Monday, September 15, 2008


was more difficult than I had planned.

But I got a little something fun done! It shows the Scrap-Mart booth, at about 5:30 pm, last Thursday. After a long day of set up. We were just about ready to wrap it up - literally - for the night.

(Someone had a bit more energy than I did though! Watch and see if you catch it/him!)

Time-lapsed video footage will have to come at a later date. Because it's a bit more involved than I planned. And it requires a tripod. And some cords. And for me to stop the work progress so I can take pictures. And the Scrap-Mart crew gets growly when I keep interrupting them!

So for 44 seconds of viewing enjoyment - the Scrap-Mart road booth...


You noticed, didn't you, how close we were to the huge roll-up loading dock door? It was 104 degrees outside. Which meant it was 157 degrees inside. Really, I swear!

Big plans this week. Videos - projects - demos - tutorials - new products - and big teasers!

One final questions - WHERE ARE THE DESIGN TEAM SUBMISSIONS? Who out there wants to be a S.M Artie? You should be finalizing your projects this week and this weekend. If you have any questions - shoot me an email. Heck - the October release alone will be worth the work and energy for the design team. And November - oh my - November I think might be my favorite ever!

I need a nap - and to clear off my desk - and to unpack my convention tote.

And a nap.

Enjoy the video - more to come this week. And maybe, just maybe, some SCRAP-MART LIVE! this week. WOO HOO!


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

I need a nap too!

No fair teasing us.... give us more!!!! I am still waiting on those new release dies from Boss Kuts - it seems like forever (I know it really hasn't been.... I want those peekers!)

Looking forward to seeing those new releases!

Jenn in MO said...

Susan - your video rocks - literally!! Thanks for checking in - I think a few of us on waiting on orders to finish our DT submissions (you know any excuse to buy new stuff is a good excuse!). Sounds like you guys are having a blast......can't wait to see the new teasers you mentioned!

Tammy in NC said...

Too funny, excellent music! Next time I want to see some dancing!
I'm almost done with my DT submission, my baby girl got tubes put in her ears last week, then turned the big 1 year old yesterday (how did that happen?) Hopefully I'll be sending it your way in the next couple of days.
See ya later!

Mary F said...

supplies , supplies why is it that when you want to get that project you've been waiting for the right oppertunity to do (like DT team) you can't find them? It's coming soon!!!

Mary F

Brenda said...

Oh you were serious about us sending you stuff for the DT? (LOL) See we can tease you too. Ummm didn't want to be the first one to send it in or anything like that and wanted to tease you a little bit too. It is done - I still have to take pics of it and write up my demo.

Maybe later I'll do that later today.

Katie said...

Ooh, tell me more! Love the video too. TFS! I'm working on my DT subs and should have them finished in plenty of time. Can't wait to see the team! Take care! Katie