Monday, November 24, 2008


you have nothing else to do this week - I thought I'd throw out a fun idea or two!

hahahahha - like you don't have turkeys to buy, stuffing to make, pies to bake and sweet potatoes to candy.  

But just in case you're like me - and are going to a cabin in the mountains, and throwing steaks on the grill for Thanksgiving dinner - you might need something else to occupy your time.

And for that - I have some cute suggestions...

TIC-TAC COVERS.  Useful, practical and doable - just what I need this time of year!

Just wrap a piece of cardstock around a package of Tic-Tacs (over the top, open on the sides) but before gluing it in place, embellish the front.  Any kind of embellishment will work, as long as you can punch a hole in it.  These use a QK Snowman (last year's, but the new BK Snowman will work just the same), a nesting Ornament from Jolly, and some miscellaneous leaves.  The key is cutting the hole - and that can be done with either QK Nesting Circles or Spellbinder Nestabilities.

Here's a close-up.  Wouldn't these be adorable as a classroom project, or for all of your co-workers that you don't regularly exchange gifts with.  CUTE!  And doable with just the dies and scraps you have on hand!  I LOVE IT!

ORNAMENT #1.  Easy to make, even easier to exchange!

Look at THIS cute one...

take this BK Snowflake II die and cut it out six times.  Fold each snowflake in half, the same way, and glue them all together with glue pen.  Add some bling - and VIOLA - an easy-peasie, one-of-a-kind ornament!

Here's a view from the top, just in case my directions make no sense -

DOABLE?  Totally!

ORNAMENT #2.  A simple idea - that has endless possibilities!

Take an empty glass ball, and decorate two circles of patterned paper.  Using light weight paper ensures you the ability to roll and stuff your finished piece back into the glass ball.  Remember to decorate both sides of your circle...

and remember to pour in a healthy dose of glitter!  This example uses the new QK Deer and the Merry Christmas Cookie Cutter words.

CANDLES.  Another idea that could take several different paths.

Take a simple, inexpensive, glass candle holder - and decorate the heck out of it.  By theme, by color, or by what you have on hand - anything you add will make it better than before!  These use - QK Flourish Border and Snowflakes, QK Beads Border...

and the QK Gingerbread Border!  Very FUN...and they look beautiful when the candle is lit!

Those ideas should keep you busy for a few days.  If you have other suggestions - please leave us a comment so everyone can see!

As for the rest of this week - the Scrap-Mart blog crew (ME!!) is heading up north.  To the cabin, to the mountains, to the solitude.  No phone, no computer, no doorbell.  I can't wait. What that means for you is that things will be a little quieter around here this week.  But you'll be fine, trust me!

Cherish your family this week, take lots of pictures, write down lots of funny stories, eat until you're stuffed and laugh until your sides hurt.  That's what family is for!

(but maybe check the web-site on Wednesday, just to see what awesome plans are on the horizon!!)

For now - have a blessed holiday.  May you all be sharing the weekend with someone you love.


- - - Susan


Helen said...

Wow those are great projects and I've seen them all first hand... way to go Brenda!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so lucky to have such a great friend and fellow scrapbooker to share with monthly. I love all your ideas and projects. I too have seen them "in person" and they are even more beautiful up close and personal. You are talented, go girl. B Skinner