Tuesday, November 4, 2008


to VOTE and WIN today.

But we don't care if you vote for the winner. We want you to vote, period. And if you vote - you could win. Regardless of who you voted for.

Sounds cool - huh?

Here's what we're doing. Over the weekend I plowed through several stacks and piles in my scrapbook room. It was embarrassing. It was eye-opening. It was quite revealing. Amidst all of the stuff - I found some things that I had forgotten about. One thing I discovered was that I have two sets of this...

Exotic Island. But my sets looks like this...

One of the National Scrapbook Day Gift Sets from last May. The one that came in the coconut. I never had the coconut - but I have two sets of alphabets. And I don't need two. And since the thought of anything EXOTIC-Y and everything ISLAND-Y sounds good right about now - I figured I should give it away today.

You know, in honor of Election Day 2008! Which I have just renamed "Exotic Island Day 2008". (I love feeling like I have the power to rename people and days!)

So my Exotic Island is foamed and ready to use. It just isn't packaged. It's in a Ziplock bag. QK sent it to me just like this...and I already had it. So I'm paying it forward ladies!

Here's what you have to do...

1. leave me a signed comment
2. tell us what state you live in
3. tell us how long you waited in line to vote OR
how long ago you mailed in your vote
4. tell us if you're going to commemorate this day with a scrapbook page
5. brownie points if you send me a picture with your "I VOTED" sticker

Tonight - after the polls close - I'll have my daughter (who can't wait to vote in 2012!) draw a name from all of the comments. EVERYONE can enter. Previous winners, previous losers, design team members, Scrap-Mart friends, blogger friends...EVERYONE.

As long as you voted. And I truly believe that scrapbookers don't lie.

SO GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. Take a picture of the polls, take a picture of the weather, save the front page of the newspaper, write down your thoughts today, write down your fears, go grab a Starbucks (free tall brewed coffee with your "I VOTED" sticker!) and then go home and scrapbook the occasion.

And don't forget about this die...and this die!  I'll be using both of them in my own pages this afternoon!

GOOD STUFF! I love it!



- - - Susan


Lu said...

I live in rural North Carolina, and I did not wait in line at all...not what I was expecting!!
I'd love to send a pic with an "I Voted" sticker, but they didn't have any! :(
And on top of that, I'm nowhere near a Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, or Chick-Fil-A, so I can't even get any free food!! :P

Lu...Jenn sent me!!

Brenda said...

Okay - Yes I voted !!!!! And I want this die set so bad I can taste it!!! Yum - Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice.

I do plan on scrap-booking some of the political happenings.

Shhhhh I am supposed to be a polling judge today but because of circumstances I bowed out to save some tax payer dollars.

I voted a week ago absentee so that I could work the polls but I got my sticker! And I still have it... I am emailing you a picture! (not sure how to post it on the blog.)

Brenda said...

Sorry I forgot to say I am from Illinois.

mitz said...

Hi Voters... I live in the
** state of confusion ** lol, but really live in wisconsin..
I mailed in my vote 5 days ago..
I wish i could get brownie pts, but i dont have a pic of that.. have a voter-riffic day..

Pat said...

Hi Susan: I have voted already today and did not wait long at all. But I did hear about people who waited up to 30 minutes 1st thing this morning. I had not thought about scrappin about this but may have to rethink that.
Happy voting everyone.

Helen said...

I am from Illinois and I voted early today. I waited about 15 minutes but our town is very small and I only had to wait because the polls were just opening. I was on my way to work. I doubt highly that I will scrap voting or anything about the election. Sorry no pictures because we didn't take any and I gave my "vote" sticker to my grandson because he loves stickers. In any case this old Grandma voted so lets see some of you young'uns get out there and rock this vote!

Jenn in MO said...

Hi Susan,
I waited about an hour and twenty minutes to vote this am in Missouri. Got my sticker but was missing it once I got to work so I hope it is stuck to my seat belt when I get back into my car! I have the EI font so don't enter me in the drawing, but just wanted to say that font ROCKS for whoever wins!

Sandra said...

Hi I'm Sandy from Illinois, I voted earlier, there were no lines when I went to vote. I didn't take any pictures and not big into politics so I won't scrapbook this, but I like that set of dies.

I have to tell you to, I really enjoy the new DT. (I scrapbook with Brenda!)

Karen said...

Brenda told me about this - so I went and voted and then came back to enter the contest. I am one of her scrap buddies!

The polls are busier right now here in Illinois. I waited about 10 minutes (that is busy for our small town!)

I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't sure if they would let us and I don't know if I will scrap much about the election, although it would be fun to do. I've never done a political page before.

No pictures sorry.

ALEXIS said...

Im from South Carolina. Voting didn't take too long. Others in my area have waiting lines up to 3 hours already. Im still trying to figure out a good layout for scrapping today's event.

Jenn sent me too :)

Kim from VA said...

Hi Susan!

I live in VA and waited in line for 1 hour to vote (last presidential election it was 2.5 hrs so this was "better"). I got there at 5:50 am (polls opened at 6:00) and STILL had to wait for 1 hr. My husband went at 9:15 and had NO wait.

I didn't even think of scrapbooking a page for this, but maybe I will put my "I Voted" sticker on a page w/ a printout of the winner and the states of who each one carried. Thanks for the idea!

Also, Jenn sent me!

Jenn in MO said...

Ladies save tomorrows newspaper!! It will be a collector's item no matter which way the election goes. I don't have any election pictures either, but I plan to make a pocket page to hold some newsclips from this election! Our scrapbooks often serve as time-capsules so we may as well include these bits of history!!

Catherine said...

I live in Acworth, GA, we had early voting here but the lines were so long, so my husband and I went to vote this morning. We got in line about 7am as the polls opened. We were out the door after voting with our stickers in hand at 9am, went for breakfast and home to wake up the kids!

I might scrap the sticker, but most likely it will end up as a blog post later today.

Marigrace said...

Hi! I live in Maryland and when I went to vote, there was no wait!!! I may do a scrapbook page with tomorrow's newspaper front page, but other than that I didn't take any pictures. I would love to have this font as I have many tropical pictures to scrap!! Thanks!

Stacey said...

Hi! I live in Chesapeake Virginia right now thanks to the US Navy. I am a resident of the state of Wisconsin. Therefore I mailed my official absentee ballot a little over two weeks ago (October 14th). I did not have to wait in any lines today but we babysat for my neighbor so she could go vote. She had to wait a little over an hour.

I do not have an "I VOTED" sticker since I mailed my ballot but I did take a picture of my official envelope for my scrapbook page. Does that make me a geek? I already bought the Quickutz election dies so I am just waiting for the pictures to come in on Thursday to be able to scrap them.

gemscraps said...

I voted in Virginia. We (my 11 year old son and I) stood in line about 45 minutes. There were tons of people there but it was very well organized so the lines moved really quickly. I am definately going to scrapbook the event. I've been collecting memorabilia, already have my QK election dies ( thanks ScrapMart)and am going to take photos of the TV with the results and speeches. Unfortunately I lost my "I voted" sticker, it fell off my jacket somewhere in the bank or post office. But my DS gave me his so I can take a photo.

Nadya 's World!!! said...

I'm in Hawaii and dh and I voted and so did our friends... LOL:) and if our 6 year old dd could vote she would too.. LOL:) I'd love this alpha... would be perfect for where we live... have lots and lots and lots of tropical layouts to do. :)

Emmy said...

I'm in Michigan and I voted this morning!
My wait in line was about 1 minute - long enough for my husband to grab his clipboard to fill out the form and move aside so I could do the same.

I will likely do a scrapbook page commemorating - or a blog entry. I'm more apt to get to a blog entry first!

Tammy (aka Wynona) said...

I'm from North Carolina and did early voting on Saturday, waited in line for about an hour, but since I didn't have the kids with me it seemed like a lot less! Our state has become a battleground state, and I'm not too pleased about it! hmmm, wonder who I voted for?? ( ;
I do plan to scrap the election, as I was a delegate to our district and county conventions, we'll just have to see whether it will be a happy results LO, or a sad one!
Don't include me in the font drawing Susan, just wanted to post that I did my civic duty!! ( :

Dawn said...

I live in North Carolina. I waited in line for about 40 minutes last Wed. night. I do not plan to scrapbook this event as I did not take my camera and do not have any pictures.
I heard about the contest through Jenn.

Caroline Logan said...

Hi -
I'm in NY state.

I voted this afternoon and there were no lines at all. I walked up to my district table, signed my signature and was directed to the voting booth.

I did not take pictures but I did bring my 8 and 5 year old to see the process.

I plan on scrapping this event with newspaper clippings.

No "I voted" stickers were handed out but they did give my kids some licorice! :)

Mary F said...

I live in Washington state and my county is a mail-in ballot-I mailed it last week so I don't have a sticker and there is no place to take pictures as most of our drop off stations are grocery stores. My husband will vote when he gets in from work today and I'll take his picture -if he lets me- and save tomm.'s paper along with some of the various fliers we've gotten in the mail for my scrapbook page!!! Happy voting and is anyone having a party tonight over this??

Toni said...

Hey, I'm from Washington, too!!! And, yes, I also voted by mail. But, I cut it pretty close and just got my ballot in the mail today. I don't know that I'll commemorate this day with a scrapbook page, but I will be working on the scrapbook cookbook I'm making for my mom for Christmas!

Jenny in MN said...


I'm Jenny from Minnesota. I voted this afternoon around 2 and I had no wait. I walked right in with my kids and was able to vote without them climbing up my legs. :) I'm not sure I will scrap the actual election day in my album, but I know that I will do a page for each of my children with the details of how this election made history.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of my sticker as my twins wanted it so they could practice voting with their magic wands. Goof balls!

Mel said...

Hey, I voted. I live in MN and walked right in around dinner time. Debating if I am going to make a page on this, though I will put it in my scrapbook's calendar page.
Melissa Pickert/Empress4

Debbie Jack said...

I'm Debbie in Oregon. I voted. I could have mailed it in weeks ago, but dropped it off yesterday! There's something to actually placing it in the official ballot box that makes me feel I've participated. I will scrapbook my story with a copy of tomorrows headline in the newspaper!

Anonymous said...

This is Crafty Deb from Illinois writing to say hello to all on the day after the election. I too voted yesterday, dragged my hubby out at 5:45am, in line with about 30-40 people...moved pretty quickly when opened and when we came out, there were tons of people in line!!! I could not be prouder, when I saw everyone standing in line to vote! God Bless America, a country where we can all agree to disagree and still love and respect each other! My 26 yr old son went right after work at 3:30pm and walked right in he said.
--Crafty Deb

PeggyD said...

I early voted on 10/30. No line at all. And no sticker.