Friday, March 14, 2008


calm yourselves just a bit. Poor Sweet Justin is at the warehouse today, trying his hardest to work. He just told me that he keeps getting phone calls...asking for the challenge results.

I know, I know...but it was a tough decision this week. I got a record number of entries this week. GO BLOG READERS! I love entries. I love getting ideas from all of you. I love giving prizes!

So either you you really, really wanted to know the winner early this afternoon.

Or you all just wanted to talk to Sweet Justin!

But without further ado...the winner for March Madness Week #2 is...drum roll please...

darling Ruby!

Looks like Ruby has been to Disney recently, because she scrapped her pictures of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty. How cute! And yes, she got some major brownie points this week...because of her darling use of both QuicKutz dies and Bosskut dies. Plus, she got two cards finished, using just her scraps!

I got several comments from scrappers this week...saying they either had never thought to whip up a card when they finished a page. Or had thought about it, just never done it. Congrats for doing it ladies!

So Ruby, email me at "". I'll need your mailing address in order to get your goodies out to you! Don't you just love getting goodies in the mail?!

And big news for tomorrow darling blog readers - tomorrow starts a fun new feature that I've dubbed "Que Kay a New Way". We're going to take die-cuts and twist them up a bit. Turn 'em on their head, so to speak. Can't wait to share some fun ideas with you...and introduce you to Scrap-Mart's own Queen of QK.

So again, back pats and congrats Ruby! You've won this week, but that doesn't mean you should stop playing along. You just never know when Miss Essie is going to hand out an honorable mention...or two!

I have a date tonight...with the Mister. Sushi, rice and maybe an adult beverage. And doesn't THAT sound divine!

behave yourselves...

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