Tuesday, March 11, 2008


your hats.

Or should we make that "your hooks".  As in pirate hooks.

In fact, hang on to your eye patches, your canon balls and your treasure chests.

Hang on to everything - - - because today is release day and all things PIRATE is the theme for March!

QuicKutz did it oh-so-right this month. They gave us 2x2 dies, for the tried-and-true Squeeze users:

as well as 4x4 dies for the Revolution users:

Don't you just love it?

And Scrap-Mart.com has them available for quick-and-easy purchase as bundles...

2x2 Pirate Bundle
4x4 Pirate Bundle

Well blow me down...I think I'll take BOTH!

I've got ideas swimming around in my head. And don't worry your pretty little selves, my ideas aren't all just about pirates. I can see several different uses for almost all of these dies!

Just you wait!

Ms. Laura is at the store today. And while she's sick as a dog, she's there today doing her thing. I think she can still answer the phone. If you're anxious to get the new dies call her right now (she told me this morning that they are going FAST!!).

Wish her a speedy recovery and then blame your phone call on ME. She's totally understand!

Have fun ladies - and if you have any great brainstorms let me know. I can't wait to hear what you're thinking of.

And MARCH MADNESS continues. I've heard from several ladies who are jumping into the fun. They don't want little Miss Elizabeth from last week to get all of the glory this month!!

behave yourselves...

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