Thursday, September 25, 2008


as of just last night.

When I got TWO EMAILS in the same hour, I realized that it's official.  We here at the Scrap-Mart blog are now most known and loved for our "quarter size-reference" pictures.

And the credit for that goes to Crafty Deb.  She started it.  Thanks Deb!  No one out there in blogdom would know the real size of die-cuts without your awesome reference tool.  And now they are demanding it!  

And that makes me smile!

Unfortunately I'm up to my eyeballs in to-dos this I could only get two put together last night.  Well, three if you count my "pumpkin plastic surgery"!

So here you go ladies - quarter size-references for the 2x2 Poinsettia

(he's pictured here with his evil twin brother...couldn't resist!)  Hey - just wondering out loud here - would these QK Mini Candy pieces fit "inside" these guys?  Miss Deb...???

EDITED-TO-ADD...yes yes yes!  The Mini Candy Pieces DO FIT!  After I posted I remembered that I have this I tried it and there you have it!  HOW CUTE!

Speaking of jack-o-lanterns...I got an email yesterday from Betsy, in Oklahoma.  She took the Franken Bag idea and ran with it...

Isn't he CUTE?  Good job Betsy.  Glad you liked the idea.  See, all you need sometimes is an idea.  Then you twist it, tweak it and put it to use with what you've got - then that idea is your own!  Way to go...and thanks for sharing!

That's it for now folks.  I have a baby shower to go to tonight and I have NOTHING ready for it. I'm in charge of 2 games and my gift for the momma-to-be.  Guess I should get started!


- - - Susan


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that pumpkin with the candy pieces in it. Guess I need to go order that!
I'm also debating about that grass border, I love the frankenbag idea, too cute!
Tammy in NC

Brenda said...

Okay you convinced me of two more dies to add to my cart...... and one question when are you getting more Grass Boarder dies in?????

I ordered the Revolution Tool and platform yesterday.... Yes I finally took that plunge... but I could not even put it my cart and keep it as a back order item.