape, and looks amazing with black Stickles all along the roof lines! And the sale price is only $9.75. If you are going to try ONE DIE to see the quality of BossKut dies - get this one! I wouldn't lie to you! You'll love it!

and finally, my most recent acquisition is the Pirate Flag. Anyone who loves Pirates of the Caribbean, has been to Disney or has a child that is always on some kind of a treasure hunt - this is the die for you. It's cute and versatile...the two things I always check for when making new purchases! AND IT'S HALF OFF!

So go check them out - they really are all great. Those are just my personal recommends. If you were asking.

And you were - weren't you?

See, I thought so!

So thanks Sweet Justin for mentioning the sale. This sale ends next Monday, when we'll be celebrating Miss Laura's (store owner, married to Mr. Doss) birthday. I'm making my famous Double Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake for the party.

"Scrap-baby J" you're in charge of filling the punch bowl!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.

Behave yourselves!

Are You Ready......

for another SALE?!?!?!? Just when you thought it was finally time to wind down, prop your little tired feet up, and enjoy yourself, we bust out with another sale!

BOSSKUTS are now 50% off!!! Some of the fonts are on sale for 60% off!!!!

Not familiar with the Bosskut familia? Here is a little insight into these great looking dies!!!!

You Can use All of the BOSSKUTS in your Sizzix, Accu-Kut, Big Shot and the small machines like the ZAZ and SideKick are limited to Dies that aren't larger than 2 1/2 inches.

Quickutz dies will cut superbly in our machine, along with any other company that makes a similar die. Sizzlets will need an adaptor pad that will be sold separately to work with the Boss Kut.

So jump on over and feast on the great savings!!!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


yes you!

Yes Justin...YOU!!

Don't you realize that when I'm too busy to post YOU are supposed to jump in here with an educational video, a great instructional PDF or some witty twenty-something observations?

Didn't you read the memo dear?

I'm really, really busy today. I'm scouring the internet looking for CHA sneaky-peeks.

And I'm doing 27 loads of laundry.
And I need to refill my adhesive roller.
And my ribbons need to be rolled and color-coded.
And I promised the Mister that the Christmas decorations would be put away by Wednesday.

You know that. Right?

The 2-page challenge ends tomorrow - - - should we make bets on whether Sweet Justin makes a page or not?? I know he's got a new fancy-schmancy camera.

But then, maybe the dear doesn't know how to match cardstock to DaisyD paper OR use a Revolution.

Yes-siree - that's most likely it. I think that means we have our work cut out of us ladies! We must take the opportunity to educate and encourage the young males of this great country...TO SCRAPBOOK.

Just think what a great catch a single-cutie-patootie-scrapbookin' guy would be!

(insert twinkling eye roll and muffled giggle here!)

Behave yourselves!

Monday, January 7, 2008


but one shouldn't have to report to jury duty EIGHTY THREE MILES away from home!

It just shouldn't have to be that way.

So I admit, openly, that I went in with a poor attitude! And my actions, once I arrived, may have been just a bit over the top. Just a wee bit. But remember, exaggeration is my middle name! It has a lovely ring to it - don't you all think - Essie Exaggeration!!

But here are the steps I went through - and I'm not saying that anything I specifically DID got me excused. But I'm not going to say it didn't (wink, wink).

1. Arrive at courthouse EIGHTY THREE MILES away from home toting an unusually large picnic basket full of snacks, goodies and required sustenance AND a meeting hall-sized thermos of hot coffee.

2. Carry in an arm load of scrapbooking magazine - dating back at least 4 months.

3. Upon flipping through said magazines, moan quietly while clutching magazine to your bosom - rolling eyes and muttering "OH, now that is yummy!" and "Oh...looks like that ol' pickle is getting bigger and better!"

4. Wildly attach Post-It Notes to almost every single page...saying "Oh, I would KILL FOR THESE...!"

5. And finally, when you read an article by the one-and-only Stacy Julian, in the February issue of Simple Scrapbooks...mentioning one of your fellow employees

- SCREAM LIKE A BANCHEE on a caffeine induced buzz!

Seriously, I was undignified, unrefined and definitely unladylike!

And five minutes later they told me I was excused for the next two years!

Coincidence? Probably!
Satisfied? Yes indeedy!
Anxious for a summons closer to home? Um-hmmm! Seriously I am!

So with Miss Essie off the hook for civic duty - we'll continue the two-page challenge for another day or two.  WE NEED SOME MORE ENTRIES! Dear Deb did a sweet two page spread, but she's already won one of the challenges. So let's spread the wealth! I'll get mine finished up here in a little while. But I think I need to settle down a bit first. A tad too much coffee flowing through my veins right now!

In other scrappy news - I've heard from Mr. Doss that the January QK releases are en route to the warehouse. They are adorable. Hearts, hearts, hearts and LIPS! Fun lovey-dovey things for the upcoming month! I personally can't wait!

Mr. Doss and I also discussed's upcoming trip to Orange County in February. He mentioned that he is looking for a few able-bodied scrappers to help staff the company booth...February 15, 16 and 17. If you are local in California, and interested, please email either me ( or the store ( Title your email "Orange County Workers" and someone will get in touch with you soon! The folks in the booth work hard, but they sure do have a good time doing it. And what could be more fun than standing around chatting scrapbook supplies all day long?

Finish up your challenges - and post a link to your pages in the comments section here.  It's so much fun when a lot of people play along!

Behave yourselves!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I've been in the scrappin' groove for over 24 hours!

Pages, projects, cards, mini albums and photo editing - - - WHEW! I'm exhausted! But what happened to my day! Sorry I'm a bit tardy here - guess I just got so carried away I wasn't paying attention to my own challenge deadlines!

But have no fear. The monochromatic challenge is now closed!

First, I'll show you my color selection for this challenge...

Orange is a color I really struggle with. But interestingly, my orange drawer is rather full. So I took my challenge to heart - and dug into the oranges. Black and white was the way I chose to pair a photograph with the color - that makes it easy I always say. Then I just went to town - Scenic Route paper, and another one of those awesome arrows, some miscellaneous doo-dads and then, the ever-so-lovely Magnolia QK font. OH how I love this font, it is so versatile, so formal and so easy to cut. If you haven't ever tried it - you simply must!

So - we have a couple of entries in the challenge...THANK YOU to all that commented or entered a monochrome page. Good job to all of you. Look at how much we are getting done, and it's only January 5th.

But after going through the entires - I'd like to announce that KATHY IS OUR WINNER! Way to go sweetie! You can see her monochromatic blue page here. I just couldn't resist that cute little face - and I love that she used a paint chip on her page. I haven't done that for ages and I love the look! Might have to make a brief stop at Home Depot tomorrow morning! Lovely page dear - simply lovely! Send me an email at and I'll get your goodies out to you!

Our last challenge for this first week of the New Year is going to be a bit of a stretch. I would like to see a double page layout - with at least six photographs. Size of the pages does not matter, nor does page of the photographs - but two pages, six photographs. I also want to see some journaling ladies! Personally, I don't think there is anything quite like handwritten journaling, but I do understand some people's hangup with this. So journal however you feel most comfortable - but brownie points for using your own handwriting!

This challenge will be good through Monday afternoon - Miss Essie has been called for jury duty and I must report Monday morning. Perish the thought of me serving on a jury. Wait until they find out how opinionated I am...I'm sure I won't get selected. Do you think they'll let me take pictures of the process? It sure would make an intersting, one-of-a-kind scrapbook page...don't you think? So think of me Monday morning, sitting at the courthouse waiting for them to call my name. I wonder if the courthouse has wireless internet...I could take my computer...hmmmmmm!

Well, I wish everyone a simply delightful finish to the weekend. The Mister came home this evening after being gone for several days...and you know what that means!

Yep - laundry! Tsk, tsk, tsk - - - what did you think I was referring to?

Behave yourselves!

Friday, January 4, 2008


to check in.

And to issue a few reminders...and one update.

First - the reminders:

1. The monochrome challenge is good until tomorrow - when I post the next challenge. So get busy, spread the word, and let's get some more entries!

2. The awesome sale going on at our retail site ends TOMORROW. If you haven't checked out the retired dies that are on a mighty-fine sale, or the BossKut Alphas that are an equally fine price - then go and do so right now. The BossKut dies work oh-so-wonderfully through your Revolution or your Cuttlebug. And with prices like these - who can resist?

3. And finally...tomorrow, January 5th, the nation will celebrate "" - so if you still have a few scraps of precious cake sitting around - get ready to toss them out tomorrow!

Second - the update:

The pooch appears to be just fine. Plastic and chocolate didn't seem to phase her one little bit. Thanks for all of your concern!

And now - back to your regularly schedule Friday afternoon scrappin'!

Behave yourselves!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


but it's only going to cause me grief for this evening.

But it's going to cause HER...

problems for a bit longer!

You see - I had the first package of goodies set to go to the post office tomorrow morning. It's been sitting here in my scrap space - UNSEALED all day. Well, I had thrown in a handful of Tootsie Rolls to top off the package...because who doesn't like getting an added bonus of chocolate in the mail. Right?

Well unbeknownst to me - our family pooch had witnessed the Tootsie Rolls going in. Oh I try to be sneaky when I can - but it didn't work.  I just returned from the grocery store to discover padded envelope contents STREWN about the room. Tootsie Rolls - GONE. Quicker Poker Picker Upper - CHEWED TO PIECES. QuicKutz die - DENTED and GNAWED and UNUSABLE.

Who knew the QK packaging stood no chance against the jaws of a golden retriever. Maybe I should let QK customer service know...there should possibly be a warning on the packaging itself!

So...while I do have the supplies to whip up another goodie bag by morning, the pooch may lay here moaning a bit longer. Twenty-five or so Tootsie Rolls and a good dose of plastic later...I don't think Tums are going to do much to help her now!

The worst part of the whole ordeal...I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE DESTRUCTION!  What kind of a scrapper am I? Maybe a wee bit of re-staging is in order?!?

Behave yourselves!


and I'm already in weekend mode.

Which means we're cleaning. And by "we" I mean me and the children. Which means there is a lot of grumbling around the house today.

It also means that it is after 1:00 and I'm just getting around to posting today's challenge. I do apologize for the delay - but my clean kitchen and clean dining room thank you for it!

Congratulations to our two player-alongers from yesterday! Katie and Deb both dove into their precious stashes and completed their projects. I hereby declare DEB OUR WINNER for the can see her entry here and sigh when you realize that she used some fabulous paper and chippy letters. I'm pretty sure I myself have some of that paper Deb, and you might just have prompted me to use it soon. THANKS girls for playing! Send me your mailing address Deb and I'll get some goodies out to you as!

Now - for today's challenge. I was sorting into my color drawers yesterday and realized that I have wayyyy to many embellishments of some colors. So I want you to pick a color - your favorite color or a color you just have too much of - and scrap a monochromatic page using JUST THAT COLOR!

This challenge will be open until Saturday. Tomorrow the scrap room known around these parts as "Essie's Place" will be in full creative mode. I have five girlfriends coming over for the first scrap-day of the year! We'll be scrappin', purging, organizing and chatting. Can't wait.

So dig into your colored embellishments and dig out some pictures - I always think black and whites look great with monochromatic pages.

Can't wait to see what colors you all decide to work with. And spread the news - we need a bigger group of players!

Behave yourselves!

Another Silhouette Tutorial......

just follow this LINK and learn how to properly scale your images to the exact sizes that you want! Hope this answers some questions, and if you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Thanks again!



but I had to get my project for the day posted.

Otherwise - I'm just sure I wouldn't have slept well.

Looks like we have a couple of entries in the running so far - way to go ladies! They both dug deep, and used some of their precious supplies to create some beautiful things! And doesn't that just make you feel good all over?

I knew what would be the hardest for me to use. My Scenic Route paper. I have all of their holiday packs - but I've never opened a one of them. I just like knowing that they are there. Love dreaming about my favorite "ledger paper". Totally afraid to use it for fear I'll never be able to find it again.

But I did it. I opened up the Roxbury Product Kit and dove right in...

I used my most favorite ledger paper AND an arrow. I cherish those arrows. I dream about those arrows. But now I have one less to use. And you know what...I survived. And I got a page completed! Lord have's a page!

I also used a couple of my precious rhinestone brads from K&Company. I got these little lovelies at a class last year. I loved them so much I couldn't even use them on the class project. I brought them home and immediately stuck them in a drawer (and remind me later to show you my drawers - they are awesome scrap-aides!!). But what good were they doing there? NONE!

Now they are on this page - with one of my favorite photos from a trip to Chicago a couple of years ago!

I'm feeling so happy right now! I am going to head to bed and dream of completed pages and ledger paper. And even though I only have 2 sheets left in my kit - I just know it's going to be a good night's sleep!

I'll post tomorrow after I drop the Mister off at the airport. The children and I have the rest of the week to ourselves and the lot of us have big plans! Can you say S-C-R-A-P-P-I-N'???

I'll also announce the winner for today.

And Katie - you haven't sent me your address yet. Your prize is sitting here - waiting for you!!

Behave yourselves!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


a "silly girl" - and it made me blush from my head down to my toes!

Sweet Justin just text-messaged me and pointed out that I forgot a #2 on my resolutions list in my previous post! How silly of me indeed! I guess wine shouldn't always go hand-in-hand with scrappin'!!

But as I always say, errors and goof-ups are a part of life. Let them be and move on. Heck, around here, if there is a type-o or wrong word choice, it's proof to my family that I made it!

It looks like Katie was our only reader brave enough to enter for January 1st - so KATIE YOU ARE THE WINNER! If you'll send me an email ( with your contact info I'll get your prize sent out toot-sweet! Congratulations!

Now, for day two of our "New Year Contest".

I'm sure that some of you are just like me. A supply hoarder! Right? Can I get an "AMEN ESSIE!"?  I have some patterned papers that I simply refuse to use because I hate the thought of cutting them. I have an original bottle of Prima Flowers that sits here unopened, because they just look so pretty on my shelf. Well today is DELVE INTO YOUR HOARD day. You must use at least two "treasured supplies" - and list them as such. You can make a page, a card, an altered item, anything your heart desires!

I personally think I might slice open my pack of Scenic Route's Roxbury paper. I've been cherishing it since late October, and haven't used a lick of it. Today might be the day. And I think a few of those Primas might just exciting!

Let's do it ladies! Scrappin' I mean.  Today!  With reckless abandon! I can't wait to see how deep you're willing to dig into your prized stashes!

Now if I can just keep Sweet Justin from editing my posts and pictures the rest of the day.  Don't you have work to do in the warehouse today boy?

Behave yourselves!


and then had it finished in about 20 minutes!

Note to self for the future..."Essie, JUST DO IT!"

Since it's still January 1st I have time to post my example. And since I just found out I have a breakfast "date" tomorrow morning, that will give some of you who are still "riding the fence" time to enter.

Way to go to Katie - who was our first contest participant for 2008! You can see her take on my challenge here. Looks lovely dear. Good job! But most of all, big pats-and-congrats for getting a project started AND finished on New Year's Day!

Here is the sweet little project that now sits on the shelf, right above my computer monitor...

The whole frame is 8" x 10".  I grabbed some of my favorite KI Memories scraps of paper, covered the photo mat that came with the frame and die-cut some of the first QK flowers I came to in my stash. I added a few leaves, a brad or two and a few spots of bling and VIOLA! New Year's goals, out in the open for the world to see!

Oh me oh my! I hope I don't regret doing this! But sometimes, being held accountable is the best method! Don't you agree?

I'm done...I'm feeling accomplished...and today I've stuck to all of my goals!  What a great start to 2008!

But now - it's time for bed.  I have breakfast plans and a girl needs her beauty sleep.  If you're still deciding whether to play along - I hope you do decide to JUST DO IT!

Another contest challenge will be posted tomorrow...along with today's winner!

Behave yourselves!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008



Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully you stayed awake until the stroke of midnight. I personally feel like such a rebel-rouser when I'm up that late. But on a night like December 31st - I just can't resist! The Mister and I stayed awake, banged a few pans in the front yard with the children and toasted the end of a wonderful year!

Then it was on to resolution time! Resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Everyone wrote down a few things that we'd like to accomplish, change or take up, in the upcoming year. Did you all do the same? Goals are always such a fun way to start the year...such a clean beginning I think.

So that is what the "New Year Contest" challenge is for today. Scrap a little motivational "something" for yourself - listing your goals and/or resolutions for the upcoming year.

It's only 8:13 am where I am, and I've only had my first cup of coffee - but as soon as I sit down to work on my own example, I will post it for you. I am thinking of doing something in a size that I can put into a frame. Something that I can actually hang on my wall and see every day. The good Lord knows I can use all the daily reminders I can find!

The only requirement is you must use at least ONE DIE CUT. And of course I'd love to have you use a QuicKutz, BossKutz or Cuttlebug die, because those are the dies that we carry. But for the first contest of the year, I'll let just about anything go!

So what ideas do you have?? If you're a reader - perhaps a bookmark. If you're a daily commuter - maybe a dashboard sign. If you're a die-hard page maker, than go ahead and do a full page! Let your mind run with this - and get a few of your goals for 2008 down on paper today!

When you have your project done, take a picture of it and post it somewhere on the internet (your personal blog or a photo hosting site). Then reply to this post, in the comment section, with a link to your photograph. Entries will be accepted until I post a challenge tomorrow morning. That might be 6 am or it might be 8 am - but as long as there is no post from ME on January 2nd, entries will still be valid.

How fun!

I can't wait to see what you're goals and resolutions are for this year. I can't wait to see what you make. I really can't wait to see if Sweet Justin decides to play along. While he wouldn't be eligible for one of my prizes, I think he should show us his scrap-abilities! And I might make him a batch of cookies if he did decide to play along! And how about Mr. could play along too! And Miss Laura, and Lovely Lawrin? I dare you two too! Everyone at Scrap-Mart can show off their talents...and tout their goals. You just can't win I'm sorry to say.

Good luck...have honest...and be creative!

behave yourselves!