Monday, March 17, 2008


is indeed how I'm feeling today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you!

I must admit to you, this is one of my favorite holidays. For goofy reasons...but for good reasons none-the-less.

I make everyone in my family sit down and go through reasons they are lucky. We each have to fill in the sentence "I'm lucky you're my mother (father, sister, brother, daughter, son) because _______________." Some of the reasons are serious, some of them are down right hilarious...but they are all heartfelt. They are all true. They are all really, really good.

So in honor of a Monday St. Patrick's day...and week three of March Madness, I want to know why you are lucky! Here is the run-down or requirements:

- scrapbook page (1 or two pages, any size you'd like)
- "lucky" must be in your title, somewhere, somehow
- at least one picture
- and hey, let's get some green in there somewhere as well

Now remember girls, titles and journaling go along with a scrapbook page. So don't forget to include the story behind the pictures you use. And as always, brownie points for using supplies that carries (Scenic Route, QuicKutz, Bosskut, Daisy D's, Sassafras Lass).

Now, if you've already won a prize during March Madness (Elizabeth and Ruby) you can't win again. I'm sorry. But you most definitely can enter, and show off your creative talents. And just think - you'll have an awesome page done about why exactly you're feeling lucky right now in your life. It's good - whether you win or not!!

So get your pages done, and send them to me at "". You can either send me the jpg file OR send me a link to where you have your page posted. Either way...whatever is best for you...I'm easy!

And speaking of easy...did anyone notice that Sweet Justin didn't have one darn thing to say over the weekend? Hmmmm - he must be having a bit too much fun on Spring Break. Those darn college kids...all play and no work! I'm sure he'll have plenty to say when he gets back from vacation!

That's it for now - but in a short bit I'm going to post some great examples of the new Bosskut die-cuts. The school shapes and the new animal shapes. They are just adorable! Wait until you see them - - - they are must haves!

So - happy St. Patrick's Day. Go forth and create something wonderful!

behave yourselves...

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