Thursday, September 25, 2008


time is UP!

And all I can say is "WHEW"!!

The Scrap-Mart Design Team entry deadline has come and gone - and WOW you girls like to push things up to the last minute!

I secretly was hoping that only THREE people would submit anything.  Think how easy that would have made my job!

Unfortunately - lots more than three of you did.  Oh my - I already am dreading the selection process.  I've been sending everything to Laura and she's refusing to comment until I have it narrowed down some.  Mr. Doss is no help because frankly, he thinks everything looks the same.  And Justin, well, I haven't asked him to help.  It's better that way - trust me!

So thank you everyone - for your wonderful entries.  Entries came in from all over the WORLD...I'm serious!  Scrappers from FIVE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES sent me pictures of beautiful projects!

I think it's cool to think of scrappers all over the world, using the same dies, taking the same pictures of their kids, buying the same types of ribbon and having the same kinds of ideas about paper and glue!  Boggles my mind!

But now comes the hard part.  The part I've been dreading.  The selection process.

Does anyone feel sorry for me?  Does anyone pity my situation?

Does anyone have a bribe?  Maybe I should just open it up to bribes - and make it easy!


Wish me luck.  Check back often.  The first ever Scrap-Mart Design Team will be announced by noon, September 30th.  Those of you selected will be notified by the same time, September 29th.

GOOD LUCK everyone - THANKS AGAIN for your hard work and your dedication to Scrap-Mart.


- - - Susan


Jenn in MO said...

I'm sure you received some amazing entries - and I do feel sorry for you - SO sorry in fact that I'll make the job a lot easier on you - just send everything to me and I'll pick ;-) LOL!!!

PS - I've determined that I'm a nervous shopper - just about 10 pm last night I placed a big order....hmmm better than a nevous eater I suppose (but I'm not looking forward to the CC bill)!!

Brenda said...

I can not imagine the task you have in picking.

I am sure that you will get 4 great ladies/gents to be on the design team.

We look forward to the announcement.