Thursday, March 6, 2008


even though it's really just inspiration.

Because I told her she couldn't win. Because her paycheck is signed by Mr. Doss. And that makes her ineligible! Regardless, she said she had some scrappin' to do today, so she was going to work on the challenge. Let's see if anyone else follows suit.

This is from Susan:

Ess, here is the page I whipped out tonight. I just spent an awesome weekend with my I had tons of new pictures. I knew that getting six pictures on a two-page spread would be easy. I used all of the Scenic Route Lynden paper & arrows...don't you just love this line? I think I addressed all three points of the challenge. I hope this encourages other to step up! Happy scrappin'...!

Let's see:

title - CHECK
journaling - CHECK
two pages - CHECK
page wide border piece - CHECK (5 times)
3 pictures per page - CHECK
cluster of 3 embellishments - CHECK (twice)

Way to go! Now who else wants to play? Get off your fanny and get busy. This is easy! If Susan can do it...everyone can do it!

Drop me a comment or an email with your results! I'm anxious to see what you come up with!

Time for bed.

behave yourselves...

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