Friday, November 14, 2008


what the Revolution will cut.  And I always say the "usual" stuff:

- patterned paper
- cardstock
- vellum
- tin foil and,
- QK stamping foam

But in the last week we've been playing.  We've played and experimented and challenged ourselves.  Which means the list of known materials to cut in the Revolution has changed.  Yep, it sure has!

So if someone asks that question of me today (and they will, trust me!) I can honestly say:

- patterned paper
- cardstock
- vellum
- tin foil
- QK stamping foam
- felt
- vinyl
- fun foam
- fuzzy iron-on sheets
- folded lightweight patterned paper
- adhesive backed paper (like QuickStripz)
- transparencies
- Shrinky Dinks
- punchinella and
- fabric

WOW, what a list.  We need to start working on samples of all of these very soon, so we'll have examples to show people.  You know, so they believe us.  Of course this weekend, I'm just going to point to Crafty Deb (yep, she flew in last night to play with us in Seattle!!).  Because today she is wearing this...

A t-shirt I made for her before leaving Phoenix.  I ironed lightweight fusible webbing onto the back of basic quilting fabrics (fat-quarters) and then made a sandwich for my Revolution:

1. die
2. fabric (wrong side/ webbing side down)
3. piece of copy paper
4. cutting mat

So the fabric was in between two pieces of lightweight paper.  It cut like BUTTAH!  I didn't even get any fraying edges.  And I didn't just cut big flowers...I cut dainty flourishes.  And each one came out beautifully.  Then it was just a process of following the directions for the fusible webbing, and assembling the shirt.

Start to finish this shirt took me 45 minutes.  I could have put it on right then and there and worn it to a fun scrapbook crop.  Or to teach a class.  Or to shop at my favorite LSS.  But instead, I made another one.

My mind is racing with crazy ideas for the holidays.  And next week's release is going to make for some ADORABLE t-shirts.  In lots of fun calico prints of fabric.  I can't wait to show you what I have in my mind.  And I know the S.M.Arties minds are cranking as well.

But they've been given the assignment of using some of the other materials in the Revolution. 

How does a Shrinky Dink charm bracelet sound??  Cute huh?  Or how about some fun felt hair accessories for the daughter/niece/grandbaby in your life.  Yep - the ideas are filling up pages. There aren't enough days left in November.  

Luckily, we've still got December.  So I think my crazy posting schedule will continue!

If you have any questions - shoot me an email or leave me a comment.  I'll do my best to check back in before I leave Seattle.  The sun is supposed to come out today, and I guess that throws everyone here in town for a loop.  Who knows how the day will proceed!  (hahaha)


- - - Susan

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Lainey said...

Hi Susan!
Oh now were rockin! (well you guys are anyway!!!!

If you want to post my ipod case that was in my gallery you probs still have access to, I dont mind.

I would send you other designs and ideas, but I was in a rush to get out the orders I had due and never took photos! Duh!

Anyway, feel free to post the ipod case but know that strong fine heat and bond was used as they are fragile and will obviously get friction if in your bag so i like those dainty details to stay on.

Colour Inspiration was from the amy butler bag (purse?) it was to go inside of.

Can't wait to see all the project using 'other stuff'!!