Tuesday, November 18, 2008


and a QK release to freak out about.

It's going to be a BIG DAY.  I can just feel it!

But first things first - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SCRAP-MART BLOG READERS!  One year ago last night, the first blog post was published.  Wow - cool - fun - inspiring - exciting!  It's been a wild ride for sure...Justin here, Justin not here.  Essie here, Essie not here.  Me here, me still here - and me lovin' it!

And then there's YOU!  I am confident the  Scrap-Mart blog has the best readers ever.  You comment, you email, you make suggestions, you share, you forward, you critique, you log in, you sign up.  We LOVE YOU!  We couldn't do it without you - because without you I'd just be writing for Mr. Doss and Ms. Laura - and heck, they don't have time to scrapbook.  They are busy filling orders.  So what good would a blog do just for them!

So happy anniversary to all of us.  2008 has been GREAT - but in 2009 we're going to SHINE! (that rhymed - did you catch that?!)

NOW - onto bigger and better and much more exciting news...NOVEMBER'S QK RELEASE.  Hold on to your hats, because I've already dubbed this release the BEST EVER!  The S.M.Arties have had their dies for a few days and they are all ga-ga for this set.  Totally, head-to-toe, coast-to-coast GA-GA!  Let us know what you think...but act fast.  Because of the way the holiday falls - some of us will be out of town and won't be able to restock any SOLD OUT sets until after the holiday next week.

YEP - that's me predicting that some of these will sell out today!  (And just ask Justin - I'm rarely wrong!)

First - some quarter-size-comparisons...

Brenda did these awesome samples for you - here is the 4x4 set of birds -

and just wait until you see him cut out of patterned paper!  Absolutely adorable!

Here she did the 4x4  butterfly - first in cardstock, as QK probably intended for it to be.  Second in patterned paper, as an awesome scrapbooker would picture it to be!

And you get a bonus - you can use JUST the inside pieces of the butterfly's wings, and get an entirely different, smaller butterfly!  HOW COOL...two-for-one butterflies!

These guys - holy cow - how sweet are they?  The 2x2 Rabbit and the 4x4 Deer.  Too cute for words - unless the words are proceeded by "awwwwwwwwww..."!

Anyone needing an "oh my dear" page, or a "she's such a dear"...or the classic "Christmas music program" pictures "Doe, a deer, a female deer...."  CUTE STUFF!

On the project front - Tammy whipped up these cute little gifts for a baby shower next weekend...

She used the 2x2 Fox, 2x2 Owl and 2x2 Squirrel.  She also used some QK 12" borders to wrap around the entire candle jar.  How EASY and QUICK!  I just love this stuff!

She also made this cuter-than-cute altered composition book.  I love it!

She used one of the 4x4 Owls and the 4x4 Branches.  She added in a 12" Bead Border - and a great QK font (T.L.C. is her monogram - even THAT is cute!).  I love this idea - composition books are so inexpensive, and with just some scraps of paper and a few minutes of time - you can have one cute gift, ready to give in nothing flat!  AWESOME!

Moving on to cards...

how about some "Hogs & Kisses"?  Well, as long as they are from the new QK 2x2 Hedgehog.  

Jenn used TWO hedgehogs, pointing nose-to-nose - and added a QK Bead Border.  This would even be cute done up as just a tag - to stick in your hubby's briefcase.  CUTE!

Brenda, well, we've already declared her NUTS about QK - and she proved it by doing this awesome card.

She used the new 12" Branch Border and two of the new 2x2 Squirrels.  She also used an old EK Success acorn punch - but you could find lots of things that would work there, even if it was the acorn off of the 4x4 Squirrel.  What'd I tell you - she's just plain NUTTY!

And look at this big guy - this 4x4 Owl takes up almost the entire front of this card.  Add a little pen work and he's simply irresistible.  She used the new 4x4 Owl, the 12" Branch Border and the Rockstar font.  

Brenda - why do you do this to me - I seriously thought I could survive without this particular owl.  But now I know I need him.  I really, really need him!

And finally - for this November release day - a couple of scrapbook pages...

This is Jenn's 8"x 8" page, using the new 2x2 Fox - dang he's adorable all done up!

Yes - and her son is pretty cute too!  But what a simple and quick page - the new 4x8 Storybook font (for a super-duper price too!!) the 2x2 fox and a little hunk of a QK flourish.  That's it - quick and simple - and DONE!

But she was on a roll last night - here she used the new 4x4 Squirrel and the Jolly font from last month - but she cut it out of brown mulberry paper and CORK!

The new 12" branch she also cut out of mulberry paper.  Heck, I haven't even thought of mulberry paper for ages - and here it is looking all adorable and perfect as a tree branch!  WOW - I need to dig into my stash and find some to play with - for sure!

For an entire list of November release dies - check out the web-site.  The prices of the "collections" we've assembled are awesome!  It's a totally adorable release - versatile and timely and usable.  I'm spending the day making owl t-shirts.  Oh, you know those are going to be cute!

And just a suggestion - if you can't resist filling up your shopping cart today - toss one of these in as well.  Because LOOK at how well they go together:

If you have any questions about these dies, or these projects - shoot me an email and I'll track down an answer for you.  Enjoy - shop - choose - and plan.  I can't wait to hear which ones you can't live without!

Happy Anniversary and Happy November release!!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

This release ROCKS!!! I was so excited when I got mine and I can't wait to get the rest of them.

I haven't been this excited about QKs since I first got my Handtool and the first shipment of dies.

Think of what is to come in 2009!

Congrats to SM on the one year anniversary of the blog and here is hoping for many more years to come.

Not only does this QKs release Rock so does our SCRAP-MART!!!!

Jenn in MO said...

Congrats Susan and SM on the one year blog anniversary - woo hoo!! Looking forward to 2009 as well.

Readers - I used the retired font Roxy and shadows for the word outdoors on my great outdoors page
- it is one of my favorite fonts - SM still has some in stock and they are on sale - don't miss it!!!

Jill said...

Happy anniversary and thank you and the s.m.arties for all the great ideas. This blog is one of several tabs that I mark to pull up every day (some are EVEN work related) Believe it or not I don't have a home computer and I miss you on the wkends.

Anonymous said...

To the girlie that called to order the "skunk" in the new release, you rock...this was the squirrel cut out of black and white. Plus if you order the big squirrel and the little squirrel, you could have a family of "little stinkers" or put the big squirrel on the ground under the tree border and the little one on top of the branch for an illusion of depth! This is an AWESOME release...have fun!
Crafty Deb

Sissybug said...

I've been a Cricut user for awhile, but I was intrigued by the manual die cut machines and kept reading and researching until I broke down and bought the Revolution. I LOVE it. I visited the Scrap-Mart booth at the CK Convention in Tulsa this year. The girls were so friendly and knowledgeable that when I got ready to buy, I called Scrap-Mart to ask a few questions first. The service was great, and it was a guy who helped me. I was very impressed. Thanks, Scrap-Mart. You've won a loyal customer.

Helen said...

Great cards and wonderful details on on those last two - I want a lesson on how you do that detail work!!!!