Monday, March 10, 2008


Justin was here playing golf!

Me at home, trying my best to continue breathing...Him here at the warehouse taking golf breaks.

Well it's a good thing we won't see each other for a while...because something is oh-so-wrong with that picture. Just wrong! I mean really, he could have been making me chicken soup, or bringing me magazines, or forwarding me the email regarding the QK release tomorrow afternoon.

I need to talk with that boy...but not today. Today I owe you a winner. I owed you a winner on Friday, I know, but I just couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer. Too sick, too tired, too drugged.

So here goes!

First of all - thanks to everyone who entered. Great entries, great product usage, great rule following...GOOD STUFF! And I so appreciate everyone playing along. Because challenges are fun. If it gets pages finished and gets you working with your stash of supplies - it's good!

Winning is fun too, of course. And here is the winning entry for our first week of March Madness...

this 2-page entry came in from Miss Elizabeth, just in the nick of time. Good for you missy. Great page (and of a city I personally love)!

two page spread - CHECK
3 pictures per page - CHECK
page wide border element - CHECK
cluster of 3 embellishments - CHECK

And she used one of my favorite QuicKutz fonts, Blossom - - - brownie points! In fact, she used the 4x4 nameplate die as well. Good job my dear, very nicely done! Please email me your mailing address ( and I'll get your prize goodies bundles up and shipped off!


Now - moving in to week two of March Madness. This week's challenge is one very near and dear to my heart. I am forever preaching to scrappers to put your scraps to good use...but to do it soon. Soon as in, when you finish your page and you have all of your ribbons, inks, cardstocks and doo-daas sitting out.  Quick make up a card using your scraps and everything you just pulled out for your page.

It accomplishes two things.

1. all of your coordinating elements are right in front of you...matched, opened and waiting to be it makes the card-making oh-so-easy!


2. using up your scraps and bits and pieces means you don't have to save any itty bitty pieces. They've just been used up on your card! Or better yet - on your cards - plural!

So - for this week's challenge I'd like you make one page (or two-page spread, if that's your thing) and then using what scraps you have left over, make up at least one card.

No number of pictures requirement, no embellishment guidelines, no size specifications. Just a completed page and a coordinating card made from your scraps.

Remember - you can either post your work somewhere (your blog, 2Peas, flickr) and leave a link in the comments, or you can email me photos of your projects directly. The contest is open until midnight on Thursday, and winners will be posted on Friday.

And if by chance I'm still sick on Friday, I'll make Sweet Justin post the winner. I think his golf game has gotten enough practice lately!

If you have any questions - feel free to email I'll get you a response ASAP.

Congratulations again to Miss Elizabeth...I can't wait until you get your goodies in the mail! Because good mail days are just plain good days!

Don'tcha think?

behave yourselves...


Anonymous said...

Miss Essie - thank you SO MUCH! I've been watching the blog all weekend waiting for the announcement. So sorry to hear you were so sick...I think Justin SHOULD make you some chicken soup this week!

I've emailed you my address - thank you in advance. I know I can't win this week's challenge but I'm going to play along anyway!! HOW FUN!

thanks again...and get to feeling better!!!

Elizabeth M.
Fargo, ND

Katie said...

Oooh, Elizabeth congrats to you! Great layout! Miss Essie, you're on! I'm so in on this weeks challenge. See you soon with my completed projects! Katie

Britta said...

Hi Miss Essie!
I´d love to do the contest! I already have ideas in my mind - but I don´t know where to take the time from... working full time is not good for scrapping-mojos, kills everyone within seconds!
Hope I find a little time and then send you my pics :-)
"Tschuess" from Germany!

Katie said...

Hey there Miss Essie! My challenge projects are complete! You can view the post on my blog at Thanks for the fun and good luck to all who enter! Katie