Saturday, November 22, 2008


is how to pronounce it.

And so I say - "Just like you pronounce KODAK...except with different letters."  Which no one seems to understand.  But then, that's a problem I often have.

So then I just say - "KOH-PICK"...with the emphasis on the "KOH".

Once we have that all straightened out, I tell everyone how much I am lovin' these markers lately.  Seriously - lovin' the Copics.

So to further explain my recent infatuation - I did a video for you.  Let's just consider it "Copic 101 - a la Scrap-Mart"...

I used the following pens for the bear:
YR21 - Cream
E35 - Chamois
E47 - Dark Brown (in the video I called it Dark Bark - OOPS!)

These are my go-to-browns.  I can make any tree trunk, dirt, bear, leaves or wood with these colors.

Throw in a:

and your possibilities go up - exponentially!

I love these markers!  At first the price bothered me a bit - but let me tell you how I got over it:

– these markers are practically indestructible
– they are refillable
– they have interchangeable nibs (brush, chisel, medium point)
– the alcohol ink allows these markers to color smooth and silky - no color-over-lines
– the alcohol ink allows blending and shading and layering
– there are a gazillion colors...and that just makes me happy
– but with just a few colors and a couple of greys - your options expand
– I spend probably $100 a year on journaling pens...which I can totally replace with a black Copic
– AND I really dig the coolio color names...I mean really, who doesn't want IRIDESCENT MAUVE and COOL SHADOW in their collection of markers?

Here is a picture of my finished teddy bear - and as my daughter would say "OH MY GLOSS"...he's cute!

(Click on the picture - you can see it full-sized.)

Seriously - starting with Copics is easy. And actually, beginning to do some awesome color work is very doable. The trick is to just keep playing. Keep experimenting. Keep coloring. Before you know it - you'll be impressing yourself!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

OmGosh Susan how cute - and now I NEED some of those markers!!!

Tammy said...

So cute Susan!
By the way, thanks for telling us how to say Copic--I had been saying it like "makin' copies". Took me a long time before I knew how to correctly pronounce Bazzill too!

Helen said...

I want some of those markers too!

Susan you do nice work!

Katie said...

OMG! I just got a handfull of these myself. I'm SUPER impressed! They are well worth the money. I have to admit, I'm not a patient person and I sometimes rush through things which makes it difficult for me to take on time consuming tasks. But seriously, learning to color with Copics is NOT hard at all. I'm LOVIN' mine and can't wait to get more. Katie