Sunday, August 3, 2008


from Philadelphia.

Spent the day exploring this town a bit. Saw the Liberty Bell. Saw Independence Square. Ate a cheese steak. Ate a soft pretzel. Got lost twice. Ran out the battery on my Tom-Tom. Got found twice. Practiced my parallel parking. Was under the impression I perfected my parallel parking. Chatted with two older men who watched me parallel parking. Enjoyed a beautifully breezy day while walking way farther that I thought I would, considering how tired I am.

And before today - Valley Forge CKC rocked! Classes we full. The booth was busy. Scrapbookers were loving on the new QK fonts. There were shrieks of joy for the new Scenic Route. We loved how popular the new Tinkering Ink was. The crop give-away was fun. Got to meet Donna, Pat and Denise. Heard fun blog comments. Got some awesome blog suggestions. Hugged more people that I can count. Made big plans for this week. Made plans for next month. Made plans for next year.

WHEW. I need a vacation in order to recover from this road-work-trip.

Here's what you can watch for in the upcoming week:
– info about the Scrap-Mart design team
- the August schedule of video-events
- the August schedule of guest bloggers
- cool project ideas
- fun examples and
- at least two alphabet give-aways!

Now I have two more hours to waste here at the airport - - - hmmmm, maybe just one more soft pretzel! (thanks a million for the suggestion Gem - I wouldn't have tried them if you hadn't told me - YUMMMMM!!). Wouldn't it be great if we could take scrapbook supplies on the airplane. But hances are the my Silhouette wouldn't go over very well in the exit row. HAH!

Thank you Valley Forge. Know that all of us at Scrap-Mart felt welcomed and loved by everyone. Fun to put names with faces, and fun to meet new folks. We can't wait to come back next year. 2009 CKC Valley Forge is going to blow your mind!


- - - Susan


April Massad said...

I would love to be in Philly! Is it as scorching there as it is here in Oklahoma?
I love Scenic Route!! I can't wait to see the new stuff!!

gemscraps said...

So glad you enjoyed the pretzel. All this Philly talk is making me homesick. Next year you'll have to try a water ice.