Thursday, March 20, 2008


you really do "love-you-some-die-ideas".

I have gotten SO MANY emails this week. First of all for saying that Arizona Amy's samples rock! (and they do...thanks girlfriend!) Second of all, let's just say there are a lot of ladies out there who feel the need to get themselves a QK Revolution so they can use the awesome Bosskut dies!

And you know what my dears...each and every one of you deserve one!

Right now, Mr. Doss has the Revolution at a super-sweet price. I just know he'd love to package one up for you today and get it on its way to you. Think of it as an Easter goodie for yourself! The Easter Bunny himself would agree!

And in case any of you have never seen the Revolution in person...let me point out that it comes in an oh-so-cute case. A case that is sturdy (Show-Girl Susan traveled almost 20,000 air miles with hers last year), practical (holds two jam-packed Library Binders, your cutting mats, your favorite adhesive adhesive and a Quicker-Poker-Picker-Upper...with room for a few more goodies), AND it's blingable!

Blingable? YES! I had Susan send me a picture of her case...because I envied it all last year...

such cuteness! I'm going to do mine soon. Really soon!

So with all of the 12" goodness coming out later this month, in the form of the Revolution platform and dies, you need to jump on board and get yourself a new toy for spring. Tell your husband "Essie said so."

So thanks for all of the fun emails this week. I love hearing from our customers.

Scrap-Mart March Madness continue through midnight tonight, my chickadees. And I'm sad to say that I haven't received any entries this week. Does this mean we have no lucky customers? Or does this just mean you all are waiting to get lucky? Susan bailed me out again and did a little sample for me...

it's of her teenage daughter. How sweet! Thanks hon!

There is still time today - so throw down some green supplies, grab a picture of someone you love and let us know exactly why you are LUCKY! We'd love to know.

"Que Kay a New Way" returns on Saturday - and wait until you see what Dear Deb has crafted for us. It's adorable and totally doable for a lot of different situations. Can't wait to share!

We're headed to the mountains this afternoon...some much needed R&R on the agenda for Easter weekend. Oh my, I didn't ask if we'd have internet access at the cabin...hmmmmmm.

Well, stay tuned.

behave yourselves...

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