Thursday, November 6, 2008


to keep you on track.

On track for what, I do not know.  That was simply my attempt at humor this morning.  (And yes, I know, it's not working very well!)

Crafty Deb sent me this cute little project the other day - and I was blown away.  Because I have this NEW QK Ttrain - and I have this QK Beads Border - but I've never thought to use them together.

Doesn't that train look cute, just bouncing along the bumpy little "tracks"?  Cute Deb, really CUTE!

So with trains on my brain - I remembered something S.M.Artie Jenn sent me a few weeks ago.  And realized I had never shared it.  Shame on me!

You'll never guess what she used for her "track"...the sign post from the QK North Pole die!  Which right now, is FREE WITH PURCHASE of the QK Jolly Gift Set!  Isn't that awesome...I just love gifts with purchase.  

And that train is such an awesome die - with so many uses.  Really - lots of uses...
•  loading up the car for the trip to Grandma's for Thanksgiving "ROAD TRIP"
•  for trips to Disney, Worlds of Fun, Six Flags or just about any zoo in the world
•  any pictures of any child sitting on Santa's lap "SANTA'S LITTLEST HELPER"
•  school pictures...or school achievements or milestones with an "ON TRACK" title
•  same title, but for charting new baby's growth "RIGHT ON TRACK"
•  any pictures from your own childhood "DOWN MEMORY LANE" (can't you just see this entire train cut out in browns/blacks and greys!)

So whether your train track is made out of a bead border, or a North pole - it's all good.  It's all doable.  It's all creative and artsie!

I'm working with owls today.  Lots and lots of owls.  Did you know that a group of owls is called a "parliament"?  CRAZY!  Of course, another acceptable terms is "congress", but after the elections this week I think I'll stick with the term used in England.

So check back tomorrow - for owl inspiration, juicy tidbits, and upcoming release date information.  If you already have the 4x8 Aquarius're be in luck!  If you don' and order it today.  Trust me - you're going to want it after tomorrow!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh - the rest is a secret!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

I love the ideas to use the beaded boarder and pole from the north pole sign. The ladies Rock with these ideas!

I have contacted Boss Kuts about a train track - you never know maybe they will make us one!!!

"The Little Engine That Could" for a page for encouragement might be another title!

gemscraps said...


There you go, tempting me to spend money again. LOL I NEED owl inspiration as I have a virgin owl die just waiting to make her debut on a layout.