Friday, September 5, 2008


you could keep me blogging all week long!!

Just answering questions (grin)!!

So for Miss Brenda - answers to your questions...

• I haven't thought about a guest DT member - because I am currently only thinking about permanent DT members.  But I'll jot that down as an idea to consider "later".  Fair enough?

• Submissions to win a DT spot will only count as submissions to win a DT spot.  Future monthly work will have specific themes behind it - whether it's the new QK release, the new BK release, the current holiday - or whatever wild hair I dream up!!  We're kindof crazy like that!

• DT members can use whatever tools they have.  If you usually cut QK dies with a Cuttlebug, a Sidekick, a Big Shot or any other known machine...go for it.  I'm not picky like that.

Did I get them all answered for you Brenda?

Remember my email address is right over there ------> in the sidebar.


- - - Susan


Brenda said...

Sorry - I was a little needy there wasn't I?

Thank you for answering my qustions. I think that you got them all answered.

That helps me decide what to summit or not summit..... *(honestly I keep going in circles anyway! - I am a little crazy like that too.) Okay if honest just a little crazy.

Later down the road as far as guest designer thing - I just thought it would be fun to submit things as they come to a person - an innovation here and there.... a gift idea here and there.... a crafty project when I have one or two or more (I am not good teacher and don't have a video camera.) And you know it is more fun to make things and summit them and not be under pressure to have to design. (I am funny like that - I don't mind sharing just for fun!)

Brenda said...

(I will email from now on - smiles)