Monday, November 3, 2008


I have a camera full of videos to process, and ideas post-it-noted all over my computer screen.

Which is a good problem to have.  Especially since most of you have voted that you just want IDEAS this month.  Lots and lots of doable and usable ideas!

Well okay - consider it done.  I've filled in the S.M.Arties - they know the task at hand.  They are working and creating and learning to create in front of a video camera.  Together - all of us will keep the ideas flowing your way.  All we ask from you - is that you keep checking back. And maybe, just occasionally, send us some cyber-love.  You know - a comment or an email.  So we know you're reading and watching and enjoying! 

What can I say - it makes all of us smile!  THANKS!

First up for the month of November - the admission that I'm a THIEF.  Totally stole this idea from my girlfriend - and I admit it.  But I changed it.  And shhhhhh - made it cuter!

For your viewing pleasure, your creative inspiration - and especially for Heather who emailed me and pleaded for some great "gift card ideas" - 

Supplies I used for this project:
QK Nutmeg Cookie Cutter Font
QK Nesting Flowers
Scenic Route "Garland" patterned paper

I hope you enjoy this totally cute and usable idea.  Thanks to the girls at the jr. high for giving me the idea - well - and the Starbucks gift card!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email.  S.M.Arties videos coming your way the end of this week!  Look for them right here!


- - - Susan

EDITED November 4th - my girlfriend just called and "fessed" up.  She scrap-lifted the card she gave me on Friday, from another blog.   I believe in giving credit where credit is due!  So thanks Hero Arts, for inspiring Kathy.  And thanks Kath for inspiring me!


Brenda said...

Susan I have to say that is one of best gift card giving ideas I've seen!

Kudos to your girlfriend (if she didn't scraplift that idea herself - wink!) And Kudos to you for figuring it and and sharing it with all of us!

Very cute!!!!

Lorry said...

Susan I love reading your blog and can not wait for those Ideas to flow in... Very cute gift card idea, I will be scraplifting and tweaking it (if that is okay with you? )

Jenn in MO said...

Love this Susan! I'm totally going to use this idea over the holidays!!

Pat said...

Susan: I love this idea it is so doable for just about any occasion. But I was wondering about an envelope, could you maybe show how to make one or maybe I could just come with with some other kind of closure to the card. Any suggestions or ideas would be great.
thx Pat