Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Saturday feature...

even though it's Sunday.

Suffice it to say that Saturday got away from me. And I do so apologize for those of you that checked the blog on Saturday...only to be disappointed.

But Saturdays should be the days I'll be posting fun new QuicKutz ideas. We're calling this little feature "Que Kay a New Way". And wait until you grasp what exactly it is we're doing.

Well, WE aren't doing it, as much as Crafty Deb and her Dear Daughter Amy are. Yes-sirree, they are the brains, the talent and the patience behind this. Mr. Doss and Susan met these two lovely ladies last year, at the Chicago Scrapbook Expo.

They recognized right away that these two possessed a talent using all things QK that is rare. Rare and totally creative!

Because when they look at QK dies, they see things that most of us simply don't.

For instance...when I see this die

I see a bottle of bubbles and a wand. Easy enough. Blowing bubbles, mixing bubble solution, chasing bubbles...I can do pages like that!

But Crafty Deb and Dear Daughter Amy, I don't even think they SEE bubbles. They look at the shapes, instead of the images. And then they do things like this with the shapes...

Can you find the bubble wand? When Dear Daughter Amy saw this die, she knew immediately that it could be used for Harry Potter glasses, opera glasses, a party mask and a jester's accessory. I LOVE IT!

I'm in awe. I'm blown away. Because all I see is a bubble wand.

So Crafty Deb and Dear Daughter Amy are going to supply us with lots of fun, doable, usable ideas. In fact, Susan just clued me in to the fact that there is a fun idea coming up using the Mosaic Tile. I'm trying my darnedest to figure out what you could do with a square mosaic tile that is so exciting.  So stay tuned!

So welcome to "Que Kay a New Way"...updated weekly on Saturdays.

Okay - okay - or maybe on Sundays!

behave yourselves...

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Lin Mei said...

That really is clever ! I'll be looking out for lateral uses for Mosaic Tiles.