Tuesday, March 18, 2008


prepare to be blown away!


Back in February Bosskut released a batch of new dies at CHA in California.  It's a pretty good sized batch...containing animals and school related images. Well, I'm ashamed to admit that I personally hadn't cut any of them out as of last week.  Seemed time just kept slipping away from me.  You all know how that happens - - - right?

So I called on one of Scrap-Mart's friends, Arizona Amy (not to be confused with Dear Daughter Amy).  She is fabulous with all things die-cut.  I asked if she would make us some samples, using the new Bosskut dies...and samples she made!  I received them over the weekend and quick took some pictures - the actual finished cuts are beautiful.  One cannot appreciate the detailed image, from the product packaging.  Nor the size of each finished shape.

I hereby declare that I love all of these!

And do remember gentle readers, the Bosskut dies will work in your Revolution, your Cuttlebug and your Sizzix (with the proper adaptors). Please click on the pictures to enlarge each one slightly!

This is my MOST favorite die - the School House. It is a two-die set. With a little pen work to outline the shrubbery and the wood siding, this is a perfect piece for a back to school page. Or how about a fun card for someone going off to college in the fall, kind of a "don'tcha wish..." greeting! You could even cut this out and place it on a a page, or in a frame, that would then house all of your child's school pictures, K-12. How fun to be able to update that once a year! Love it, just love it!

And then, the School Bus. Now Arizona Amy made this one going to the Scrapbook Institute, but I think mine might more likely be headed to the Looney Bin...on any given day of the week! (would that be a fun card to send to a girlfriend who is having a rough kid-husband-work week..."3-day vacation pass to the Looney Bin!) But realistically, this is a great accessory for all of your school pages, teacher gifts, and year-end thank you projects for room mothers, teacher aides and student teachers! Adorable!

This little Easel I can see as so versatile. Not only on school pages, but on any kind of an award page. How about this - - - how many stacks of art projects do we end the school year with? Refrigerator covered, bedroom door covered, bulletin board plastered...right?! Well how about taking a photograph of each piece of "artwork" and lining up a scrapbook page with easels. Print out each photograph in a small, 1" x 1 3/4" size, and fill up the easels with your child's masterpieces! Brilliant - if I do say so myself!

And the Bookworm. Which really is a neat die, because you have the worm AND the books AND the apple. Use them together or use them alone! You could cut out a bunch of the books, and line an entire 12" page with a border of books. I'm planting my garden this week, and my son keeps pointing out the worms he finds. Take off the glasses and the bow tie and I've got a cute worm-embellished gardening page. But put them together and you've got an embellishment for reading class progress, book report projects, summer reading clubs, and reading in bed under the covers! How FUN is that?!!?

And then the Clipboard. Know a teacher? Know a coach? Know a list-maker? Who has done a Santa page "making a list...checking it twice"? I can see this in so many ways, just by changing the colors of the board and the style of the paper. Arizona Amy actually cut her paper out of lined school paper...CUTE! (and the paper is actually one of the cuts...so you can use it alone!)

There are other items in the school line - but these were our personal faves. And the only ones we sent to Arizona!

Now, moving onto the animal collection.

This cute little Frog is just waiting to have a crown placed on his head (we just didn't think of that when we sent Amy the dies). For all of your prince pages, your engagement pictures, your "you have to kiss a lot of frogs..." cards. How fun! Or how about "We are toadally thrilled..." Cute and easy, especially with his googly eyes!

And the elephant is looking just perfect, chalked and penned and storming through the jungle grass. Can't you just see him on a "don't forget" card, or a quick greeting about wrinkles or lead foots. How about "Bon Voyage...packed your trunks yet?".

Oh, I'm on a roll this morning, aren't I?! Go Essie...Go Essie!

And with the political environment right now...there are all kinds of pages just waiting to be made. Have you worked on a campaign. Did you vote Republican for the first time? This guy will fit the bill in every situation!

And finally today, my most favorite new animal die. Who actually started out as my least favorite, I'm sorry to say. The cuter-than-cute Hedgehog. I think hedgehogs are typically dark brown...but I love the one Arizona Amy made up in lighter tan...sitting in the grass. Today I am going to make up a stack of "Sending you WARM FUZZIES" cards. How cute is that? Love having those general purpose cards on hand, to send to any who needs a day brightener!

Alrightie then - I'm plum tuckered out! I think my son calls this "brain drain".

I'm going to recharge my batteries by diving into my stack of Scenic Route Grafton...oh be still my heart! And I just heard that the new clear, acrylic stamps are, quite possibly, en route to the store! Mercy me!

And I also heard a juicy rumor about the QuicKutz 12" Platforms. But - shhhhhhhh - I promised not to say anything.

behave yourselves...


Anonymous said...

Those are soooo cute! I have the QK squeeze, but I may have to think about getting the Revolution. Maybe for Mothers Day!!
Tammy C. in NC

Sara said...

How adorable are those?!?!? So creative! I think I need a Revolution too!!