Friday, October 31, 2008


in just a few short days - I was thinking.

(And you should know by now, that's a dangerous thing for me to do for very long.)

I was thinking - could we get MORE people, more FUN people, more fun DECISION MAKING people to the polls if national campaign signs looked like this?

Think about it for a second. How GREAT would commercials, bumper stickers, signs, flyers and other political swag look, if it was all lime green and pink.

Hmmmm - something to think about!

I'm going to write a letter to my Senator and suggest that. Oh wait - my Senator is running for President.

Maybe I'll take it up on a much more local level first. Yeah - that's what I'll do!

Whether you like lime green OR pink...remember that the most important decision you'll make next week is JUST SHOWING UP!


- - - Susan

1 comment:

Brenda said...

I agree with you - you must use that right to VOTE! I think your idea to make the symbols colorful and less "Red Party" or "Blue Party" is a wonderful idea!

Everyone get out and Vote.