Tuesday, April 1, 2008


that I'm not a very good Saturday blogger.

There is a good chance that I shouldn't have promised "Que Kay a New Way" for Saturdays. Because let's face it - of the last few weeks...I haven't made it. And I'm always apologizing for being late.

So as of today - no more apologies. I'm just going to say ONCE A WEEK we will showcase "Que Kay A New Way". I don't know what day, you'll just have to keep checking back. Because really...it depends on Crafty Deb creating it and then sending it to Miss Susan. Susan then takes the pictures, tweaks them for publication and writes up all of the links for me. Then she sends it to me and I retype it into Blogger.

WHEW. Three women working together...you throw in three husbands, three families, three schedules, three computers, three internet connections and LIFE IN GENERAL and you have all kinds of chances for a schedule delay. So today I'm taking away the schedule. Don't worry your little selves, because from what you've been saying you all LOVE the QK ideas. And Crafty Deb is churning out the samples. So from now on, at least once a wee,k we'll showcase her work and some fun new QK ideas!


Very nice!

And with that - I'll show you our latest idea. A very appropriate idea for me because I need to make up a Get Well card this afternoon for my dear, sweet neighbor lady.

When I see this Juice Box die...

I see school lunches, apple juice and juice canons (don't ask...it's a long story of my son's!).

But Crafty Deb saw this...

How adorable! And I have the Juice Box die in my stash. I can make this one up today!

Here is what you'll need:

• QK Basic Phrases Cookie Cutters(which if you don't have already you really should...this die set gets used almost DAILY in my house! I'm forever making "LOVE" confetti for the Mister's and the kiddos' lunch boxes!)

• QK Juice Box

• and any heart die you have handy...like this QK Heart Mini's

Now this is directly from Crafty Deb...
"Keep in mind that you need to use tiny prints for the boxes, or solid colors. I used my gray marker to highlight the corners and edges of the box too. Cut the opening for the straw a little bigger in the top of the box and pull a snippet of single-ply tissue thru...waa-laa! You can also follow the existing lines and cut one box a little shorter."

I love it! Easy and doable and adorable! I'm going to grab a stack of scraps and make up a pile of them today! Thanks Deb.

To finalize the last week of March Madness...we did NOT have enough entries to make it a full-on contest.  So sad.  But Sweet Sara sent in a page.  And a cute and colorful page at that...

and I said to myself "What-the-heck Essie...give the girl a prize!"  So I'm going to!  Because I can!

I just love giving things away!

And speaking of giving things away...you'll want to check back later tonight to read about our April contest. It's a contest to DIE FOR! I just have to finalize one element of the grand prize, and check on two little rule-ios...then I'll be all set to share! Seriously, you won't believe it. So rest up today and get those creative juices flowing!

Before I run, make sure you check out the store's web-site.  The new QK State Dies were released today and Mr. Doss has dreamed up an amazing deal.  You create your own sale bundles!  You choose either 12, 8 or 4 dies...countries or states, go ahead and mix-em-up...and you'll get either 35%, 30% or 25% percent off of your personalized bundle!

And just in case you're wondering, my own bundle will include this die...

it's Norway! Nope, never been there, don't know anyone from there...I just think the shape of the country is totally interesting!

Check back tonight - for big BIG contest news! And congrats Sara.

behave yourselves...


Sara said...

Thanks so much!! I'm happy I was able to participate in time for once!! That card is so CUTE!! Love these new ideas for the dies! Can't wait to see more!

Thanks again!

Lin Mei said...

The tissue box is too amazing! Thank you "Que Kay A New Way" team.

Anonymous said...

Miss Essie, I'm glad you posted, I was getting worried about you with all the bad weather out your way. glad you're okay. Love the LO and the cute QK ideas. The new state and US and dies are so cute, I may be adding a few of them to my collection, just don't tell the hubby!

Ann Hedvig said...

I just have to leave a post on this one, as QK has not made the norwegian map corret *lol*. We're missing a part of the country. But luckily my whereabouts are there. And the fun part is, that I have lived in Tahlequah and gone to school there, and that part of the US dies is really hard to miss, as they would have to cut away parts of OK for it. :o)

Ann Hedvig said...

Guess I need to start writing in english in my blog now, with US visitors :o)

As you wrote Miss Essie, the map is not correct, look at this link http://no.altermedia.info/images/norge-kart.gif that is what it's supposed too look like. Of course it's impossible to do all the small islands on the northern west coast, but the rest should have been there.

Have a great weekend!