Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm pretty sure it is. YEP - indeed it is.  It's birthday cake!

Now why would there be a birthday cake around here today? Could it be someone's TWENTY FIFTH birthday today?

Hmmmm - my 25th birthday was quite a while ago.  And I'm pretty sure Ms. Laura and Mr. Doss have also passed that milestone. So let's see. Who does that leave to celebrate a birthday today?

YEP - you guessed it. Scrap-Baby J is celebrating his big day today!

That is Justin in Washington D.C. - when we were at the Chantilly Expo in June. He'd never been to D.C. so we drove in Friday night after the show floor closed. I had to drive - because we were in a rental car. And at the time he wasn't old enough to rent a car.

BUT THAT IS OVER! It's all you now Justin. And I can't wait.

(ohhhh, I'm going to pay for this ladies, he may NEVER let me take another picture of him again!)

So - if you'd like to send Justin a birthday greeting - send something fun to my email address ( and I'll print them all out. I'll give them to him on Wednesday, when he hits town for the Phoenix convention. I think somewhere during our travel schedule last month I promised I'd buy him dinner for his birthday. And maybe one cocktail!

But only because I'm really nice that way!

(ohhhh, I'm so in trouble!)

So happy birthday dude.

After my husband, you're my most favorite traveling companion! And after my children, you're my most favorite person to ridicule with embarrassing photographs!

(ohhhh, I'm living dangerously now!)

Have a great day!Don't do anything I wouldn't do. See you Wednesday!


- - - Susan


Scrap-Mart said...

Your DEAD!!!!!!!


Brenda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Justin - Enjoy your special day and all the surprises that they have in store for you! You are only 25 once (if only I could be that age again!)

gemscraps said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! Have a great day!!

I'll send an appropriate floral arrangement ROTFLOL

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Justin! Tell Susan she needs to make you some cookies!

I remember being 25, I think I had a lot of energy and never needed sleep. Wow, those were some good times.

Enjoy your b-day!