Friday, March 21, 2008


feeling blessed, thankful, and downright humbled.

Blessed because I think has the best customers ever! You all have said the nicest things this week. Sent the kindest emails with suggestions, ideas, and thank-yous. So sweet!

Thankful because we had a flurry of activity yesterday in reference to March Madness. Loved opening up my email last night and seeing wonderful pages! And even though it took me a few minutes to figure out how to access the internet via satellite web-card...I did it! GO ESSIE!

And downright humbled because I really feel like I have a whole group of new friends. Mr. Doss, Miss Laura and Sweet Justin do the phone thing at the store. They get to know you by name. They get to chat with you. They get to hear your stories. I'm just Artsy-Fartsy Essie. I do the making. I do the creating. I do the blogging. I do the brainstorming. So with these few weeks of contests, I feel like the world wide web has brought all of you into my scrapbook room, and into my circle of friends.

So to Ruby and Debbie and Tammy and Katie and Elizabeth and Shawnee and Kat and Lisa and Michele and Jenifer and Ann-Charlotte, and all of you crazy blog-reading-emailing-scrappers...BIG HUGS!!

And with that - - - announcing our March Madness Week #3 challenge winner...Ms. Tammy Cunningham! Tammy, if you'll email me your mailing address I'll get your wonderful goodies on their way to you ( Thanks sweetie!

I wish I could post a picture of Tammy's entry...but I'm in the mountains right now, using the Mister's laptop. I don't have my picture editing software with me, so picture posting will have to wait until next Monday or Tuesday. But I will share. Ms. Tammy is surely entitled to her just reward!! I promise!

For now, I'm off an a nature hike with the kiddos. We'll be looking for lots of things to take pictures of, but we'll also be looking for pine cones and twigs. My fire last night was NOT a pretty sight, due to my lack of kindling. So we're on a dedicated mission today...KINDLING!

Congratulations Tammy!!

behave yourselves...


Anonymous said...

Yay Miss Essie, I'm so excited to win this challenge, I really am lucky! I will email you my address.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation in the mountains, and that your kindling hike is successful.

Enjoying your blog, can't wait until the next entry!

Tammy C

Sara said...

Congrats to Tammy!! Can't wait to see her LO!