Tuesday, March 25, 2008


quite a lot this morning!

Or so it seems. Vacations are wonderful...nature, fresh air, no traffic and great family time. But mercy me, trying to get back into the groove of things upon my return always throws me for a loop.

So let's hear it for playing catch-up on a Tuesday!

FIRST - - - Miss Tammy's winning page from last week's March Madness.

She used the retired QK Katie font, some flourishes from the Sophisticate Gift Set and a sprinkling of lime-green infused Sassafras Lass paper.

Good job Tammy. Your goodies are on their way!

SECOND - - - this week's March Madness challenge will run Tuesday thru Friday...since I'm just posting it now. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Friday, March 28th. And this week's challenge is as follows:

Complete a two-page spread, using at least one enlargement (5x7, 8x10, 6x12, 8x12...) and at least 3 supporting photographs. We need to see a title, some journaling, and throw in some of your favorite embellishments (purchased or hand made) and we'll call it good! Make the pages any size you normally use...just make sure it's a two-pager!

AND THIRD - - - "Que Kay a New Way" for this week is just plain FUN! And I'm going to give you a double dose. A bonus, for being patient with me!

Crafty Deb outdid herself this week. She is sending her "best fishes" out to everyone in blogdom!

CUTE! She used several QuicKutz dies...

• the Large Retro Tile (which is retired...but still in stock) for the large sting ray
• the Small Retro Tile (again, retired but in stock) for the small sting ray
• the Toadstools for the jellyfish (using just the top of the smallest one)
• the Comb (using just the handle) for the clown fish
• the Popcorn Kernel for the octopus (which we are currently out of...sorry!)
• the Grass for the sea kelp...she used the QK Grass but the Bosskut Grass would work just as well

Crafty Deb added some black pen work, some googlie eyes to the sting rays and octopus and printed out her greeting on the computer...and she was sittin' pretty.

Or sittin' fishy...as the case may be!

Pretty ingenious - huh?

For your bonus image - - - how about this one? What do you see when you look at this die...
I saw an ice cream cone.

But Crafty Deb saw this...

a flower pot full of flowers.

She used...

• the Ice Cream Cone Soft Serve for the flower pot (retired, but in stock)
• the Flower Die Set for the stem and the geranium (if you cut out 3 of the flowers and then crumple them up before gluing them down, they become a geranium).
• the Toadstools again, for the ladybug (I better snag one of these...it appears to be a very versatile die!).
• and my favorite new font, Rockstar, is what she used for her "Hi" greeting!

What a cutie-patootie card! Good job Deb...thanks for the inspiration!

Fill up your shopping cart, or call and speak with Ms. Laura personally. I say that only because some of the retired inventory is pretty limited!

So does that do it? Am I caught up? Am I back in every one's good graces? I sure hope so.

Start working on your entries - I want to see all kinds of pages this week! Pages with big pictures!

behave yourselves...


Sara said...

Love all the QK ideas & the winning LO!

I just might have a LO that I just finished that could qualify for this weeks challenge....off to take a pic!!

Ann Hedvig said...

Oh just love all the Quickutz ideas, hope there are more of these coming.

Have a great week

Lin Mei said...

I thought the clown fish may have been made out of vases :) Thank you for the innovative ideas !

Anonymous said...

Love all the QK ideas, that Deb sure is crafty--I never would have come up with those ideas!
I didn't get a LO done for this week's challenge, things have been just crazy with the kids, but I can't wait to see the winning one!