Tuesday, November 11, 2008


it's a Silhouette!

Sometimes I forget about the Silhouette.  I overlook it.  I treat it like a red-headed-step-child.  (and as a red head, that's saying quite a lot!).

But it's not intentional.  Nope, instead it's because last year the Silhouette was ALL I worked with.  It was all I talked about.  It was all I used.  It was my focus.  At the start of this year, I put my Silhouette into semi-retirement.  Just to change things up a bit.

But you know what they say..."out of sight, out of mind".  So my Silhouette has been rather neglected and ignored this year.

Until now.  Because holy scrap - the S.M.Arties have their new machines and are putting me to shame!  They are playing and exploring and experimenting and downloading and creating some amazing stuff!  And only with a couple of days under their belts!

Wynona (a.k.a. Tammy) got her machine first - and went to work right away, putting it thru its paces.

Here is the first page she completed...

She cut all of her snowflakes with the Silhouette - but then cut her title out of last year's QK Bright font. She was amazed at how easily the Silhouette cut those detailed snowflakes!

Then she wanted to play with boxes...

these are some of the boxes that come pre-loaded on the Silhouette. She cut a couple out, and added some Christmas trees, that are included in the new Holly Digital set. What a great idea for holding gift cards!

Next on her agenda were cards. Cards, cards and cards!

This turkey she had the Silhouette draw with just a ballpoint pen. She went back and colored everything in with her COPICS. What a great way to get a custom look! And he's such a cute tom-turkey!

For Christmas cards, she had lots of options. The Holly set has a million new images to play with. Okay, not a million - but you know what I mean! All of the following sentiments were Silhouette-cut, as were the images on the card. Think of the mix-and-match possibilities!

Cute stuff. Really, really CUTE STUFF! And you know - yadda yadda - CUTE MATTERS! But let's face it, this time of year EASY ranks right up there as well!

S.M.Artie Jenn was playing with her Silhouette as well. She needed place cards for her Thanksgiving table - and she wanted to mix it up a bit too. She used her Silhouette to cut the actual 2-piece place cards, but then decorated the fronts of the cards with Revolution cut fonts and shapes.

What a great idea...the kids could even help, and decorate their own. That project could keep them busy for quite some time Thanksgiving morning!

Jenn used her Jolly set for the frames around "mom" and "dad", as well as the 4x8 font. She also used some Revolution pumpkins and vines for the kiddos cards.

So YES - I'm digging out my Silhouette next week, and bringing it back into my scrapbooking fold. I'm sorry friend - to have ignored you for months. Really, I am!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or drop us an email. We're here. Well, this weekend I'll be in Seattle, but you know what I mean!


- - - Susan


Jenn in MO said...

Tammy's goin crazy with her Sil - I better catch up!! Those placecards were among my first cuts with my Sil - it is one of the included shapes - easy peasy to get the machine up and cutting! Ladies - check out the Sil + Holly bundle deal on the SM store site and add it to your Christmas list!!

Brenda said...

Great Job!!!

Looking forward to more of those designs!