Thursday, November 20, 2008


and temptingly new.

Wait, is "temptingly" a word?  Hmmmm - I'll have to check that out later.  But for now, it's a word.

It is how everyone here at Scrap-Mart describes the effect of having a new stack of dies in front of us.  You know - they are new, and shiny, and just dying to be played with.  They call our names in the middle of the night.  We can't help it.  Really we can't.

Well, the S.M.Arties can't - I've been busy this week, and don't have a new die anywhere to be found on my desk.  Lucky for me - I have the S.M.Arties!  Lucky for you - I have the S.M.Arties!

They have been sending me ideas and pages and projects since Tuesday afternoon.  So I figured before my IN BOX explodes - it's time to share said ideas and pages and projects with YOU!

Look at this cute page border element. ..

Made simply with the new 12" Tree/Branch Border, cut in glittery white paper, and adorned with the QK Triplekutz birds (which are currently out of stock - sorry!). But how easy - and how elegant. Wouldn't this make a great letter-sized invitation for a holiday party? Beautiful!

And speaking of the Tree/Branch Border...

this is the detail of an awesome page idea. Wouldn't this be cute done with ANY pictures you have of babies under the Christmas tree! CUTE!

The new border was used - and look how perfectly the smallest bird of the new Revolution Birds fits in the "nest". Love it!  This page also uses a QK pear, these QK leaves and the font Rockstar.

And for the birds in a non-Christmassy way, let's head to the ballpark...

Now unfortunately there is a Cardinals fan among us - but I'm pretty sure they lost this day - so all is well!  The redbirds were made out of the same Revolution Birds as above, as well as the Bead Border, decorated to look like baseballs!  CUTE!

Getting your pirate groove on is easy with this assortment of dies...

QK Scallops Border (using the negative shape, instead of the scallop shapes)
QK Paper Doll
QK Pirate Clothes
QK Nutmeg Font

WOW - that is one die-heavy page, with different companies dies all mixed together and LOOK at how awesome it looks.  Totally amazing!

And here we're looking at some cuter-than-cute Sassafras Lass paper and one of the new QK dies...

This Hog Heaven paper is the PERFECT MATCH for some of the new dies!  This little fox is the perfect fit for this page!  And I am so lovin' the new Storybook font - which I just discovered is already out of stock!

And one final page - for some creative inspiration...

a cutie-patootie Halloween page.  Err, excuse me, an "Owloween" page.  Using the 12" Tree/Branch border (can you tell that this die is topping our FAVORITES list!!) and the Storybook font and the cute little QK Owl.  Quick and easy, adorable and DONE!

Great job S.M.Arties.  I knew we picked you for a reason.  You're making it all look so easy.

Oh wait, it is easy.  And it's fun!  And best of all - - - it's CUTE!

And you know what I say - CUTE MATTERS!


- - - Susan


Lorry said...

Wow!! love them all, my favorite is the Pirate page.. Way to rock the diecuts... Keep those ideas coming smarties :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy Lordy, look at these ideas. Guess I'll be adding the tree/branch border AND the Revolution Birds to my shopping cart! I thought I could live without those! Thanks for the awesome ideas ladies!

Anne (from Seattle Susan, Saturday's class, I won the Cosmo font, LOVE IT!! THANKS AGAIN!)

Jill said...

Yep, one more person that "wouldn't need" a tree border :)

(psst--go Cards!)

Brenda said...

Ummmm - sorry Susan you have 2 Cardinal fans among your S.M.Arties! I am a Cards freak.

I love what Tammy did with that!

I am tickled that blog readers like what we are doing!

Thanks for the nice comments!

Helen said...

Wow that Pirate LO is wonderful so is The Patridge In a Pear Tree!

Love those!